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  1. Warning Federal 115gr should not be used in a 929

    now you know why you shouldn't use a factory loaded taper crimped round in a revolver, aka kinetic bullet puller. I use a lot of adjustment in my 38 super 627-4 and I don't care if the bullet is deformed, they don't pull after I crimp them.
  2. Why are moon clips considered "fragile"

    magazines can be just as fragile when stepped on as a moonclip, but ours go straight into the trash. a couple years ago at the area 2, a limited shooter on our squad stepped on his mag while shooting stage 2 and at crono he presented that very mag for the tech inspection. the mag didn't fit the length gauge and he got bumped to open.
  3. What's the best way to clean a stainless cylinder?

    for the chambers, I use a .40 cal stainless brush on my Milwaukie drill and for the outside of cylinder, I use butch's bore shine and a stainless steel brush. on the bore, if I have been using lead, then I will dip it in a 50/50 mix of peroxide and white vinegar for about 1 hour, do a brushing with a 38 cal stainless brush and spray the whole thing down with contact cleaner.
  4. IRC 2018 and 2019

    many years ago at a match in Tucson, I was the revo division winner any myself and the open and limited division winners were the in the last 10 people who where drawn in a random match, with me being dead last. Random draw match suck, period. I will not stay for the drawing. Why don't you lower the price of the match if we don't stay for the drawing? one of the best matches that I love, because you get to shoot a top notch, test your skills match is the western state revolver match. Low entry fee, great stages and no trophies or prizes.
  5. One mistake I hope I never make again.

    never let me down so far. I don't use range brass. only R-P for my super, federal for my 40 and 9mm and 38 special. I've only used it for suspected squb loads. it's not that hard to narrow down the suspected, then pull 10 instead of 100. I would be easier to switch to a powder that requires almost full capacity to load for what you are doing than a powder that can easily take two charges and never notice that it happened, try ramshop true blue, you would never be able to load a double with that powder.
  6. One mistake I hope I never make again.

    the times that I have done a double, I will load a bullet, zero it on my electronic scale and then put the loaded bullets on it one at time and find the one that is + whatever your charge is. never let me down.
  7. Help identifying S&W 627 revolver, value

    first runs of 627 were 5.5 inch barrels and were 6 shot. open the cylinder and the model numbers should be below the barrel/forcing cone. where the crane meets the frame. I would say that it is a 627-5 with the guns profile, but you said I doesn't have a lock and the pictures show it, so that would put it as is a -2 or -3. -4 are the supers. king customs would do the swirls, but they are long gone. maybe its a lew Horton with a -5 barrell
  8. Scope help

    there is no way you will ever need a 20 moa base for a 308. the only way to make proper use of a + base is with a 30mm tube or bigger. I use Farrell bases for my savages, standard for my 110FP in 308 and 20MOA in my F class 6.5-284
  9. Ammo for competitions

    I use the federal aluminum 9mm 115gr. have run several thousand thru my 9L with bar-sto barrel last couple years.
  10. Looking for grip

    contact Jason Stieber at Dillion, just ask the operator to patch you to him and ask him. I cant recall who's gun it is, but they are a Phoenix local shooter. Maybe He'll answer if he see's the post.
  11. Revolver in production

    all you have to do is change out your race holster if you have one to a production style. you can run your extended release, big butt grip, etc.
  12. the only thing I don't like about my M2 is the fact that I've replaced the eyes twice so far from going BO. 427cobra, when you are figuring the power factor, you hit the average button after you shoot a string, then PF button, enter the weight, then enter button.
  13. Hornady LnL Case Feeder Tip Stop

    I use the hull of a unfired 12 gauge shell and just cut a window in it. it has a nice slip fit on the shell drop tube.
  14. Fired Brass Problems with 610 using 40 S&W

    if you have any 10mm brass then try and see if will do the same with it. Normally if you use a fast powder, it will leak around the primer and you will see it on the firing pin bushing. My bushings look like they are pitted as I us VVn310 and have recently switched over to 320 to try and get my super brass to stop destroying primer pockets. the flash holes on my brass will start to bulge outwards and not let the primers seat below flush.
  15. wow. lot of different ways people prep brass. I have a couple questions about what you are loading for??? is this for a bolt rifle or a semi-auto? The only difference will be when to use a full length sizer. If you are going only for accuracy, then swaging is out the door as you shouldn't be using range brass or military brass. The brass to use when I was shooting NRA High Power was Winchester brass. Every thing I loaded on was and is a Redding T-7 press, never use a progressive. this comment will start all the hate talk towards me. if you are going to use range brass, then by all means us a progressive. The trimmer I use a gracey trimmer, just like a pencil sharpener. worth every penny. The dies I use are Redding Type S neck and Full length dies. Bolt rifle: 1. spray lube inside of a large zip top bag and then put brass into bag and mix brass to get coated, 2. size brass. shell should be fire formed to you chamber. neck size only. I can normally get about 4 to 5 reloads before I Have to full length size and it is when the bolt get hard to close on a loaded round. time to full length size 3. with my 6.5 x 284 and 308 I would anneal the cases before I full length size, with a 223, I will run a dental pick inside of the case to see if the brass was starting to pull apart above the webbing of the case. Once you start full length size, it really stretches the brass and you tend to have to trim the brass every time you reload it, with semi auto, you have no choice but full length every time to keep it functioning all the time. 4. clean brass in a fine walnut media. 5. trim brass after a full length sizing. with a neck sizing the brass wont grow in legth. 6. if you are real serious about accuracy, then at this point you will weigh the brass and separate is by weight as they should have the same inside volume therefore the same power capacity. same velocity when the gun goes bang. etc. 7. hand prime brass 8. drop the charge into cases. I use 40 or 45 bullet holder from box 50 round box of ammo for my loading block. 9. seat you bullet with your favorite bullet seater. semi auto step 3. full length size every time step 5. trim brass every time.