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  1. The SMG spring worked better, more testing ahead.
  2. cleaning up trigger pull on M&P 9 pro

    The link he posted is the DIY Burwell trigger job.
  3. Springfeild EMP 9mm Lightweight Champion

    They made those 1/8" shorter in the grip so they use different mags.
  4. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I may have an Arrendondo laying around.
  5. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    That looks promising.
  6. So I bought a M&P9 Pro CORE...

    I plunked and measured and my match ammo is the same length as WWB, which all dropped in nicely. In my QI in the past the chamber checker would allow this into competition ammo (see pic), as that runs in all my 9mms. Apparently not in the m&p.
  7. I have to blame having children on the purchase. I happen to own a M&P22 pistol and what better to teach a kid to shoot? So then I had to try Carry Optics last month and it was fun. So then I get to thinking, why not a matching optics ready pistol to ease their transition into the shooting sports. Then after a whiskey or two I added one to the stable. Come the test drive. It is a really light pistol, a little harder than a heavy pistol to keep the dot from dancing. A little small for my hand even with the large insert. Accurate enough. One thing that I had happen numerous times with my reloads is a stuck case after firing, where I had to whack it with a squib rod to dislodge it. I am assuming it is some Glock bulge thing. I do use a case gauge before they get the nod for competition and they work in every one of my other 9mm's. I have seen some mention of it in other pistols. Any similar experiences ? Any recoil spring or tuning advice while we are at it is appreciated...
  8. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    If so, great discovery. Of course I am heavily invested in Para Mags so it won't help me...
  9. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    How much mag hangs out with the baseplate removed? Or, how about a pic of the rear of the mag inserted.
  10. What optic is everyone using for Carry Optics?

    You do need an intervention...You do need an intervention...You do need an intervention...
  11. Further update, the problem continues. I swapped in a SMG spring and will test that with the 2-20 round mags. I can fit 42 in with it. Spring tension is soft.
  12. After Market Trigger on Carry Optics Gun

    40 minor is very soft shooting, you will see your performance improve by making that change.
  13. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I bought some new old stock Canadian Para mags off Gunbroker. They were about $50 each but work perfectly. I had Dawson basepads already.
  14. Grip tape ideas (need some)

    I get it as trash from work but they do sell it.