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  1. Here's mine not sure exactly if it was five dollars but probably just about the same if not less. 1/2" pipe flange, 1'of 1/2" black pipe and a perfect fit PVC fitting. I think it's called a 1/2" female thread to pvc fitting.
  2. What I would do is remove the powder drop funnel that you're calling "F" and see if your problem is cured. If so I would replace it with the wedged one that's made for the 1050 because you have an expander in station 2 and they usually don't stick it all. Just my thoughts.
  3. This funnel here comes with the 1050 and you should have no problems with that hanging up. Is this the one that you're using ?
  4. Where did you find this I don't see it anywhere on their page ? Do you have a link ? Thanks
  5. That screw holes in the plastic insert that you change out when going frim small primer to large primer.
  6. Thanks so much ! Had to look around a little bit for the blue display found a lot of red ones but the seller himself did not have other choices, just look around until I found the blue ones.
  7. I'm calling it a Dillon 1050 round counter because I put it on the Dillon case feeder that's on my 1050 but I'm sure this could be adapted to just about any loading machine. Little bit of time on my hands and less than $25 invested, not really needed but a cool looking novelty and it does come in handy from time to time. Picked up the counter from Ebay and the switches from a local hardware that were under $2 each. Had an option to get it with the power supply but I bought it without I found a power supply from an old cable box, it work just fine. There's a micro switch wired tied to the aluminum stop block on the 1050 I happened to just have the microswitch laying around, readily available on the Internet for just a couple dollars. Plenty of room inside the case feeder. I mounted the power supply and everything inside. Anyways I thought I would post a couple pictures and a video and a link to the counter if anyone's interested thanks for looking. http://www.ebay.com/p/DC-12v-4-Digital-Red-LED-Counter-Meter-up-Down-Hall-Proximity-Switch-Sensor-NPN/1731658287
  8. Yes you are correct my mistake and getting the two mixed up. Might want to disassemble the primer indexer to make sure nothing is hanging up in there and stopping it from rotating from time to time also make sure that you don't over tighten the nut that the primer sensor sits on top of. The aluminum tube that has the brass tip on it may cost some interference if it's over tightened on the index wheel.
  9. At what point is this happening ? The four bottom stroke of the machine ? Or the upstroke when your seating the primer ? Are you actually bending the arm or just the index tab that inserts into the primer wheel ? In order for you to crush the indexed arm something is hanging up the primer wheel if it was a primer you would find a crashed primer in there. You should also check the primer seating assembly to make sure it's fully coming out of the primer wheel on the upstroke when the primer indexes if it's not it will hold the wheel in place and cause damage to the index arm.
  10. I don't have this exact one but I have something somewhat similar couldn't see why this wouldn't do the job.
  11. Maybe try taking a picture when it's hung up posted and it might help out on some suggestions. Just a thought.
  12. I thought the same thing but figured I would go ahead with it anyways. So far so good keeping my fingers crossed.
  13. I took some measurements of the opening on that station on the tool head and came up with my own hold down die combination expansion die for 357 sig. gave the measurements to a machinist didn't take him much at all to make it then I drilled and tapped the fat part of the tool head and put a set screw in it to secure it. It works perfectly.