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  1. Shooting Suppressed.

    Whoever is running the timer needs to put it close for the first and last shot. It can be done.
  2. Safety check at A3

    Below is response from CGW. Waiting on response from CZC. Looked closer at my manual, which is pretty clear the safety is not designed to work in DA. I will be keeping my manual in my bag for future reference if needed.
  3. Shooting Suppressed.

    Check with your MD. I've seen a guy at a local match shoot suppressed for no score. Pretty cool to watch.
  4. I had to use a hammer impact driver to remove mine.
  5. I have an AmmoBot on my 1050, and replaced the stock case shuttle spring with a 12# 1911 recoil spring, cut two coils short of in half. This and the the "case feed fix plate" fixed things for me. https://sprservicesllc.com/product/dillon-rl-1050-and-super-1050-case-feed-fix-plate/ I am also running the Level 10 Delrin case shuttle. I had to send it back to them to fix the profile, as it was sticking. I'm not convinced it fixed any of the issues I was experiencing.
  6. Safety check at A3

    Interesting, that verbiage is not in the manual I have, for an SP-01. I have a CZ 75 Shadow Custom Black, and can engage the safety with the hammer fully down. I have emailed CZC for clarification/suggestions.
  7. Vortex optic for CO?

    Venom 6MOA on my CZ. Works great.
  8. Safety check at A3

    Manual is very cryptic. From Stuart, 2nd link posted by OP. Edited June 10, 2014 by Vanniek71
  9. Safety check at A3

  10. Top 3 pistol powders

    Everything I've read says it's dirty and burns hot. Probably a favorite cause it's relatively cheap, available, meters well, and burns pretty consistent.
  11. 9mm Minor

    Titegroup is most poplar. I use E3 and like it. You might look at this post for more options.
  12. RF100 Alternatives?

    Damn. This has sure been a monday. I need a drink.
  13. RF100 Alternatives?

    http://www.db-shootingsupplies.com.au/products/pal-filler.html Looks to have one in stock.
  14. CZC Mulit Optic Sight cut, issues?

    Mine stayed tight after a 170 rnd local match, so far so good. But will keep a eye on them. I realized that I had put in the pan screws that I believe came with the Springer plate, instead of the Torquz cap head screws. Not sure if it matters. But I got more cap head screws from Vortex, so they will be going in next time.
  15. CZC Mulit Optic Sight cut, issues?

    I got the CZC multi-optic cut slide/top end. Only problem so far is the Venom screws are not staying tight. Second practice session yesterday and they loosened again. I took it apart, cleaned everything with acetone, applied liberal amount of Loctite 243, and some Gorilla glue around the screw shoulder (saw this worked for someone here). Got a local match sat so will see if it says secure then. Not sure what to do after this if it does, other than new screws and maybe red loctitie - which I really dont want to do for obvious reasons. I have seen mixed results here with people reusing same screws, so I may order some new ones just in case.