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  1. Matching Upper & Lower (compatible with Glock Magazines) Quarter Circle -Charging Handle Radian Raptor -Bolt Carrier JP 9mm enhanced -Trigger Hiperfire 24C -Safeties Dependent on preference -Small Parts Kit Aero Precision -Stock Magpul ACS-L -Buffer Spring Set-up JP 308 Silent Buffer system -Buffer Tube-Carbine -Barrel Taccom 16" sleeved feed ramp barrel -Muzzle Break-Dependent on preference (Birdcage, Taccom, Titan) -Hand Guard Taccom or Cobratac carbon fiber -Scope C-more Railway with 6 or 8 moa dot -Magazines (Glock for 31 rounds) Glock 31 round -Magazine Extension (Extension to 41 rounds) Taylor Freelance PCC
  2. PCC loads

    I run 147gr RMR bullets with 2.5gr of Titegroup with a oal of 1.130 out of my AR9 give me a PF of 133
  3. Favorite optic for PCC

    C-more Railway 6 moa dot. No tube to look through and fast transitions from target to target.
  4. De-priming upside down primers

    Same here!
  5. I wouldn't bump up the load at all. In my PCC, 3.0gr of Titegroup behind my 147gr bullets is 973fps for 143 PF. I ended up at 2.5gr for my 147gr loads. My gun cycles fine. I don't think it's the powder. however, I do think his oal is long at 1.160. My loads are 1.135.
  6. CM 99-10

    PCC Hit Factor 7.0175 Time 8.55 12A's 60 ponts
  7. CM 99-10 "Times Two" USPSA Classifier

    I need to move faster. PCC Classification U Time 8.55 points 60 Hit Factor 7.0175
  8. I run a total of three mags for PCC. I have my big stick (TF extension) on the small of my back for loading, a 33 round (Oh shit) mag on my left hip (angled back like a limited mag) and a 19 round mag on my midline of my stomach angled left.
  9. I'm running a PSA 16" in PCC. I use the Hiperfire 24C with the grey springs I also use the Taylor freelance mag extensions on factory glock 33 rounds.
  10. If I remember correctly, Rifle primers are slightly thicker than pistol. Not enough to make a difference in the primer pocket. I have loaded rifle primers in pistol before (only as a last resort) I didn't load magnum or hot loads though.
  11. Mixing powders

    you're looking for trouble by mixing powders.
  12. 38 SC: New Brass Case Lube?

    I also find that I get a more consistent OAL when the cases are lubed vs not lubed
  13. Best plated bullet

    Best for who? What I like and what you like is an opinion. I've had good luck with Everglades ammo. Free shipping is also a plus
  14. XL650 not seating primers

    makes 3 of us