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  1. Tax stamps

    Unfortunately that's not an excuse in my case as there is no one but me on my trust. The only reason I did a trust was that in the case I predeceased my wife she would have the SBR and suppressor legality and could then decide to sell or keep them. Probably should have forgone the trust and just left instructions will my estate attorney to abandoned them if I passed away first. At this rate I may be dead before I get to shoot them ...
  2. Pendulum

    1, 2, 4, 5, s just shoot straight across, make one reversal transition then the stop plate. If you're more comfortable shooting l-r then shoot it: 5, 4, 2, 1, s. Don't make it harder than it has to be ...
  3. Nimitz's Journey To Shooting Greatness

    A combination of bad weather & the flu put me out for the entire week after last week's match and during that time I finally decided it was time to get a new timer. my Pocket Pro II has served me well since I bought it 5 years ago but batteries weren't lasting very long & the display was almost unreadable so I broke down & bought a new one. While setting it up today since it looks like I'll be able to start shooting again on Monday, I noticed they now a 'volume' feature. How cool is that! No longer to have to get pieces of duct tape to cover the speaker when I dry fire & then tear them off for live fire. I guess buying new stuff every once in a while isn't a bad thing after all ... Ben classes at my range are only 4 months away and I still have a few slots for the Fundamentals class if anyone is interested. The Skills & Drills class filled several months ago & has a waitlist 4 miles long ... lol ...... depending on how hard it is to finish filling the Fundamentals class I'm considering maybe just doing back to back S&D classes in '19... everyone only seems interested in the Skills & Drills class which means they all have already taken the fundamentals class or they don't think they need the Fundamentals class. This will be the 4th year I've had Ben come out & in all that time I've yet to see anyone who couldn't have benefited from the Fundamentals class. I can't force people to take the Fundamentals class so to ensure I can keep Ben coming out here I might just have to go to that ... we'll see.
  4. S&W model 41 - why not?

    people ask me all the time why I went with a Buckmark ... lot of reasons but by far the biggest was that it literally eats anything and never hiccups. During the 'crazy times' when I was standing in line at the local Walmart twice a week at 6am to see if any ammo came in the the truck the night before I got whatever was available. It was different every week. I was shooting 25K/yr back then as well so I just needed ammo, period. It was a godsend. For matches I only use CCI mini mags but honestly, I wouldn't worry about it if i showed up a match after forgetting my ammo and had to borrow ammo. Control the things you can & a 100% reliable gun in one of them.
  5. RFPO: Browning Buckmark Open: STI Steelmaster PCC: Sig MPX
  6. S&W model 41 - why not?

    Below is a pic of the SW41 I spent 18 months putting together specifically to shoot SC. It included the custom, one-of-kind Bully II Steel Challenge barrel, a custom designed comp & mag well, custom wood grips from Germany. I shot the gun for about a month and sold it. It was just to finicky with ammo. One ammo hiccup per thousand is unacceptable and it was way worse than that .... cool gun though & it took only about a week to sell ...
  7. Suitable 9mm PCC carbines

    here's my setup .... including a 100% reliable, 95 PF load ..... recoil like my RFPO ...
  8. Anyone Shoot Speed Option 1-3-4-2-S?

    The 'best' order to shoot Speed Option is 5, 4, 3, 1, S. You obviously need to be comfortable shooting R - L but this allows for the least amount of transition, enables you to break up teh stage into 2 mini stages and only has one reversal transition ...
  9. Tax stamps

    contacted NFA branch .... "your Form 1 is in processing" .... very helpful ...
  10. Tax stamps

    not that it will matter, but there is no one on my trust but me ....
  11. Tax stamps

    so why does a trust take twice as long to process?
  12. Tax stamps

    thx! I did it as a trust - fabulous ...
  13. Nimitz's Journey To Shooting Greatness

    well I finally got back to shooting today after a 9 week absence ... I was actually hoping to get at least one training session in this week before today's match but that didn't work out. I was giving a lesson on Thurs to a couple of shooters and planned to shoot before the lesson but I managed to leave my open guns at home & all I had was my Shadow .... Overall I was happy with today's performance, shooting 2 of the 7 stages within .14 secs & .08 secs of my personal bests. One of those, Roundabout, was the first stage of the match and represented my first rounds down range in 9 weeks. My runs were 2.02, 1.98, 1.87 & 1.81 secs. Maybe I should take off 9 weeks more often ... I also decided to shoot it using my 'old' order of 1, 2, 4, 5, stop since I'd also just switched to my new order of 1, 2, 5, 4 stop for a week before I had to stop shooting. I'm still going to continue with my new order since I've been unable to get below the 1.8 sec mark per run on the old order & even after just one week I was getting training runs in the 1.65 sec region. My mental toughness training continues to go well with my new coach as well and I'm l\gaining new insights on a regular basis. It reminds me somewhat when I first switched to tarining full-time for just SC with all the new little things I learned every week. Monday I'll be back to my regular dry fire & live fire routines as well & am looking forward to putting the hernia surgery behind me .... Book sales continue to go well also with lots of good feedback. I'm glad folks seem to be getting something from it ...
  14. Anyone know if there is a way to check on the status of a tax stamp application ? I submitted my Form 1 for my SBR in Feb and have still not received it ....
  15. Can someone tell me how to delete myself from managing a club in Practiscore? I've updated the email address to the new MD under the "Clubs/mange" tab but I'm still getting shooter registration emails ... I've also invited the new MD to mange that club as well.