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  1. Scope help

    I had an issue with my Vortex scope gave Vortex a call and they had me send it back to them. They had it fixed and back to me within two weeks. I would give them a call.
  2. 115? 124? 147? JHP?

    In my Open Gun I shoot Montana Gold 115 JHP with Winchester Autocomp. The gun shoots very well with this combination.
  3. Will you be shooting the gun in CDP Division IDPA or Single Stack USPSA.
  4. Thanks hitman_usmc "Semper fi" 1973-76
  5. Thank you for your input. I believe I will go with the Gen II Little Bastard since it is easy to put on and take off. I want to make sure I order the correct size brake. Since my Tikka is chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor I believe I would need to order the .264/6.5mm brake.
  6. I just purchased a new Tikka T3x CTR 6.5 Creedmoor 24" SS. If anyone owns this rifle could you recommend a good muzzle brake. I was thinking about the Gen II Little Bastard. Thank you.
  7. POF Revolution 308

    I have a POF Renagade Plus and its one of the best AR's I own.
  8. SP-01 Carry Optics hard case

    I had the same issue. Just went to my local gun shop and purchased cheap hard gun case the would fit the gun.
  9. My CZ collection

    Great collection. I own several CZ's and looking at picking up a Shadow 2 in the near future.
  10. CK Arms IDPA Pistol

    I own several CK Arms and Freedom Gunworks handguns. Each and every handgun has run flawlessly for me. Will get more in the future.
  11. Just made A class

    Congratulations great job.
  12. During a monthly period: 2 - USPSA matches 1 - Outdoor IDPA match 2 - Indoor IDPA matches 2 - Steel matches Depending on the month there may be a 3-Gun match or Tactical Rifle match. I also go to the range for practice at least once a week. Yes I am retired and do a lot of reloading. I am getting a new Dillon 650 in this week.
  13. I have used both Tripp and Wilson Combat and both have worked great in my CK Arms Single Stack 9mm.
  14. Best mag setup STI or MBX

    For my CK Arms Open Gun the MBX magazines have worked best for me.
  15. Disable grip safety or not.

    This is how I pinned my CK Arms Open Gun. I use a Wilson Combat Shok Buff. It has worked very well for me.