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  1. Recommend me a magwell for my gen 4 G34

    Do not use a magwell. With lots and lots of dryfire reloads you can get just as fast with out one. That way if and when you shoot production everything stays the same.
  2. 9mm Load using Bayou 120gr TCG bullet

    I recently purchased a ransom rest to test my rounds. I am a USPSA production shooter that shoots a glock 34. 1.06 is the OAL you want in a glock,(with the 120 bayou) with a KKM barrel giving you the best groups. 130 to 135 PF. Each type of gun has an OAL and fps that it likes.
  3. 9mm Load using Bayou 120gr TCG bullet

    What gun?
  4. Super Blake Drill

    Its not the splits, its the .15 transitions that would be impossible to me.
  5. Super Blake Drill

    What the inspector said at 21 feet. .15 transitions with all A's seem impossible to me with iron sights.
  6. Super Blake Drill

    Anyone have a video with a 7 yard blake drill with .15 transitions I would love to see what that looks and sounds like. All Alphas.
  7. Super Blake Drill

    7 yard blake drill.
  8. Production division aftermarket hammer

    Everone I know that shoots a metal gun in production change out all the internal parts, and now the external hammer. (Limited lite) Thats is what I was trying to get across. I really dont care, I beleive its the indian not the arrow. Suprising your dept carries a metal gun, what kind of LE are you?
  9. Super Blake Drill

  10. 25 yard Bill Drill

    I beleive Ben S. says under 4 seconds all A's is GM level.
  11. Production division aftermarket hammer

    There is nothing production about production, unless you shoot a plastic gun.
  12. Super Blake Drill

    Are .15 transitions all A's humanly possible (repeatable) with iron sights.
  13. Best drill for a newbie

    Dot drill.
  14. Polishing the Mr. Bullet feeder die with 800, 1200, and 2500 grit sandpaper and polishing with flitz and a dremel did help. However the new way I use Hornady one shot seems to be the best fix. (Thanks Bill D.) I have always laid the brass flat in a giant ziplock bag and sprayed it. Now I have another step. After this I put it in a shallow box and shake, puts them (99%) primer side down. Spray the hornady oneshot across the brass letting it get on the inner rim. Let dry 15 minutes. This fixed it for me hope this helps.