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  1. My Honda Accord

    One of the few bits of logic that is obvious to her.
  2. My Honda Accord

    We drive my truck on trips etc. she wants a new car but when you own the thing and it will go another 18 yrs...
  3. My Honda Accord

    Wifes 2000 is at 140k, only one repair in 18 years. We are going to give it to my kid as her first car later this year.
  4. I think they are trying to have competitors with like equipment compete with one another and walk the prize table based on division finishes. Its not the trophy for everyone.
  5. One of the points mentioned at last years Cedar Valley Multigun (a recent convert to UMG) was that you need to rethink the overall winner concept and have division winners. Change of paradigm.
  6. I could use some help

  7. Best scope $1,000 or less

    Mine came in the other day, very impressed. Great glass, uncluttered reticle. It may be a while before my range report.
  8. So you finally tried it? How did it work for you?
  9. Thoughts on hand stops

    I use one of these: It is light, cheap, allows for a memory point, reminds me to pull back into my shoulder and is a barricade stop.
  10. P14 Mag Extensions

  11. carry optc

    Here is your old slide Stuart did for me.
  12. P14 Mag Extensions

    You can also find some old Para plastic Plus 2 pads (for 9mm) that would add a round.
  13. Most helpful tip you ever received

    Brian’s quote from his book, roughly: Plan the execution, then execute. His actual statement was more ethereal.
  14. 2018 Goals

    At least I am not alone...
  15. TACCOM 2-Stage Buffer Setups?

    I received my 3 stage buffer a few days ago. I did not run any comparisons between stock and Taccom as I bought the thing, I will use it. I shot both factory and 130 pf loads thru the gun, Bill Drill-ish, and it functioned reliably with many different loads. Comparing the AR9 to the CZScorpion SBR in the same tests, the AR9 is a clear winner for the sports game, slightly less in the cool factor.