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  1. New Browning A5 2 3/4 slug recomendation

    I tried both 7/8 oz and the 1oz fiocchis in my A5 and couldn't get them to run reliable. Which sucks because there the best.
  2. The Alaska boys are wheels up in 10. southbound for Texas. can't wait for the match. this will have been 2 years in the making for me.
  3. shotgun shell carrier

    Like chevyoneton said. I run the 28 round Chameleon load 2 vest. And no one can keep up with me when it comes to loading. In my local matches in alaska. We run a lot of shotgun. I've been through 4 different shotguns and even more than that in different shell caddies. Just to find the fastest combo. And I can load 12 shells in 5.5 seconds damn near every time. I would recommend that vest to anyone who wants to do the " load 2 " method and just be stupid fast
  4. Predator Tactical's New 2011 Magwell

    Wow. That looks like a great looking maxwell is it narrow enough to use in IDPA
  5. Homemade "load 2" shell caddys

    If you can get that rig to the chest. It makes loading twice as fast. Less movement with the shells to the loading port.
  6. Just putting my 2 cents in but I started out just using a glock 22. Was that the best ... NO but it's what I had and I made it work. I have a kimber 1911 but 10 rounds just wasn't going to cut it in the tac-optic world so I saved a little money and got a Glock 34, tricked it out and was still under 800 bucks, and started to win my local matches I found out that Tupperware guns ran longer in the colder month. And in Alaska we run 3 gun matches twice a month EVERY MONTH. So in that aspect polymer guns ran great. Now after 2-3 years playing the game , I'm going all in with my first STI build. I told my self it was time for an upgrade and the 2011 is the only way to go when it comes to that. Some people run SIGS or CZs but 99% are STIs it just depends on how much you want to drop on your pistol.
  7. All this is great. I think I've sent out over a dozen emails regrading this build and I'm already getting phone calls back. Now I just have to figure out who to go with. I was hoping to take it to the Texas Multigun championship. But I now realize that you can't rush perfection. There's all ways next year.
  8. thanks for all the info. it has been a big help
  9. wow. those are beautiful limited guns
  10. thanks for the info. I'll be contacting all of them tonight. I'm all for quality work. I'm just wanting to shop around. and to see who others had a good experience with.
  11. ok bedell. that's what I was asking. thanks for the info.
  12. lol. I just sent him an email yesterday. and he's not excepting new work right now due to work load. any other ideas.
  13. like the title says, I won a sti tactical frame kit and I've got a caspian 5 inch slide. I'm looking to have it built because I live in alaska and I don't trust anyone to build it up here. I'm sure this post has been done before but I couldn't find it. so any help would be awesome. thanks for taking the time to read this.
  14. the brsp shoot was awesome. one of the most technical shoots out there. I came in second in production and was feeling good. thank you STI for the cert. I will be giving you a call to order my frame. thanks again.
  15. G34 changing striker spring

    im running the edge trigger system from the glock store in my gen 3 -34 with the light striker spring. anything other than federal blue box primers, it would not be 100% relieable, with that being said. after i put in a lightend striker from Zev i now can shoot any thing any time and its been awesome. also running a 13 lb spring and recoil is very smooth