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  1. Or, if you had cases already in the case feed tube, you could cycle the primer wheel manually 5 or 6 times At any rate, I guess you have to get the primer wheel to advance somehow before loading starts
  2. I noticed that when I drop some primers into the primer magazine and have some cases in the case feed tube, that when I start operating the press, the first 3 or 4 cases don't get any primers and then after that the cases start being primed consistently. If I manually index the wheel 3 or 4 times after putting some new primers in the magazine, then I don't have this problem. So, my question is: "is it normal to have to index the primer wheel 3 or 4 times after filling the magazine or am I doing something wrong". I didn't see this addressed in the instruction manual, but I could have missed it.
  3. I had this problem too. I finally figured it out on my own. I had trouble figuring out how to hang the loaded cartridge bracket and bin and had to call Dillon. Some things aren't covered in the instructions (like the question in my original post in this thread), you just have to look at the pictures. I also had a problem with the primer wheel not indexing. Turns out, I had a primer lodged sideways in one of the holes in the wheel. I called Dillon and talked to a technical support person named Kat who was awesome and walked me through how to take the primer feed assembly apart and put it back together. She was very patient and must have spent 15 minutes on the phone with me. She even waited while I looked for a spring I dropped on the floor. She also told me that if I still had problems after I got off the phone, I could call back (they were closing in 5 minutes) the next day and ask for her personally. Awesome customer service experience by Dillon.
  4. What's caliber is the green one for, just curious?
  5. The moment of truth will be tomorrow when I fire up the casefeeder for the 1st time. I've been feeding them manually just to check the machine out.
  6. Ahhh.............I was wandering what this thing was for. How'd I miss that. Thanks for responding!
  7. I just put together my 650 today. Before I turned on the case feeder, I wanted to feed some cases manually by dropping them down the funnel just to make sure everything else is working OK. For some reason a lot of the cases are not getting pushed all the way into position in the casefeed arm of the casefeed body assembly Any ideas what causes this or how to fix it
  8. Should I upgrade the 550b

    Does anyone know if the bolts and other hardware are provided with the purchase of a 650 or do I have to get them at hardware store. I was thinking you had to purchase the mounting hardware from Dillon separately.
  9. That's a good idea, I may have to look into that. I already have a hard plastic runner under it now, like the ones you see in an office in front of a desk that people roll their chair around on.It's to protect the carpet but it may be serving to keep the vibration down.
  10. 550b Case Feeder

    Did you have to drill holes in the vertical legs of the Gladiator to anchor it to the wall or did you drill the holes in the horizontal cross member that the wooden surface sets on? If not where did you drill the holes? I have a Gladiator ordered from Home Depot, it's the hardwood top one (they tell me the hardwood one is birch). I'm hoping, it will be heavy enough and have enough stability that I won't have to anchor it to the wall. Thanks again
  11. Just curious, when bolting a reloading bench to the wall, I think wall studs are usually 16" or 24" apart. Supposing the back legs of your work bench don't line up with the wall studs, i.e. the legs of the bench are not the same distance apart as the wall studs. How does one handle bolting it to the wall in that case. Have any of you encountered that?
  12. I'll have to see how bad it wobbles and how much that affects the casefeeder. The next option will be (1) bolt it to the wall or (2) get a heavier table/bench. I don't have any other place to put it besides a carpeted room and removing the carpet is not an option. I tried putting it in the garage on the concrete floor one time and I could hardly bring myself to go out there to reload because it was either 90 degrees there or freezing.
  13. Mine has rocked a little over the last 5 years but not to bad. If it ends up being too much of a problem, I will get a newer, heavier bench (and wider, 6ft)
  14. Yes, it is on carpet. Why do you think that's bad? I've been using it for 5 yrs now with it on carpet (actually there is a clear plastic runner under the table). I just had brand new carpet in the entire upstairs which I can't remove and it's 90 degrees in the garage every day where the closest concrete floor is. Just curious.
  15. I finally took the plunge and ordered a 650. I am going to keep my 550. I am going to try to have them both set up on the current bench that I have, which is 4ft wide x 24in deep by 38in high I figure I'll have to move the 550 (shown in picture) down toward one end of the bench or the other to make room for the 650. I am getting a case feeder and will probably add a bullet feeder later to the 650, so I figure I'll have to leave enough space for the bullet feeder even though I don't have one yet. I am leaning toward placing the 650 closer to the right end of the table (a little farther right from where the 550 is now) as I am thinking I won't need so much room to the right of the press since I will have a case feeder and the bullet feeder will need more room to the left. I would then put the 550b closer to the left end of the bench. If this doesn't work, or space is too tight, the next step is to get a new table/bench. Any suggestions/ideas/recommendations?