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  1. LOL I didnt have mica powder ... only had an over stock of baby powder ... Everytime I shot a round thru my gun, it would smell like baby powder... I still was having issues with the bullet not turning correctly but with the powder coated bullets they are working in the bullet feeder ... I would still get a jam maybe 1 or 2 out of every 100rds... You may have to clean the dropper more often.
  2. RT1200 Questions

    You can put a case mouth expander in station 5 to open up the case a bit for flat base bullets.
  3. I had problems with upside down and sticking in the bullet dropper, Put some mica powder in bullet box and tumbled bullets and problems went away.
  4. What sights for a STI 2011

    Thanks for the info.
  5. I am trying to deside what sights to put on my STI 2011 40S&W with the bomar cut on the slide. It is going to be for 3-gun and IDPA shooting for now. I am looking for some ideas on what others are using. Thanks Coleman
  6. Zerk fitting

    Yes they are a standard fitting. Yes grease will come out the pin hole, I pump it till it get clean grease out of the pin hole. any grease is better then no grease.
  7. Check your new dies

    I got 2 seating dies in my 45 set, brian took care of it nr problem.
  8. Hays Kansas

    http://kspistol.com/default.aspx Here is Ellsworth site.
  9. Over 15k of brass resized and deprimmed with dillon die,I like the solid decapping pin of the dillon. over half with crimped primmer no problem and ran with the RT1200, I ran 500 lead 9mm last month and no problem with my Mrbulletfeeder, it depends on the lube if it is sticky you might have to powder it with mica powder so they wont stick. Mrbulletfeeder is a must for me as my hands cramp up after a few hundered of 223 bullets.
  10. Bullet Pullers

    +1 on the Hornady cam lock, Works great
  11. You can chuck the pin up in a drill press or hand drill and file the head down till it fits.
  12. pulled bullets and Mr Bulletfeeder

    I resized mine with a cheap lee push thru die
  13. The End to Corn in Flash Holes

    Add some mineral spirts to the mix. Here is a very good vid on reloading 223, This guy is my hero!!!! Alot of good tips and tricks for 223
  14. Well after shooting 3-gun a few weeks ago with a very loud comp on my ar that works well but my ears are still ringing, the stock lifted my ear muffs up just enough to let noise in. So to preserve my hearing or loose the comp, I was thinking about the custom molded ear plugs, but i dont know anything about them. What are the pro's and con's of them? What is a good brand? what NRR rating should i use? the more info the better. I know that they are $$$ but worth it in the long run. Thanks Coleman