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  1. SA range officer 9mm minor

    The stock spring is 10lb right
  2. SA range officer 9mm minor

    I just one a 9mm in a drawing. My question is whether it will run my 130 pf loads stock. Any insight is greatly appreciated
  3. Stephen


    i have a custom CK Arms 1911 in 45acp like new. Has been a safe queen, I only shoot limited and bought this to shoot single stack never did. Gun is in Baton Rouge, let me know if you have any interest. Gun is on gun broker if want to see pictures.


    todd dempster





  4. Gump we overnighted and doesn't look like we are in.
  5. So what happens Sunday at 3:00? Random Prize drawings or what. I am coming from out of town and cant hang around until late sunday.
  6. sti Executive?

    i have to admit that my Executive is a little tighter than Edges I have touched. Very nice hard chrome and fiber optic. Enough to justify price difference; tough to tell but over the lifetime of owning gun the differential in price is minimal to non existent.

    yahtzee thanks bud

    I rounded off the head of my plate screw for the above holster. Does anyone know what size screw it is or do i have to order one from rescomp which i hear can be a pain
  9. Thanks Mr. Clean. The one time that i left state for new years was the day the apps hit streets and it was filled up when i returned, lol.
  10. XDM Frame Weight important question

    i have all those but thanks. My main focus is the wieght on the tactical rail. It basically turns it into a full length dustcover that would bring my xdm right up to almost STI weight.
  11. Does anyone know if the SJC frameweight will work on the XDM or if another company makes one for the xdm. Looks like a great idea to add some weight to the XDM frame. Any help is appreciated; maybe TGO knows this answer of top of his head.
  12. Glock frame weight

    does anyone know if they make this to fit an XDM
  13. Look, i am just a D class limited hero so to speak. However, how they did not throw out stage 5 is a mystery to me. Plates and poppers that would not fall, moving fault lines, LOL. No hard feelings either way. I am either D Champ or D second and shot just terribly. Also, did not get a shirt i thought i paid for but that is another story
  14. Xdm 5.25 40 versus sti edge

    just to let everyone know. I got a brassstacker tungsten guide rod for the xdm and it is shooting fine. not as well as my buddy's sti executive but i can handle the recoil. i tried the old cheap way out by using tungsten powder and epoxy. It basically ruined a guide rod and only added a couple of ounces. I bit bullet and got the 65 dollar guide rod.