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  1. If you do the swingers with slugs have a few extra targets ready because they will take a few hits from birdshot and it will tear them up eventually.
  2. They did we shot them at Nationals. You can buy them from Atlanta Arms (https://atlantaarms.com/products/official-3-gun-nation-targets.html)
  3. Too quiet is possible

    I normally run a CED 7000 and if they are set on a medium setting it will pick up even 300 blackout subsonic. One of out local match shooter liked to shoot his and would bring his own timer because the clubs timers would not pick up the shots.
  4. Open gun flaws

    I have forgotten to turn my dot on my open pistol. With 3 gun it happens to a lot of shooters on empty gun starts. People won't take the sight picture so they never think about it.
  5. Bring enough ammo to the start box

    At the 2016 3GN Nationals our squad got to the all shotgun a little early and saw shooters picking up shells out of the grass because they had run out shells. Luckily people had dropped a lot of shells while trying to load running through the stage . It was a 44 round shotgun stage with a death star and slug poppers. We had guys strapping on two vests plus all of the caddies on their belts so they could make it through the stage.
  6. Just add the dots to the other guns you know you want too.
  7. Knock-off Glock Mags

    The Magpul mags are as good as the factory. But if you wanted OEM you can normally pick up as many as you need if you hit a Glock match for $10 each from the armor. They are not new but they work.
  8. HELP - Versa Max problem

    We have ended up with issues from dummy rounds that get all chewed up and they will even start sticking in the tube or when they are trying to feed. My wife gun was having issues and we figured out it was only during practice because a few of the shell heads had started to get burrs.
  9. Matchsaver wont retain shell

    You may also be able to find another brand of shell to put in the match saver. Some of the smooth hulls can be very slick. I run a match saver on a pump for Heavy and have never had an issue but I did tilt the match saver so the recoil was not perfectly in line with the direction of the shell.
  10. Versamax issues - resolved?

    My wife runs a 2015 Versamax for 3 gun and it is very reliable. She uses multiple types of slugs and shot loads as light as 7/8oz. at 1200fps up to prairie storm. We do a full overhaul or all the springs and check the internals for burrs every 5000 rounds.
  11. MK1919

    Tooth and Nail does great work on the 1919s. You have to watch the mags though, if it is a warm day I keep my shells and loaded mags in a cooler with a few Ice packs. Keeps the shells from getting hot and getting out of round and causing any feeding issues.
  12. Saiga 12 gauge

    You should ask http://dissidentarms.com/index.php/product/saiga-12-da-conversion-package/ If they don't know try R&R they also build custom Saigas.
  13. 2018 3GN Ohio State Championship Match May 5-6, 2018 8 Stage Match Prize table + cash payout $150 Covington, OH https://www.dawgvalleygunclub.com/
  14. We have started a new 3GN Club in Covington, OH. We are running year round. This club has terrain stages/jungle runs as well as traditional bay stages. Upcoming match dates are 10/22/2017, 11/19/2017, 12/10/2017. Starting in January, we will have 3-Gun Matches every 2nd Sunday. In addition, we will have alternating 3GN Single gun matches and 2-Gun Matches every 4th Saturday. Check out our website at https://www.dawgvalleygunclub.com/ and our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DawgValley/. Hope to see you out on the range, Phillip and Lisa Dawg Valley 3-Gun MDs