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  1. 38 Super Double Stack Magazine Loader

    UPLULA seems to be the most prevalent around me. Wife uses hers all the time I use one to load 170mm mags and to get my 140's a bit easier to use on a reload I push the stack down a few times extra while loading and it seems to settle the stack better . That seems to leave a little more room for the stack to compress. ( i.e. load easier)
  2. Tell us how too!

    CM 03-09 Shot an M class score with a revolver! 89% My opinion This is all about the draw and set up for the first three targets THEN the movement over to the last target When I drew I also moved my inside leg toward the middle of the shooting box. Shot the three visible targets to get 6 A's which would leave me some room on the last target which I shot on the move. After the 6th shot I moved toward the last target with the gun UP "ready to fire" as soon as I saw the last target the front sight was on it and the gun was going off. I did this in dry fire on the move and crashed shooting Limited on this one. Watched a GM shoot it and he shot it as above also FWIW
  3. Procedural

    Yes and Amen Make a good COF and let people shoot it. The good shooter are going to come out on top no matter what YOU DO to try and slow them down etc. So either go and practice or stop designing foolish stages, hopefully you will do both sorry for the rant, been in this game on and off for 40 years and the foolishness is always that foolish. Lets just shoot and let the other disciplines do the hold your dog leash stuff
  4. So! I bought one, a 929

    Left it off last week to have bbl pulled so it could be "denubbed". Picked it up last night. Bbl. nub is gone and bbl. has been recrowned. Forcing cone redone and cleaned up. Picked up at 2:30 , put new Dawson FO front sight on at 3pm. Went to Tuesday match with a classifier. gun shoots good no problems and bbl is clocked better now. Dropped rear sight down .020 cause frt sight I bought is .020 lower and everything hit where aimed. Shot classifier Diamond Cutter at 81% made a slow turn and didn't get on the grip well. So master class will have to wait another couple of matches.
  5. Building off of STI Edge .40 frame

    Probably cut back the dust cover more for ascetic appeal. then its just a frame so build it
  6. Dovetail mount for red dot on P226

    Leupold old do, with their mount. 3 years over 15k rounds good to go
  7. CM 03-09

    Shot it today Revolver 8.97 64 points HF 7.13 Per calculators is an 89 + % One says 89.1 the other 89.8%
  8. On The Move CM03-09

    Shot it today Revolver 8.97 64 points HF 7.13 Per calculators is an 89 + % One says 89.1 the other 89.8%
  9. Limited is basically a major pf division By a 40
  10. Butt of gun and belt location

    Set it up so there is no question in your mind or anybody elses! then practice for muscle memory and think about more important things.
  11. Convert an open gun to Limited

    built more than one of these What I find is the simplest is two slide assemblies with optic mounted on the slide No need to resight in every time you change that way
  12. Money, performance and all things considered Buy a used EDGE or EAGLE which ever you like the look of. I know master class shooters with both!! It'll be under budget and probably can pick up the mags you need with it
  13. Prematch routine?

    Once I get to the match I try and warm up a little , don't seem to get it done much any more. I wind up shooting the Breeze!!!! LOL When I made A class I would warm up at one of the safety tables doing draws, mag changes (keep them empty so you don't get DQ'D), Draws aim hit the mag release reload then switch to WH. etc That all helped when the timer went off the first time. Been lax the last year or so playing with several different guns/divisions, ==== not good for improvement but seems like a lot of fun!!!
  14. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Very comfortable with 9 major. Shot 38 sc for several years and got tired of chasing brass. Went 9 major and have had one head separation with a stepped case in about 20K rounds. Also had two separations while shooting 38 SC due to very old brass coming apart. Stuff happens at major pressures with either. I'm more diligent than before about brass regardless of caliber when loading 38 or 9 to major. Just pay attention and either is fine
  15. G17 Open troubles

    I've found I need enough recoil spring to close the slide (depends on the slide/gun) Then 4.5 or 5.0 striker spring and it's fire any properly seated primer or as said before use federals