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  1. Any body know what the Match hotel is for this match? Thanks
  2. Practiscore 1.2.11 Released

    Doe's anyone use Practiscore for three gun scoring? Thanks Bill
  3. P16-40 Limited Holster/Mag Choice

    If you use a Racemaster Holister with a 1911 block it will work with the Para. I use the 1911 block and it rocks, I thinks it more secure than the WSM.
  4. Liveshots @ STI Back to Back Handgun Nationals

    Working fine on my end. THANKS LIVESHOTS for the making the work day bearable!!!
  5. Steel Challenge Targets

    Does anyone know of a target manufacture in the Midwest for steel challenge and other steel targets? Thanks Bill
  6. Proper thickness moons for Starline brass

    + one for Hearthco clips for Starline brass.
  7. What is the best holster?

    + for Double Alpha Racemaster been using it for years in open and limited and 3 gun. Never a problem!
  8. Changing the color of my open gun

    Looks good to me!!!!! I wan't one.
  9. Good source for a used limited gun.

    I have purchased several guns from this forum and all the transactions have gone super smooth and well represented.
  10. My vote is for the Merrell Chameleon water proof. I wear a size 15 and they don't make the Salamon in my size.
  11. Open gun problems

    I shot area 3 match last weekend and did not have one issue with my gun and it felt awesome that the guy on my squad having issues with a open gun was not me!! I did place a order for a new open gun this week to shoot as a primary gun for 2014. I'm done shooting for this year cause of hip replacements this fall so I thought that now is the time to purchase a brand new one.
  12. Winchester Auto Comp in 38 Super.

    Dex what bullet are you shooting with that recipe?
  13. Operation hit factor has a nice set.
  14. Ran out of my normal powder Ramshot True Blue and found some Winchester Auto Comp and see that they just a few spots apart on the burn list. Having trouble finding load data for major in my super. I was shooting 8.1 Gr True Blue with a Montana Gold 124 JHP and running about 174 power factor which my gun loves. Looking for a starting point with the new powder. Thanks
  15. has any one tried a ghost holster

    I have owned both and settled on the DA Racemaster because I feel that is more secure than the ghost. I had my gun come out on a 3 gun stage with the ghost and never went back.