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  1. Rules, Rulings, Clarifications & Opinions?

    Well said!
  2. 2018 Goals

    2017 Made Master 2018 Shoot like one!
  3. just got my OSP 9mm

    Short range report: 150 rounds shot, 100 124gr 135 PF ammo and 50 147 gr 132PF ammo Liked the dot recovery of the 124 slightly better than the 147gr load. Perfect function with heavy SS guide rod and 16lbs spring (both in the gun when purchased) Sighted in POA/POI at 20 yds. decent groups for cold weather appox 2-3" rings the head box of the steel metric target every time (i.e 20yds) Cleaned and lubed no issues found Springer 1911 Guide rod and bushing came while I was gone GR with 13lbs Wolff Variable spring installed, I'll try that set up out tomorrow Springer grip tape installed feels good and helps grip a bunch.
  4. Carry Optic

    Texas sun on light color dirt (caleachy (I know that's spelled wrong LOL) Leupold old style DP showed delta fine fwiw
  5. Single Stack 9 vs .40 vs 45

    Funny as you think that sounds. We use to do that all the time back in the day! One of the M class open shooters in our area has what he calls a student gun and lets it out for about a month at a time to people who want to try open. Make mention of it on a couple of squads you shoot on and you'll be surprised what offers you get about using someone elses gun for a while
  6. just got my OSP 9mm

    Very pleased Bought it from another shooter who has moved to another division in uspsa it's got the factory Vortex Venom on it I'll use that until it gives me problems Then I'll change it to my leupold DDP He had several up grades done by PRP He made me a super deal on it and I appreciate it. Looking forward to shooting it in the a.m. ( taking tomorrow off to go and use it!)
  7. Custom Single Stack

    Bedell, look no further!
  8. IDPA Carry Optics division

    How about that! I just bought a new to me C/O gun for uspsa that will fit the IDPAAAAA current rules until they change again!!! LOL I might be able to shoot next months match with it, before they change the rules again
  9. Brass ID

    You're a ball breaker! But I'm still laughing as I write this Good job on that reply
  10. 38- 158 FP for 9 mm

    Bam, Evidence Bam
  11. PRP trigger ?

    I looked and all I found was disagreement. IS this trigger legal for Prod. and C/O division. I've found Springfield installed them in some factory guns etc. Don't want to get used to it then have to change it. If you have the info from John A. or Troy M. that say it's ok I would appreciate it. Thanks
  12. Glock 17/34 140mm Ext what's BEST???

    I just bought two Dawson pads Came with springs 32.95 shipped ea. 23 reloadable out of the box
  13. Holster ? XDM 5.25 vs 4.25

  14. Caspian race ready frame

    It will fit easily and nice frames to work with.
  15. Holster ? XDM 5.25 vs 4.25

    I have not found that with using 2011 open guns, M&P 4.25 vs 5", Glock 17 vs 34 It's just a matter of setting the gun up to perform properly with the selected load. Seems much easier to do that with a 2011 than plastic guns but I've done it with both M&P's and Glocks. So I figure I can with the SA