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  1. Slowest .223 powder you've used?

    I have no idea where it is in burn rate. Only what Bruce Piatt relayed to me. I spoke with him about it in September and don't remember what he said he used. I emailed him in may and wasn't positive but he said that was what he thought it was. Maybe he was mistaken on it being a slow powder or maybe he was mistaken on what he had used. Either way, working the match I saw 300 people a year for 4 years and his rifle/load stuck out in the loud and bright area.
  2. I'm out. Can't change vacation 3 months out.
  3. Slowest .223 powder you've used?

    At FNH last year Bruce Piatt was shooting heavy metal. His 308 was the loudest rifle I ever heard next to a 50 BMG. He said the year before he caught the fallen tree on fire. He said he was using a really slow powder. I emailed him and he thinks it was WC844. In the bright sun it looked like a flame thrower.
  4. lighten up my IPSC rifle

    Tuned up with a good comp and a low mass bolt, recoil is not an issue. It is a very flat shooting rifle. For reference, I am coming from an 18" JP15 and the sights don't move any more than that did.
  5. lighten up my IPSC rifle

    I went with a JP ultralight 14.5 barrel, a Midwest Industries lightweight MLOK hand guard, the Aero Mount and a Leupold VX6. The rifle with optic is 6lbs 1oz.
  6. 2x scope

    None that are doing very well, for 2 reasons. 2x sucks for close transitions. Second reason being the only reason to go to a 2 or 2.5 is to get 10x on the top side. 10x is too much magnification at 3 gun distances/ targets. Personally, for the targets typically found at matches and max distance between 500 and 600 yards, I think a 1-6 is the sweet spot. I started out with a march 1-10, thinking more is better. I am now using a Razor 1-6 on my rifle and a VX6 on a lightweight rifle I just put together.
  7. Red Dot Sight - MOS vs Gen 3 vs milled

    I had a doc optic in a dovetail mount. I hated it and it kept me away from red dot pistols. I recently picked up a MOS gun to use for deer hunting and the lower mount is night and day. Not perfect, but close. I am considering getting a custom mill done on a 34 to get even with the sights. You can probably get used to anything but it change the presentation.
  8. Ar style safety for shotguns

    It seems like a neat idea but I think it is a solution in search of a problem.
  9. New A5 barrel clamp

    Run the clamp. If you put the tube on correctly is shouldn't cause issue. When using a clamp, the extended part of the tube should be loose. I tighten the nut to the barrel, then tighten the tube, then back the tube out 1 1/2 to 2 full turns. Then tighten the clamp.
  10. FN ?

    Can't you 3d print ammo yet?
  11. Looking for load data - subsonic .308

    Just test the heavier bullets without the silencer. I was using trailboss with 220 SMK and they were not stable with a 1-10 twist barrel.
  12. Loadiing sub sonic 308 Win ?

    Trailboss works great but 220SMK were not stable in my 16" 1/10 twist barrel. DTA uses a 1/8 for there 308 to stabilize heavy subs.
  13. Yup, easy fix. Stoeger, beretta, benelli, or browning.
  14. Not saying this is an issue but I can see where it could happen. With some receiver/receiver extensions, the captive spring is loose. If that happens the carrier may be in a different position on each shot. My captive spring was too short and I shimmed it with a washer in the end of the receiver extension. I don't have any accuracy issues but the instructions cover this so it was right the first time I shot it.