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  1. I don't have any videos that deal specifically with how to get started and what gear to use (Hmmm, maybe I'll make some....). But I do my match videos with up to 4 cameras including a hat cam. I usually set one cam uprange and one on the left side and one on the right side of the stage so I can capture multiple views and angles as I shoot the stage. I then edit all the clips from all the cameras into one video. I edit the video and use the different angles and views to make it look fun and exciting. I use the videos more to bring new shooters into the sport then to study myself and become a better shooter. I just study the raw video clips to help myself become better. I really believe in bringing new shooters into the sport and I have had several people in my area tell me that seeing my videos helped them decide to try it out. You can search for my page on Youtube, my user name is dmonwai. I don't have enough posts here to post a direct link.....
  2. "gamer" vs. carry rig - some numbers

    I shoot all my defensive handgun classes, IDPA and USPSA with my every day carry gun, XD-9 Service 4" barrel. Up till a few months ago I also used my every day holster too, Kramer OWB. Now I use a Blade Tech OWB holster for classes and matches. Sometimes I'll use the Blade Tech for carry but not that often.
  3. Hmm, that explains why in a lot of the matches I shoot others in my squad say my rounds are so loud... I shoot Win White box 115gr a lot and have had many times when others in my squad ask what what I'm shooting because they say its so loud. They are surprised when I say its just Win White box 9mm.