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  1. CMMG firing pin broke after about 2000 rounds with a Hyper Fire 24C. The tip just broke off. I replaced it with a JP. I only have about 500 rounds on the new one.
  2. 9mm minor comp recommendations?

    For 9 minor you can't beat the Sti steelmaster comp.
  3. Eagle 6.0 going single shot

    If the trigger is going too far into the frame it might be getting stuck in the frame. Had this problem when I swapped triggers recently. I cleaned the back part of the frame where the trigger rides and polished both of the back corners of the outside of the trigger bow.
  4. Lessons learned from being an RSO

    I have been ROing 3 gun for a little while and we have an issue with people not attaching their belt to an inner belt. Their is a lot of movement and the pistol is normally shot last. I have had two full belt rigs with shotgun shells, pistol mags, rifle mags and pistol go rolling down the range when the shooter is running with a long gun. I had one shooter argue that the pistol did not leave the holster so it can't be a DQ.
  5. Open gun flaws

    You see forgot to turn the dot on a lot in multi gun with empty pistol start but all the long guns are loaded. Their is so mush going on and because none of the practical shooters touch their pistol the RO never even says anything about the pistol. I've been the RO on stages when the shooter is told to make ready and they make the long guns ready but don't do anything with the pistol. I feel bad when they draw and the dot is not on but it only takes a second or two extra.
  6. X-Treme Bullets 165gr 9mm

    I loaded 3.2 grains of Long shot and was getting 845fps out of a 14.5" PCC. They were quiet for long shot and sub sonic. They were accurate but had too much drop for a good multi-gun load.
  7. Glock Weak Ejection

    I am running an 11lb with the tungsten guide rod and am having no problem with ejection. Also check the extractor I broke one after only 500 rounds on a new 26. It just had a week spot and the end of the extractor chipped off at a GSSF shoot.
  8. STI Steelmaster as an open gun?

    I've been running a steel master for steel challenge and 3-gun and the occasional USPSA match for the past two years. The gun is great but I have recently upgraded to a full size DVC it runs minor and major with no spring change. I have run 115 grain and 124 grain factory and 124 major with no malfunctions to date. All of the mags were already tuned from running in the steel master. It will depend on how much those extra Major points are going to matter to you.
  9. Hi, I have seen 28" AR-500 popper faces (i.e., the popper but without the base) around a lot. I am working on a project and I am looking for 42" popper faces. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Open gun holster

    I am running the Racemaster. I'll have to look into the Alpha-X for 3-Gun.
  11. I had an issue on the first 9mm ar I built with a mix of parts would do the same thing in regards to the FTE's. The extractor was not hooking on the case until they would fire. If I had a round left I had to pull it free with my finger nail. I cut my extractor a little thinner and have had no problems since.
  12. Open gun holster

    I run a DAA and when it is locked it is not coming out. The one issue I have run into is with a full mag and a heavy gun, the holster can work its way loose on the pivot and the gun will move around a little. This has only happened a couple of times in the past few years and is the result of a full 170 mag and the pistol part of the stage was after a long with both other guns first.
  13. Thinking about switching from 38S to 9mm

    I am loading 1.164 OAL with 124 X-Treme RN Plated and getting 1376fps with AutoComp out of my CK in 9mm. Are plated bad? Why does everyone use JHP?
  14. BDM Glock Drum Magazine

    I have been running a 100 round beta mag for the last 3 months without a single malfunction. It sits up well when staging a gun and I can leave it loaded so their is no rush between stages when I am ROing. It has not been left unloaded in 3 months with no issues. Cost is a little steep but 3gun isn't cheap.
  15. Black Friday Deals

    This looks like a good deal on UMC. https://www.remington.com/sites/default/files/rebate/file/Remington_BlackFriday_Ammo.pdf