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  1. M&P9 VTAC..

    I will try to post them tomorrow. I am not worthy yet to be able to post a link to them.
  2. Anyone use the Troy TRX Alpha Rail?

    I have both the TRX Extreme 15" and a 13" Alpha. My wife has an 11" VTAC TRX Extreme on her gun. For my shooting style (and long arms) I prefer the 15 inch rail. The Alpha is super light and the spring loaded flip front sight gives it tons of cool points, but it ultimately depends on how you shoot and how you plan Yosef up your rifle as a complete system. I have never had any slipping issues w the TRX or the VTAC version. Nor have any of the 2 or 3 other guys i shoot with regularly. The heat buildup is not an issue unless you get into some pretty serious sustained fire. Multiple 3-4 mags on a single COF (starting w a cool gun for a base line) starts to make some people incomfortable. The smaller diameter is good for almost everyone i know and would be excellent for a kid. The TRX Extreme rails also offer a lot of flexibility to grow into with the addition of the add on rail sections.
  3. M&P9 VTAC..

    No one knows at this point if it is an isolated incident, a single bad run of frames, or something else. S&W replaced the frame and claimed it is the only one they have seen. I assume that I have more rounds through my VTAC than most owners have through theirs. As far as I know the VTAC guns are the only tan M&P 9mm or 40s in the lineup. I don't think you have any other options except the 45. We have cerakoted the slide on a 45 compact w the tan frame and it looks pretty darn good. We put some of the Trijicon HD sights on it and some of our shooters actually like them better than the fiber optic VTAC sights.
  4. M&P9 VTAC..

    We have had about a dozen through the local shop, pure luck getting them, and almost all of them stayed in the hands of the local shop guys and hangers on. I have one that I have a few thousand rounds through and is my daily carry gun. My gunsmith also daily carries his. All of the slides we have gotten through the shop have been a nice FDE color. The guns do draw a lot of attention. I like the sights a lot. Have even added them to my 40 pro 5" gun. You really never see all of the inserts at one time unless you are just handling the pistol and focusing on the sights. Generally, due to the way the eye focuses on a single plain, you will see just the front sight of the gun. Coupled with the fact that the vast majority of lighting conditions make either the fiber optic or the tritium visible, you will just get one clear front dot and two blurry rear dots. They are not as good as a set of pure fiber optic sights for competition shooting, but they are pretty quick and they are one set of sights that are pretty darn good for ALL lighting conditions. I would like to have seen some type of color or size differentiation between the front and rear. Now the bad news concerning the VTAC guns (or maybe just mine): I just received my replacement frame from Smith & Wesson for my gun last week. About 4 months after I received the gun the mags stopped dropping free. The problem progressively got worse until it reached the point that I really had to push hard to get the mag into the gun. I went the gun in at about the 6 month mark. About the same time my gunsmith started noticing a little bit of friction while seating his mags. He has not sent his in and it has not gotten any worse on his gun in the last month or so. We have about 8 of the VTac guns floating around our regular shooting group and no one else has had this problem, but the rest do not daily carry their guns and do not have the number of rounds through theirs that I do. I also contacted VTAC and they told me that they had received a number of the guns and had had zero problems with them. We also have not seen any problems with the tan framed 45 guns. I am cautiously optomistic that I will not see the issue again. The only other thing to keep in mind is that (last time I checked) a number of the Apex Tactical trigger upgrades were not compatible with the VTAC guns. Including my beloved RAM. Hope this info is helpful.