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  1. Ammo for competitions

    I use the federal aluminum 9mm 115gr. have run several thousand thru my 9L with bar-sto barrel last couple years.
  2. Looking for grip

    contact Jason Stieber at Dillion, just ask the operator to patch you to him and ask him. I cant recall who's gun it is, but they are a Phoenix local shooter. Maybe He'll answer if he see's the post.
  3. Revolver in production

    all you have to do is change out your race holster if you have one to a production style. you can run your extended release, big butt grip, etc.
  4. the only thing I don't like about my M2 is the fact that I've replaced the eyes twice so far from going BO. 427cobra, when you are figuring the power factor, you hit the average button after you shoot a string, then PF button, enter the weight, then enter button.
  5. Hornady LnL Case Feeder Tip Stop

    I use the hull of a unfired 12 gauge shell and just cut a window in it. it has a nice slip fit on the shell drop tube.
  6. Fired Brass Problems with 610 using 40 S&W

    if you have any 10mm brass then try and see if will do the same with it. Normally if you use a fast powder, it will leak around the primer and you will see it on the firing pin bushing. My bushings look like they are pitted as I us VVn310 and have recently switched over to 320 to try and get my super brass to stop destroying primer pockets. the flash holes on my brass will start to bulge outwards and not let the primers seat below flush.
  7. wow. lot of different ways people prep brass. I have a couple questions about what you are loading for??? is this for a bolt rifle or a semi-auto? The only difference will be when to use a full length sizer. If you are going only for accuracy, then swaging is out the door as you shouldn't be using range brass or military brass. The brass to use when I was shooting NRA High Power was Winchester brass. Every thing I loaded on was and is a Redding T-7 press, never use a progressive. this comment will start all the hate talk towards me. if you are going to use range brass, then by all means us a progressive. The trimmer I use a gracey trimmer, just like a pencil sharpener. worth every penny. The dies I use are Redding Type S neck and Full length dies. Bolt rifle: 1. spray lube inside of a large zip top bag and then put brass into bag and mix brass to get coated, 2. size brass. shell should be fire formed to you chamber. neck size only. I can normally get about 4 to 5 reloads before I Have to full length size and it is when the bolt get hard to close on a loaded round. time to full length size 3. with my 6.5 x 284 and 308 I would anneal the cases before I full length size, with a 223, I will run a dental pick inside of the case to see if the brass was starting to pull apart above the webbing of the case. Once you start full length size, it really stretches the brass and you tend to have to trim the brass every time you reload it, with semi auto, you have no choice but full length every time to keep it functioning all the time. 4. clean brass in a fine walnut media. 5. trim brass after a full length sizing. with a neck sizing the brass wont grow in legth. 6. if you are real serious about accuracy, then at this point you will weigh the brass and separate is by weight as they should have the same inside volume therefore the same power capacity. same velocity when the gun goes bang. etc. 7. hand prime brass 8. drop the charge into cases. I use 40 or 45 bullet holder from box 50 round box of ammo for my loading block. 9. seat you bullet with your favorite bullet seater. semi auto step 3. full length size every time step 5. trim brass every time.
  8. USPSA Revolver Optics Division

    all they have to do is change CO to include revolvers, since it only allows semi-autos only
  9. Vague long range question

    get a good bubble level that mounts to the back of the scope. you can't rely on land marks such as tree lines or the horizon to think that you are set up level . get a non directional wind meter and learn how to read mirage and how to apply what you are seeing in the scope past the target, at it and in front of it, and what the wind meter is telling you where you sit. ie, is the grass or leaves at your location moving in the same direction at the target or is it even moving at all???
  10. 2017 USPSA Revolver Nationals

    at this weekends Area 2 match, limited 10 and Revolver divisions will not be recognized due to not enough people being signed up. I got a spot for the match this last weekend and was kind of shocked with this info. I'll be running my 627 in production since I don't use a race style holster, unless I'm running open.
  11. Vic Pickett contact info

    Vics contact info can be found on the ICORE website under the Arizona clubs AZ Rocks.
  12. Revolver reload rules?

    "in the open" is kind of hard to determine, even reading the rule book. the only time you will see it will be a retreat to cover from a start in the open and if you are given 2 targets then you will need to round dump, if it's 3 targets, the, 1,1,2,1,1, reload before you get to next postion. if you are going to round dump in the old rule book, then you shot 3 in each target and made sure that one shot was a -1 so it didn't look like round dumping. In the new rule book, I think that round dumping is allowed.
  13. Savage joins the Dark Side

    I've owned my 110FP since 1996, so I believe that savage has been making black rifles a long time now. the 110FP is their police rifle in 308 with a 26" bull barrel and it is 100% matte black.
  14. at my work place, we got a hold of some INOVA T4R flashlights and there are pretty impressive, especially considering how much we abuse them. rechargeable lithium LED lights.
  15. 0 MOA, 15 MOA, 20 MOA, or 30 MOA scope base?

    here's my 2 cents on this issue. if the scope that you are using will accommodate the elevation, then you won't need a MOA+ base. Now then, for a 308 with a 168gr bullet, the max usable range is 1000, really about 950 yard. With a 175gr, its about maybe 1050 yards. What's makes the usable range is when the bullet drops back across the sound barrier. The bullet will upset and give a wobble and that is what makes it's usable range and makes it unpredictable past that range. My savage F in 6.5x284 with 140gr bergers at 2930 fps will drop down into subsonic at about 1850 yards and with my Leoupold Mark 4 and 20 MOA base is a true 1 mile rifle. No you don't need a MOA+ base unless you scope doesn't have the vertical movement for what you want.