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  1. We have a few spots left for Pirates 2017. If you are thinking about shooting please sign up and send your money in.
  2. Pirates of Texas 2017 7 Stages 200 round count Sunday, February 12th, 2017 Registration is open, more details to follow. https://practiscore.com/pirates-of-texas-carbine-championship-2017/register
  3. The match photos are now available and while my fellow photographer and I did our best to try and get shots of as many competitors as we could, it's pretty much impossible for two people to get photos of everyone. To those who didn't make the galleries, our sincere apologies. Again, thanks to everyone for joining us, the match was a huge success. Pirates Match Photos
  4. Good for her and we look forward to seeing you both next year, Danny.
  5. TrueGent: We're very happy you enjoyed yourself at the match but man, what a drag with the airline trouble. We'll see about the bridge next year <grin> and we'll take the President's Day suggestion under advisement.
  6. Your words are too kind, Danny but appreciated nonetheless. Since our first match, our first and foremost goal was to ensure that she shooters had a safe and almost equally important was for the shooters to HAVE FUN. Based on feedback from that same group, it would appear wer're in the right direction. And oh, can we talk about those wonderful days when you just went to a match, had fun, helped out a little, and go home actually FEELING like you had fun. Yes indeed, we remember those fun, stress-free days. :-) We're very happy to hear such words and that is what keeps us going. Thanks again...
  7. Szczinator: Thank you SO much for the kind words regarding the staff and the match and all of us at TC are extremely happy that both you and Curly enjoyed yourselves. That is our prime directive, always. I had the opportunity to watch Curly shoot a couple stages while taking photos and I would not have guessed it was her first time. Thanks again, especially for coming from so far away and we look forward to seeing you both again next year. Sincerely,
  8. Mitch: Yes, you'll be fine. I would email HAL9000@texascarbine.com tonight and see if he's received your app in the mail. If not, it may come tomorrow. Worst case, you fill out a blank app and we'll return your original check when we receive it. We got all the stages set up today and everything looks great for the weekend. Seeya Sunday...
  9. Danny: Yes, the rimfire steel on Stage 7 will all be falling steel and yes, they must fall. We're familiar with the plate rack problem but these hinged plates will easily fall with a rimfire hit. The paper targets are IDPA targets with the same scoring in terms of points down. 0,1,3,5 points down with each point equating to 0.5 seconds.
  10. After Johnny's request, our hard-working HAL9000 was able to finalize the squadding for both Saturday and Sunday. You can view both days on the match homepage. http://www.piratesoftexasmatch.com/
  11. No, Johnny they will not. There are always too many last minute changes to make that happen and our Master Scorekeeper has his hands full managing PractiScore. Your squad will be assigned at sign up.
  12. Happy to help, Danny and look forward to meeting you at the match. Just look for the guy wearing the orthopedic boot on his left foot. :-)
  13. Danny: No, they are not required. We will ensure the rifle is clear after shooting each stage and shooters may not handle their rifles unless they are the current or on deck shooter.