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  1. I'm interested, email me please


  2. Broke my Para

    Did you make a choice? I would go for .40 long if it were me but then again I was never a fan of the 10mm even in the BREN 10 days. . . GT
  3. Match Ammo - Practice Ammo

    I actually have three categories 1) Practice only - I bought some older reloads from the one person on the planet I will shoot his ammo - This has no gauging involved and no consistency worries - gauging rejects also go in this category 2) Local match - Mostly Gauged - run this in practice and in local matches - Bulk packaged. most makes major but these loads tend to be right at 165 3) Major Match - 100% gauged everything at 1.195 (Limited shooter running .40 cal) running Montana Gold FMJ 180 projectiles at 170 PF I used to use the Push through die for the Major match ammo but have quit and just throw those that do not drop into the cause gauge into the Practice only buckets. Cheers GT
  4. 1050

    How old is it? Sounds to me like it is time for a new spring and or some cleaning and lubrication. GT
  5. How long ago did Dillon sell lead ingots?

    Wow that is certainly a piece of history. GT
  6. 1050 Primer system problem

    Do you have any weight on the top of the plastic Rod? If not put a ~200 grain weight on it. I have seed 45 ACP Cases, 45/40 cal projectiles. Essentially when you get down to less than 25 primers the weight isn't enough to keep the primers moving through the tip as they should. HTH. GT
  7. P14 mags in a P16?

    Evening Paul. I was very hopeful, as I am sure you are now, to see if I could convert P14 mags to run in a P16. I found 2 issues when I started down the road. 1) feed lips are just a bit wide. No problem I took some material out and welded it back up. 2) The width on the 45 mag is too wide. This is the one that took my attempts out. If you can squeeze the feed lips and get a spacer to work you just might be able to make it happen. Other than that I would say simply use it as a barny mag and move on. George
  8. Thanks guys! Too bad the rep I got a Dillon didn't know that when I ordered another 100$ of parts yesterday. Would have been nice to have saved the extra shipping. GT
  9. Well Benoverse, I have been challenged to swage some 40 cal ammo for a friend and started looking at my 40 cal head for the 1050 and realized there is no backup rod for the swage station. Then I realized I had never before Swaged 40 cal ammo. So what are people using? The 9mm backup rod? Should work just fine but thought I would ask before I just assumed. And yes I called Dillon this afternoon to order one and found that they don't have one either. Their 1050 conversion kit for 10mm and 40 has a 'expander' in it not a back up rod. Cheers And for those that are wondering I have heard that the Coast Guard has requested 40 cal be crimped for water proofing. GT
  10. 1050 primer detonation

    Now that this has been a while I have loaded .45 ACP again several times manually and can attest that the Large Swag rod locks the press up pretty tight. While I do not load with an Autodrive I would imagine that when adjusted properly (And that is the trick) you would be able to stop the press with the swag rod in a SPP. I do have a buddy (Ken Birdsell) who loads with an Autodrive in 9mm. From what I have seen of his setup I do not load the quantities that would benifit from the AutoDrive. Cheers. GT
  11. One month closer to my SVI

    They are well worth the wait. I love my SVI. I just need to decide on the next order and get in line.
  12. 300 BLK Suppressed Build need handgaurd advice

    Very similar. http://www.spikestactical.com/st22-parts-c-146_75.html In just looking at the pictures I think I like the seeking better.
  13. 300 BLK Suppressed Build need handgaurd advice

    If you,want to replace the can with a flash hider the 5.5 inch ones popular back in the 90's might extend the barrel enough to run the same hand guard without the can. Just an idea.