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  1. So I've decided to order parts for my 5.25 XDM. Pistol is used for 3 gun. This is going on my backup gun so it has less than 1k rnds through it. Trigger = PRP Extreme Magwell = Largest SP makes Base Pads = SP with Gram follower Front Site = Dawson .100 FO Extended Mag Release = ?PRP? Guide Rod = ?SP Tungsten? Is the PRP extended mag release the largest available? And is SP tungsten guide rod the heaviest available also? Is there any other parts I should swap?
  2. So I have my Pro set up to hold 10 shells with my xxl end cap. I want to go to be able to hold 12 in tube but I just looked and nordic components quit making the old EXT tubes. What are my other options?
  3. Man I just found out my Oct opened up. Wish I could have registered way back when. Have fun guys
  4. I said screw it and ordered one of each. Ffp amd sfp I'll put Ffp on my 18" and sfp on 16
  5. how accurate is the BTR-1 reticle? What grain is the reticle made for? A friend of mine says his Vortex JM is spot on with 68 grain.
  6. Does anyone know somebody who would like to shoot this match for free? I have a slot that I cannot shoot tomorrow so I need to have someone take it.
  7. Is the cost of the class include match fees?
  8. Anyone shoot with one of these? I'm interested in one.
  9. Recommend me a buttstock for 16" competition build

    I had the Ace stock on my 18" rifle. Switched to the Magpul and prefer it. I have a light weight 16" build and will probably go with the Magpul again
  10. 3 Gun Pistol - 2011

    I wanted a STI until I realized how much the darn mags cost. I'll stick with my XDM and bought a RI 2011 for S&G
  11. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I tried out a buddy of mine's Bladetech holster and it worked with no problem. IIRC retention was fine. I'll have to try it again soon
  12. The rifle bay is 200 yards but if it rains it's usually reduced to 100 yards and if it rains alot that bay is a no go.
  13. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I have the 51947 and used a buddy of mine's STI mags and they ran fine. They would not drop free but were functional. Granted I didn't get many rounds through it with the STI
  14. That sucks. Doesn't car insurance cover theft