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  1. Mark 7 1050 Autodrive

    What if I call you at 3am? That cool?
  2. Mark 7 1050 Autodrive

    Speedmonger is the owner of Mark 7. He is currently in France.
  3. Glock 19 Open.

    Like I said, he carried 3-4 to every match and more than once he left early because he ran out of guns. I was there. All guns break. That is why we carry backups if we are serious about the game. But when you need a backup to your backups backup, you might want to reconsider. (FYI, I have a Carver Glock 34 in the safe. Never made it through a club match without a problem)
  4. Glock 19 Open.

    He also carried 3-4 of them to every match in hopes of making it through. When Glock themselves with the help of SJC couldn't keep them running... Good luck.
  5. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    Have you two made up?
  6. Anyone go back to a C-More from a mini?

    I have had wandering issues with 4-5 sliderides inn the last few years. It's a real problem
  7. Everglades Magnetic Race Holster

    You are gonna sell a ton of these.
  8. How Fast Can You Clear a Texas Star?

    Only star video I have. I have done them faster..
  9. Local Match - C Class Limited

    That looks very nice.
  10. PCC in USPSA

    I feel fine. PCC has yet to touch me in my no no spot.
  11. PCC in USPSA

    The butthurt over PCC is hilarious.
  12. Is major falling out of favor in Limited

    Who really gives a rip about classifiers or some silly card? HOA or bust.
  13. 2017 Open Division Nationals Equipment Survey

    and 9 of the top 10 were shooting... super
  14. Option Z: Toss stage. Not legal
  15. Nighthawk 2011??

    Considering the grip is nearly that cost, doesn't seem out of line.