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  1. New to AR Bench... recommendations?

    Thank you for your service First Sergeant. I was a 19D3H, first Armored Cav, then Light Cav, until I got too old and went IRR. To the OP, if you would like to compare the optics, you don't live too far from me. I have MK4, Nightforce, and Trijicon scopes you can look thru, and compare the glass. They just won't be in the magnification range you are considering.
  2. New to AR Bench... recommendations?

    Hitting steel at 600 is not anywhere in the realm of benchrest accuracy. We are talking about holding groups smaller than a golf ball at 600 yards. 10 rounds in 30 seconds. You aren't doing that with 10x @ 600 yards. You couldn't see a golf ball @ 600 with 10X. @ 600 the cross hair line on a 10x NF scope is wider than the required groups. A bendhrest shooter can hit steel @ 600 while sleeping. Like I said 24 min. 36 to 42 preferable. Don't lead the OP astray with BS. You might as well just close your eyes at 600 with a 10X with the groups required to even slightly compete OR even just hit varmints. 10x is good to 300 tops for tight groups. For reference just hitting steel is not a tight group. The Original Poster commented about Nightforce scopes, and my example of calling shots at 600 yards was to illustrate the optical clarity of the optics, not to sell him on the magnification. I have an old Bushnell spotting scope that has up to 45x, but is unusable in mirage due to poor optical quality at 600yds. I'm not sure what the rest of your rant is all about, but your golf ball analogy is flawed. 10x at 600yds is the same as 60yds at 1x, and not only can I see a golf ball at 60yds, I can see the head of the bolt holding my steel plate at that distance, and use it as an aiming point for my Aimpoint. I'm not sure if you are just having a bad day, dislike Nightforce, or if there is some other problem, but if you want to continue to be an ass towards me, why don't we take it to IM so that the OP's thread doesn't get any more off track.
  3. New to AR Bench... recommendations?

    I have a Nightforce 2.5x10 and can call my own shots at 600 yds on steel. I thought the claims were just hype until i bought one. You can get used NF scopes at great prices if you shop around and watch the ads.
  4. I bought my Pro Chrono Digital years ago from Brownells. It has made a huge difference in my quest for consistent accurate reloads. I may have to get the laptop interface and give that a try.