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  1. Sometimes on my 550b when I push the operating handle to seat the primer, the case in station 1 tips over half way through the stroke. ANy ideas what causes this or how to remedy:
  2. AA#2 9mm rounds not firing

    I am going to try shooting those rounds in another gun. If they don't go off, I will assume it's the primers. If they do go off in another gun, then I will assume it's the mainspring in my original gun.
  3. AA#2 9mm rounds not firing

    They are CCI primer. The thought just occurred to me that I just recently cleaned that gun. I've never had trouble with CCI primers before. I wonder if something happened when I cleaned it (grease, oil, etc.)
  4. AA#2 9mm rounds not firing

    For several magazine loads, I checked the rounds before putting them in the mag and all appear OK, only to have several rounds not fire and returned with dented primers
  5. AA#2 9mm rounds not firing

    They have the little indentation like the have after they are spent but I haven't tried shooting them again. I'll try shooting them in one of my other guns and see if they fire.
  6. AA#2 9mm rounds not firing

    I don't think it's high primers, or hard primers, I don't have any issues shooting rounds from the same batch out of a different gun.
  7. AA#2 9mm rounds not firing

    I have some 9mm rounds that I loaded with 4.1 grains of AA#2. Out of about 100 rounds maybe 10 or 12 didn't fire at all out of my Springfield Loaded 9mm 1911. No squib or anything, just a spent primer on a fully loaded bullet. It occurred to me that maybe I got some bad primers but I switched guns (Kahr PM 9) and didn't have a one fail to fire issue out of the same batch of ammo. I'm pretty sure all of my rounds have enough powder in them (4.1 gr AA#2) as I watched them pretty close (on my 550b) as I was loading them. It seems like 4.1gr should be enough, could there possibly be something wrong with the gun or do I just need more powder. Seems like if 4.1 is enough for a PM9 it should be enough for my 1911. Next step will be try 4.3 gr and see if I still have the problem.
  8. It turned out that the slide cam was wobbly, so I tightened it down.............problem solved. Thanks to everyone
  9. Primers in magazine shield

    I ended up sucking the primers up with my shop vac, holding the nozzle over the top of the tube. Problem solved
  10. I have some primers accumulated in the bottom of the magazine shield, What is the best way to get them out. I assume the hex screws (red arrows in picture) can be removed to take it off and get the primers out, right. Any better ideas?
  11. Accurate #2 for 45acp 200 gr SWC, plated

    I really like AA#2 but it seems like it's easier to waste powder because it's so fine
  12. After I pull the operating handle, I end up having to push where the yellow arrow is to get the case to drop into the adapter
  13. It's there now. Cases still won't drop It looks to me like it's not being pushed to the left far enough for the cases to drop into, see link to video: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=DB47DC163CE98F54&id=DB47DC163CE98F54!3502&parId=DB47DC163CE98F54!3356&o=OneUp
  14. For some reason all of a sudden, the cases are not being pushed over far enough when they fall down the case feed tube into the adapter. Any ideas how to remedy: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=DB47DC163CE98F54&id=DB47DC163CE98F54!3502&parId=DB47DC163CE98F54!3356&o=OneUp
  15. Shaft Lubrication

    You mean one of those oil cans with a long stem that you squeeze?