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  1. Canadian Clays disappointment?

    I've done the clays (old Australian) to Clay Dot by volume seems to work better than wgt to wgt. BUT Do your due diligence and work your load up like you should to get the PF you want. CD seems to work well for me in several calibers
  2. Dan Bedell Limited

    Max does shoot Dan's guns. I saw him yesterday at one of our big local matches. His limited guns run great. Top 4 shooters in that match shot his guns. You'll be pleased
  3. Safety check at A3

    Seems like the 25 to 1 ratio is a fair thought process of making a decision. No dog in the fight I don't shoot production FWIW
  4. Where to get 1.75 mm diameter pin

    Yes! LOL Slight press fit has to allow the sight to move. Generally the outside should have a press fit and the center section that "hinges" should be able to move on the pin. Then slightly peen the ends for insurance. So thus my answer of yes!
  5. 0 to 100 % of problems with ROing and shooting! If you want to shoot 100% of your ability don't RO If you want to enjoy the whole match and realize that you are never going to be a sponsored shooter! RO and help and enjoy the match as one of the guys who helps makes it Happen! Enjoy and just have the fun you really want out of USPSA Your manhood really won't suffer! Neil after drinking lots of Bourbon!
  6. Slide serrations for grip ! Not weight reduction. Who now's where that fine line is. I cut same serrations on the frt . Of slide that was on the rear.
  7. 38 sc, starline 2.8-9 of TG 160 Bayou 1.150 cool 129 pf Out of 5" 627 Little more out of a 6" 929 recrowned
  8. WST users anyone? (9mm Prod)

    3.5 with 145-7 gr bullet,1.135-50 cool Accurate, low sd, never been unmannerly for me.
  9. 9 Major Barrel losing velocity? Barrel Shot?

    If the bbl is shot out in 12-14k's rounds that speaks very poorly of Win 572. The MG bullets are not a variable with bbl wear. I along with 1000's of other guys have 40-80+k of MG's down bbl's with no appreciable loss in velocity. Check the throat of your bbl. . i.e. where the rifling starts in front of the chamber and let us know how it looks. Is the rifling sharp there or is it eroded away. Be honest I'm very surprised your bbl is slowing down with only 12 to 14 k through it
  10. Delta point pro 2moa or 7.5 triangle

    As far as I know you buy a new one
  11. extraction issues, stock open gun

    90 mount or lower/flatter ejection
  12. Delta point pro 2moa or 7.5 triangle

    7.5 Sight in at25 yds tip of the Delta 0-20 everything hits in the Delta
  13. New vs Old brass questions

    Yes and Amen!
  14. New vs Old brass questions

    If you want to take the time keep it in a separate lot. So you know it's the newer. Or Just add it to the pile and when a primer pocket is too loose put it in the practice bin
  15. How are revolver HHF figured for USPSA

    Shot roscoe Rattle (13-04 ) this past week end at 81+ % Todays update just made A class 75.5 % USPSA still have not counted the 100% Classifiers, thought that might happen once I made A class. HHF I believe is starting to catch up now based on actual scores.