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  1. Short base pads for Colt mags?

    That's exactly what they are, and what they're for. They're 3D printed from TPU, a flexible material and are intended to provide a better grip on the 20's when reloading. They also protect the sheet metal floor plate if you're dropping them on concrete or rocks..
  2. Heat vs Cold to remove rear sight??

    I've done a couple and didn't use anything other than a vice, hammer, and punch. If those weren't working and I had to pick one I'd try heat to the slide.
  3. Problems with Zero 147gr JHP in SP01 mags

    The skives in the Zero 147 jacket catch the mag catch slot of the SP01 mags. 1.10 was still catching, and attempts to chamfer the slot didn't help. My solution was Mec-Gar mags.
  4. Shooters Innovation Grips

    I think I have, or have had most grips available for CZs including the scales. I liked the feel I just couldn't get past the open design. In the unlikely event of a case rupture I didn't want to have those grips on the pistol. My favorite by far are the new LOKgrip Bogies with the mag catch relief. They mimic the contour of the factory rubber grips but are machined out of aggressively textured G10. http://benstoegerproshop.com/cz-75-sp01-shadow-palm-swell-bogies-g10-grips-by-lokgrips/
  5. Portable canopy for rain and sun

    In the past I used one of these. It doesn't take up much room stowed and if you're my height(short) it's not terrible. it's water resistant and is about the size you mentioned. http://www.amazon.com/Quik-Shade-Hybrid-Backpack-Canopy/dp/B00C2OKYD0 The last couple of years I've been using this. If you have, or could have a 2" receiver this hitch mount umbrella system is awesome. Much faster than erecting an ez-up solo. I use it primarily for summer sun and generally pack up for anything beyond a light drizzle though. http://www.automobrella.com/product/single-automobrella/
  6. BOSS Hanger

    I have two BOSS hangers. I used the screws they came with and both are on DAA belts without issue.
  7. Anyone use the CGW FO front sight on a compact/P01/PCR?

    I have the cajun EZ/D sights on a P01 and it hits point of aim at 25 yds if that helps you.
  8. 135 sns bullet?

    I just worked up a load using the SNS 135 for a CZ SP01 Shadow. oal: 1.06 3.45gn VV N320 right at 129pf Barrel was slightly reamed to allow MG 124JHP at 1.10 There was no noticeable change in accuracy from reaming. I can stay in the headbox at 25yds before and after, that's about all I can manage with iron sights.
  9. N320 - having trouble adjusting the measure

    15 seems excessive, I toss 5 and no issues. Have you made sure there's not something like a piece of styrofoam from the powder keg seal in your powder measure? I'd also recommend checking to make sure the powder bar is completing a full stroke in both directions. If the failsafe rod isn't returning it fully or the case isn't pushing the measure all the way up you can get erratic drops and reactions to adjustment. Not really needed but there is the uniquetek micrometer adjuster for Dillon powder bars. Finer threads so better resolution, repeatable settings, and less backlash.
  10. I have shot a match or 2 and the first thing I thought was.......the shooting area is the top of platform and even pointed it out others in the squad. I thought the same thing Thursday and wondered why guys were shooting from the stairs.
  11. I was there Thurs afternoon and watched people shoot from the stairs without penalty. When I asked they said that was okay. On Friday we weren't allowed to do that. I was one of the guys who said to arb it and left Friday sure the stage would be thrown out. I guess I should have stuck around. Ill try to shoot Thursday next year.
  12. Occasional tumbling bullets...What's causing it

    I've had mixed results with the FCD using coated/lead bullets. Did you measure the bases of the pulled bullets and see if the FCD was swaging them down with thick brass?
  13. N320 and coated bullets

    It's one of the less smoky powders I've used with lead or coated. The quality of the coating, or more specifically the quality of the coating application process, can make a big difference. Also make sure you're not scraping it off when seating, or cutting into it when crimping. Uncoated lead will be pretty smoky but you may find it acceptable depending on wind, sun angle, etc... I prefer coated.
  14. Freedom Munitions Super Match

    What pistol and barrel length were you using? Curious because I suggested someone try this and he doesn't have a chrono.
  15. drifting sight

    I just have the regular P500. I've used it on Glocks and CZs and haven't needed the top clamp that the Pro adds. I could see that helping on a Sig 320 or a P09 though.