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  1. I use a mix of Crud Cutter and warm water. The plate I just take out a wash in the sink with Crud Cutter.
  2. How are the 1301's holding up?

    If adding a +5 tube you'll need a longer spring. I ordered 2 with my tube, and keep one in the range bag.
  3. Why would anyone drink tea hot? Tea is supposed to be ice cold and sweet. Now coffee on the other hand needs to be hot, with some milk in it.
  4. Issues with Geissele SD 3 Gun Trigger

    What ammo are you running. If you reload what primers? I had the same thing happen, was soft rifle primers.
  5. How are the 1301's holding up?

    I have over 10,000 rounds through mine, clean it every 3,000 rounds. I do hit it every so often with CLP and run the bolt back and forth.
  6. For the North Texas Match we drive between stages, the stages were pretty far apart.
  7. Are you running out at the end, or during reloading you the primer disc doesn't have a primer in the hole to push in. If you are a piece of 45 brass on the rod, then it sounds like the disc isn't indexing everytime. My 650 started doing that, I took the primer assembly out, took it apart and cleaned it and lubed the disc and pawl that moves the disc with dry lock lube. All the problems stopped. Also make sure your pawl moves easily back and forth but has no up and down play.
  8. The blue container should be pushed back further, till it hits the stops.
  9. I didn't say it should be, I said that is how the rules are here at outlaw matches in Texas. I was surprised when I had a rifle on safe fall out of the barrel that was just about on it's side. I thought I was done for, when the R.O. said was a stage D.Q.
  10. I don't know of a single USPSA 3 Gun match here in Texas. All are 'outlaw' matches. I really have not interest in traveling more than 4-6 hours for a major match or a bit over an hour for a local match. We have 3 Gun matches every weekend in Central Texas. A lot of the matches kind of morphed a lot of their rules from a mix of 3 Gun Nation modified to the local flavor. No one says you have to shoot outlaw matches, if you don't want to don't.
  11. Ammo For Flasher Targets?

    A lot depends on the flashers and how they are maintained. Redstitch targets make the easiest to swing targets that I have used.
  12. Larue lt104 vs adm recon

    If for 3 gun, you don't need a QD scope mount. LaRue offers the same scope mount without QD for $50 less. LaRue makes a good product, I have quite a few.
  13. JJ, I've read your rules, were easy to find. Most guys put the link on the main page to the rules. Also most outlaw matches the basic safety rules are pretty much the same. 3 gun presents it's own challenges that USPSA pistol does not. The reason many outlaw 3 gun matches went to if the abandoned gun falls out of the barrel is many people spend big money and travel quite a ways to shoot a big 3 gun match. Now a stage DQ takes you out of any decent running for the finish, you can at least shoot the rest of the match.
  14. I'm in the same boat, I never liked the Dillon Super Swager. What is kind of funny is their website says they have been around for years and I never heard of them. I go to quite a few reloading forums. From the pictures the parts look very nicely machined.