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  1. The Forester dies will work just fine. You will still need to trim the brass after sizing thou. A common method is to have two heads set up, one for processing brass, (decap, size, and adding a Dillon trimmer here really makes quick work of it) and the other for loading it. Clean/tumble the brass before each, trim (if no Dillon on the processing head) and swage primer pockets between the two... jj
  2. Fixed my concentricity issues

    I use a Lee collet neck die, followed by a Redding body die, no runout to speak of...
  3. That's why I got the ProCrono digital, because it will give an accurate reading with birdshot. Thanks for the info, now I won't be enticed to get a labradar...
  4. A lot of the digital units have circutry that help keep them at tare (zero). If you leave weight on them they will drift because they are trying to zero...
  5. I have a 2fer vest you both can use, holds 36 rounds...easy to pull off one at a time too. jj
  6. Dillon Powder Check Die

    Don't use one, got tired of it honking all the time for no reason. I now just use a visual check in each case for powder before placing a bullet. jj
  7. Best SPP for RF100

    I run large and small Winchester, large CCI, and small Federals. Hardly ever do I have to adjust anything, even the vibration control. once in a while I clean the platter that the primers go around on with brake cleaner, seems to help a lot... jj
  8. Yep, that is a common jam, caused by a primer not seating and getting mangled and it ends up staying in the primer slide. When you cycle the machine again, the mangled primer stops the primer slide at the shell plate and stops everything. I pull the slide back a bit until the primer punch goes thru the slide in the large hole, and then remove the mangled primer. Also would suggest removing the ratchet, it gets in the way a lot. Just remember to not short stroke the machine without stopping and checking all stations. jj
  9. Also I can almost guarantee that the round ahead of the one on the primer station now doesn't have a primer...its magled and still sitting in the primer slide. jj
  10. Its the primer slide not fully cycling and the punch is hitting it...You can pull the slide out slightly so the punch goes thru the larger hole and get it cycled, then clear the mangled primer... jj
  11. I put a powder die in the nomal station and fitted the top of it with a powder funnel. Waiting for the Chargemaster with the ram up, dump the powder into the funnel after its measured, put the powder pan back on the chargemaster, drop the ram, place a bullet and raise the ram seating it, wait at the top again for the Chargemaster... Repeat... This is how I load my 260 precision ammo... jj
  12. The platform that the primers walk around on needs to be cleaned quite often. I use simple green. I've even heard of one that saw constant use getting sandblasted to resurface the platform... jj
  13. Mass brass drying process needed

    I prefer the simple approach; don't get the brass wet in the first place... ?
  14. RF100 Alternatives?

    Want2, Jeese, I didn't single out anyone (other than the OP) in fact, you are the only other one in this thread that did acknowledge that the rf100 is automatic and reliable. Feeling guilty? A couple of faupas in your rather dramatic rhetoric thou; Decapping live primers IS safe when done safely. The RF is not the only culprit for flipped primers. It can happen in the press as well. The RF CAN be set up to do the process perfectly with NO flipped primers. Mine is...so yes, all in a thousand are facing the same direction. As for those rounds with a flipped primer, if you don't take them apart, how do you SAFELY dispose of them? Throw them in the trash and let the garbage man deal with them? A live round can be disassembled safely and most if not all components recovered. And for bronco, you CAN set the rf up to be perfect. Those who choose to badmouth it did not spend the time to get it perfect. Once its there, its there. Large or small. jj
  15. RF100 Alternatives?

    What the OP (and others) fail to acknowledge is that the RF100 is automatic. Dump in a tray of primers and turn it on, and forget it. When you need more they are ready.