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  1. Flat?

    I guess I am looking for the least amount of gas production with the highest velocity potential at the lowest expendable pressure... It is a very much a give and take because it is a small threshold of oppprtunity to be working in..
  2. Lee FCD - Overcrimp - FTE?

    Usually too much crimp will spike pressures. I agree with FLSlim, if FTE was due to low pressure ammo then powder charge weight can be considered too low. Maybe the return spring isn't being charge enough for properly timed slide movement.
  3. Flat?

    I have been chasing a flat shooting, high performance 9mm handgun load for a long time. I really started off on this whole subject because I have a short barreled 3.5/8" HK that I use most of the time. One of the first things I noticed when shooting it over full sized handguns was it's propensity to flip alot more than I was accustomed to. After running a couple drills this perceived "flip" is manageable, but I wasn't satisfied. For a long time I thought it was a mechanical shortcoming of the short recoil, short barrel system on the HK. Then I started to get into reloading. Different powders, different bullets, different primers, somewhere in the component selection I felt I could find the answer I was looking for. After MUCH experimentation, I found 7-7.5 grains of HS-6 with 115 or 124 grain FMJ's and WSP's with COAL 1.125-1.155 to be the best of all variables. I got the velocities up in the short barrel to 1200 fps and I can hit point of aim out to 50 feet with no effort. The recoil and flip are all where I want them in regards to velocity. I felt HS6 was the most NO COMPROMISE powder of all. It is available everywhere, it is very consistent (fps deviations were less than 3 in most 10 shot strings with a high of 7 during one test!) It works well with a variety of bullet weights and other handgun calibers, it isn't noisy, or flashy. I know it isn't a competion load for special race guns, but it is a practical do anything load that makes the shorter gun fun to shoot and keep it safe with very respectable performance numbers. Honarable mentions included with their reason for not working in my gun: Accurate #5- Too low bullet velocity vs pressure expended Accurate #7- Too much gas, alot of muzzle flipper stuff and leftover grit in action and barrel Power Pistol- Too flashy and loud vs. powder charge weight- It just gets louder and more violent as it is pushed-No technical finesse Longshot- Runner up to HS6, but louder than needed as HS6 makes the same velocities with less noise and flash, less consistent fps dvitaions as high as 40 fps= no bueno I want to try Winchester Auto Comp and WSF next....
  4. Best 9mm Major Powder?

    HS-6 has a progressive burn rate that is ideal for 9mm Major. I like it because of it's availability, recoil impulse, it's high consistency in pressures right at max, and it disposes bullets on target.
  5. Bulk 9mm Ammo Purchase - For future brass

    Winchester brass is excellent among the names mentioned below. I often buy WWB and pull the bullets and powder and load them to my specifications. I also have experience with Federal's American Eagle and my reloads with their brass worked for me as well.
  6. 9mm brass

    Too bad they didn't make a hand held quantitative crystallography machine that would tell you the amount of strain a brass case has been subjected to. It could be calibrated much like a headspace guage with three different read outs: "reload", "throw away", and "anneal."
  7. Winchester White Box 9mm 115gr.

    That is good speed for WWB.. I don't like to crimp 9mm cases, but I don't expand them either.. Figureing out a powder by looks isn't a good way to determine what it really is.. It could be 2 different canister powders blended together, or proprietary. I respect your inquiry to find out what it is...
  8. Winchester White Box 9mm 115gr.

    What gun were you using to chronograph with? I chrono'd white box at around 1035fps on average out of a 3.5/8" barreled HK at 12 feet.
  9. Winchester White Box 9mm 115gr.

    They also re-size the case mouth after loading. Take one apart and look at the bullet deformity. It changes pressures in the case, so even if you got the powder you would have to get the re-sizing right.
  10. HK P2000

    The p2000 is so well balanced in 9mm that when you shoot it almost becomes telepathic in operation. When i compare handguns, it is always against the p2000 and most place behind it in every catergory.
  11. WST for 9mm

    Get the WSF... It produces velocities similar to HS-6 with a lower charge weight.. WST is a powder better reserved for target loads in lower pressure rounds like 45 ACP, 38 special, etc. I am not saying WST will not work, I am just saying that WSF powder can turn up the 9mm and 125 gr bullets easily and safely, whereas WST can not without concerning pressures.
  12. Winchester loads their 115 grain FMJ looong... They also crimp the bullet tight.. Pull one and you can see the deformity that it causes.. Shoots great in everything I have, albeit a little too slow for my liking...
  13. Non-Temperature Sensitive Power for 9mm?

    I chronographed HS6 in 9mm last week while temperatures were in the high 20's and had very consistent velocities across the board with different weight bullets and case manufacturers. I would say HS6 is insensitive, and non-tempermental. I also used some Accurate No. 5 and noted that it was consistent at lower temps as well.
  14. New to reloading

    Bearing surface and bullet shape are the biggest factors affecting bullet seating depth. Since Delta made the bullets I would give them the details of your situation and they can get you started on the right path.
  15. Issue with brass

    I agree with Sarge, 4.5 grains with 147 grain is light. Bump it up .1 grain to see if you can get the case mouth to seal in chamber. If not bump up another .1 grain. Power Pistol doesn't do well loaded really light with autoloaders and Glock chambers are reamed generously. From what it looks like in your picture, the extractor is making contact prematurely with the case mouth as the claw goes to grip the extractor groove on the case. Have you had a FTE or stovepipe with this load? Also are you crimping the case mouth?