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  1. Nimitz's Journey To Shooting Greatness

    Results from today's 8-stage match was an 83.69, which included an 'amazing' 10.87 on Smoke & Hope. That's what happens when you have back-to-back uncalled misses on two strings. In retrospect I knew both times that they were close but elected not to take makeup shots. I'd like to think in a Major I would have taken them, particularly on the second string if I had already incurred 1 penalty previously ... I've also been working on a new shooting order for Smoke & Hope but didn't feel I had enough time shooting it to try it during a match. In hindsight I could obviously have tried it today ... :). Prior to today, my 2017 ave for S & H for 9 matches was 7.99 secs. I've been analyzing why I can't seem get into the 1.7 sec/string time vice where I am now which is the 1.85-1.9 sec time given that my first shot is usually sub .5 secs and I finally decided to look at shooting order. It appears I can easily makeup ~ .1 secs with a better order so hopefully I'll be ready by next month's match ... On a brighter note, my book went to editing today so I think I'm still on track to have it published within the next 2 months barring any format changes that are needed. For those of you who read Front Sight mag you may have noticed that my 2nd Steel Challenge Shooting Corner piece did not appear in the latest issue .... I was told there wasn't space after other higher priority pieces went in so we'll see what happens for the Aug/Sept issue ...
  2. yep. never got any response (email or phone) from Pickerell either ... Finally found ZR Tactical & in a week it was done. I suspect I'll be able to run 110 PF loads at 100% once I'm done. Noting wrong with my current 116 PF but lower is better ..
  3. PCC

    Open rimfire pistol in Steel Challenge is your answer .... optical sight - hit 40 yd 10" plates on the run one handed gun only weighs 24 oz no recoil so your grip doesn't matter no low ports no high ports no ports at all, just stand and shoot, what could be easier ... ammo is cheap oh, and we have PCC division too ...
  4. Honestly I have no idea .... When I contacted the guys who did the work their website just said "Sig MPX gas port service" and a few words about opening up the ports to run lighter loads. I told them what I was trying to do and they said they could do it. when I ran the 123 PF loads through It this morning the recoil seemed identical to what is was before, the only difference was that it was no longer a single shot PCC ... ? I didn't try, nor do I plan to, run any heavier loads through it ...
  5. So finally got around to sending off my gas port to be opened back up to the Gen 1 spec. Got it back last week and took it out this morning to see where I was. First tested my original 123 PF load which would not cycle and now I had 100% cycling. So far so good. I then switched to a new load I made last night which the chrono said was 116 PF. Well I had 100% cycling of those as well. I'm going to make a batch of 110 PF rds and see if those work too .... the gun is already flat with only a slight twitch of the dot but since this is primary for SC, getting it to perform like a rimfire gun would be valuable if possible ...
  6. Nimitz's Journey To Shooting Greatness

    I guess that's one way to justify poor shooting .....
  7. Nimitz's Journey To Shooting Greatness

    While its true I've shot with many people who's single string time is more than my overall stage time I'd never be so impolite as to mention that in public ....? 7 sec reloads are always worth mentioning however ...?
  8. Nimitz's Journey To Shooting Greatness

    just returned from the monthly match I shot at Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club and I set a new 8-stage personal best time of 76.67 secs. I also set another new personal best stage time on Showdown of 7.26 secs. A sub 7 sec match stage time is not too far off. I've done it a fair number of times in training and I'm getting closer every match so I expect by the year of this year to do it. I continue to shoot well consistently with only 4 make-up shots for the 31 individual strings for this match Not looking at my times during training except for my cold stage runs.as really allowed me to focus on all the other technical aspects of my shooting and that is translating into lower scores as it enables me to shoot each string consistently fast since I don't concern myself with results, just whether or not i executed my mechanics correctly. I've also switched up my dry fire routine some what which I also think is contributing to my continual success. At some point I'll be switching my training back to trying to lower my average training times but for right now I'll continue with what I'm doing since clearly 75 sec 8-stage matches are easily achievable at my current skill level. All the basic chapters for my book are now done and I've started on the drill diagrams & explanations. Once that is complete and after I finish a complete edit Ben Stoeger has agreed to review for me at which point is should be ready to publish. Not sure yet if I'm going to offer a Kindle version or just teh paperback. I'll have to see what the drill diagrams look like in small format & then make a decision. Back to regular training on Monday ...
  9. Nimitz's Journey To Shooting Greatness

    No worries, I expect you had a lot of company of non-believers ....:)
  10. Nimitz's Journey To Shooting Greatness

    Just returned from the monthly level 1 match where I'm MD ..... shot a new all-time 7-stage match personal best of 66.64. Match included Outer Limits where I also set a new stage personal best of 11.44 secs, lowering my previous personal best by over 1 sec.; all 3 strings were sub 4 secs with the throw-away run being 4.07. Also shot a new stage personal best on 5 To Go. Given those 2 new personal best times my overall classification should be over 100% when the update is run this Wed night .... check off another goal for 2017 & it's not even the mid point yet ... I'm particularly happy with how I shot this match given that there are plenty of distractions throughout the day as MD which are not exactly designed to help keep me on my mental program. With each passing week running my mental program in training gets easier and easier. With out a doubt my new training methods are also working as I'm shooting consistently well match after match. My 8-stage match ave for this year is currently at 81.98 secs and my 7-stage match ave is 69.57 secs where half of the matches include Outer Limits. While I still have a ways to go, I'm clearly on a good path and see no reason to change any of my training .... next match will be at Volusia County next Saturday.
  11. Sig MPX gas port

    perfect! I'll contact them, thx .........
  12. Looking to see if anyone knows someone who can open the gas port back to the original Gen 1 spec? A while ago there was a name being passed around but when I tried contacting him no one ever answered the phone or responded to emails .. thx!..
  13. Nimitz's Journey To Shooting Greatness

    yep, just not posting much except for after matches . I'm pretty busy working on my book as I want to be able to release it by the summer so that takes up whatever free time I have when I'm not training ...
  14. Nimitz's Journey To Shooting Greatness

    the 50/50 solution works well but because of the lead acetate by product you need to be extremely cautious of what you're doing but it does work