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  1. Glock issue

    Took it apart today and the the spring under the plunger was laying sideways! Reinstalled everything correctly and seems all good.
  2. Time to step it up!

    Did some practice yesterday on movement. Felt pretty good better than last time. I feel like I'm moving fast bun in the video looks slow.
  3. Time to step it up!

    Thank you
  4. Time to step it up!

    Thanks for the tips! I'm going to try this today. Going to setup some small proam type stages probly using paper plates as targets and run them with the BB gun. I will try to film it and see if any improvements are made.
  5. Time to step it up!

    The past 2 days been working on reloads and transitions from 30 min to an hour a night. Going to sign up for the Proam in July so going to start focusing my training on that. Maybe setup some paper plate stages out back with the BB gun and work on movement and keeping the gun up high. And more draw and Reload practice in dryfire.
  6. Time to step it up!

    30 min dry fire today. Worked on 6 reload 6 and 2 reload 2 along with Burkett reloads. Trying to be more consistent on reloads. My draw is getting much faster. Getting much more comfortable with the tanfo just need to get more range time. Trying to save some $ for a class with Shannon Smith within the next couple months.
  7. Time to step it up!

    Dry fire today 30 min. worked on reloads and transitions.
  8. Time to step it up!

    Did some dry fire last night. Worked on reloads on the move and transitions on the move.
  9. Time to step it up!

    I think they are a little faster. I do shoot better with the tanfo. My glock had factory sights so I can see way better with the tanfo. The recoil is way less than the glock mostly due to the weight so that helps my shooting, also I like the grip better. I wouldn't say the new gun is totally making me shoot better, I think it just motivated me more to practice and by practicing I'm getting better.
  10. Time to step it up!

    Tried this today. Works great Did about 20 min of dryfire working on draws reloads and transitions.
  11. Time to step it up!

    I will have to try that. Thanks!
  12. Time to step it up!

    Did some dry fire today. Set up mini stages and changed them after a couple runs to work on my stage planning.Worked on taking my time seeing the sights. My reloads are much better. Im starting to like the bullets out now. After actually shooting the gun I know how the trigger works So now I'm dry firing differently. Instead of half cocked I pull the trigger fully in D/A then let off where the reset would be and continue from there.
  13. Time to step it up!

    Well, I shot the local club match tonight. My first time shooting the tanfo or any double action pistol. It is very different than a glock for sure. During my dry fire practice I definitely got the double action first shot down. But getting used to the S/A trigger pull will take some time. I placed 2nd out of 6 in C class production. My first stage I shot like I did with my glock. I just went crazy got some good shots but they all seemed to go left. So next stages I just took my time shooting watching the sights and got better hits than I did with my glock. I did not try to win just tried to get used to the gun. I just need to calm down when I shoot. I watch people go fast and I try to do the same and miss a lot. On the last stage I had a malfunction idk what happened I went to shoot the last target and the gun did it fire I couldn't rack the slide and the hammer was down. I dropped the mag and then racked the slide but did it shoot the last target. Idk what happened
  14. Time to step it up!

  15. Time to step it up!

    Been slacking. Did some dry fire tonight. Worked on transitions and reloads. Going to a club match tomorrow night shooting the tanfo for the first time. Getting ready for the classifier match on the 11th.