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  1. Looking for a 3 team mate for this match. My youngest does not want to participate this year so we only have two for our team. Regards, Bruce C.
  2. 4-5 Slug Shots depending if Stage 2 or 8 are used. Counting all Targets for all 8 stages here are my counts ( remember this is me shooting it ) Pit Pistol Shot Slug Rifle 1 16 14 14 2 30 20 2 3 6 3 14 4 33 20 5 16 27 6 27 20 24 7 20 5 22 8 20 16 3 Total 162 108 8 94 Recommend 200 150 20 150 Again Disclaim, My count of stages of how I would shoot the stages. Bruce
  3. Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    My M3K runs Fiocchi 1150 1oz Slugs, Herters 1060 1oz 7.5 LR Herter's 1250 1oz 7.5 Winchester 1145 1-1/8oz 7.5 Target loads Winchester 1200 1-1/8oz 7.5 Universal ( Walmart pack) Does not run Fiocchi 1160 1-1/8oz 7.5 Shooting Dynamics Herter's 1050 1-1/8oz 7.5 LR This was comparing shooting at 8 targets me and my 13yr old son. Actually the 1050 Herters worked for him but when i moved they didnt work for me. BB
  4. Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    1) Yes, there is a compact stock for the Stoeger M3K, but out of stock. 3) depends on your LOP
  5. Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    Vlad, Yes, Same part for m2k,m3k,and M3500 as per Rep at Stoeger. http://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/ctgy/stoeger-m2000-driver-spring Bruce
  6. Dean What day did you send the email from Practiscore? I didnt receive the cancellation from there. Bruce Crawford
  7. I am interested in the Mags.



  8. Dean Any division for shooting with two juniors?. Anyone looking for a team mate? Bruce
  9. Looking for someone in the SE PA are that does Color Anodizing for Pistol and rifle parts. Need some parts done at a reasonable price. BGC
  10. Is the Blade tech still available?

  11. Forums Saw the round count
  12. Dean, Topton Crew, Great series and final match of the season. Connor and i had alot of fun shooting it together. Will be better prepared for next year. Bruce
  13. Especially if Jim goes prone. Awwhh my eyes.....
  14. Well, This was my 5th FN USA 3gun Championship and it was done very well. My son and I shot 4 stages first day, 4 second and 2 on Saturday and everything was good. I was the only one on my squad to get rained on Monday but it was all good and funny. This is still the best shooting match that i know of with the format and how they treat the shooters, with a lot of respect and RO's really want the stages to go well for all shooters. Just wish i would have shot couple of stages better myself but hopefully we have next year. To all the complainers, You didnt have to do any setup so i dont understand the issue of shooting 5 stages in a day. Usual 3gun match you shoot 5-7 stages in a day. Also you didnt have to do any resetting at all you could have rested on your laurels the whole time and just used you 180 seconds of shooting really wore you out. Imagine if you had to reset for all the stages then come complain. My son and I shot the USPSA Area 8 Championship on Sunday with 14 stages and that was harder that the 3 days at FN. Howard and staff did a fantastic Job and i appreciate all the time they put in for the planning and running it for this year. Bruce C