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  1. Columbia Cascade Sectional 2017 Match Video

    sad i missed the match. It's been one of my faves the last few years, but between the idaho state ride (dirtbike campout) and in-laws visiting, it was not to be. Gonna have to content myself with the inland empire sectional. Thanks for the great vid ryan. Clearly you suck, but you have identified exactly what you need to work on to suck less. It's awesome to see your progress in the last year. (and even more awesome to see you working L2 matches in your area).
  2. EXACTLY!!!! It's not any faster to not see the 'sight picture', so why not see it so you at least know if something went horribly wrong (which it sometimes does for the 2nd shot when you are rushing and turning your head to look for the next target). Note that if your grip is solid, you often don't have to 'wait' before pulling the trigger on the 2nd shot, you can pull it as fast as you can pull the trigger and keep the sights in the A-zone, but it's much easier if you are actually observing the relationship of the gun/sights to the target. I've seen former champions get a mike at nationals at less than 10' because they disrespected the target and didn't see a sight picture for the 2nd shot.
  3. stop doing that. sight picture doesn't have to mean the sights. at 3-5 yards I don't see the sights for any of the shots, but I do have a sight picture for just about every shot (unless I make a mistake). that 'sight' picture only consists of a blurry silhouhette of the gun, but that's plenty enough to get almost all A's.
  4. Slug Tested My 1911 9mm Barrel

    I haven't slugged my barrel, but fwiw, both of my 9mm 1911's (sti USPSA and dan wesson pm9) are horrifiyingly inaccurate with .355 plated bullets, but very good with .356 coated bullets. So I shoot the .356.
  5. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    high temps are an even better reason to have 2 or 3 people resetting instead of everyone. You only have to do it 2-3 times, and then you can rest in the shade.
  6. Shooting classifiers

    yes it is. maybe it doesn't hurt your stage score as much for that stage, but it hurts your match score just as much. Actually, if you zero'd the stage, It is actually *less* hurtful than getting the same amount of mikes on a 30-round stage, because the penalties stop counting against you once you get to zero.
  7. Shooting classifiers

    but who cares? it costs you the same amount of points in the match.
  8. Consistent A's and C's on a classifier....

    this is a pretty common problem, and it's one I was struggling with a couple months ago when trying to shoot fast. recoil springs and loads make some difference, but the bottom line is you are not aware of where the gun is pointed when the 2nd shot goes off. You may be seeing the sights come back down, but as you start to pull the trigger you are kind of tuning out, and the gun is still moving, so when the shot breaks, it hits low. I advise spending some time doing 4 or 6 shot drills and trying to keep them in a space the size of the head. Pay very close attention to where the sights are. figure out how fast you can shoot while getting the sights to stop completely, so that you have a nice tight group in a head-sized spot at 10 yards. Try to go slightly faster than that. watch what happens. Hopefully you will start to get a better idea of how much you need to see and how you need to grip the gun in order to get 2 A's most of the time. I have been mostly practicing with partial targets in dryfire and live fire the last few months. this has really been helping with my awareness of the sights and my grip, and prevents me from getting lazy and just double-tapping. Every shot is an aimed shot, even if some of the close ones aren't aimed very carefully.
  9. .40 Minor for IDPA

    obviously, you'll have to chrono it in your gun, since every gun is different, but I shot many 1000's of 40 minor out of my cz75. 3.0 or 3.1 gr of clays under a 180gr plated bullet. extremely accurate. I also used a bunch of n320, but with 165 gr zeros. they took 4.3 gr to make low 130 pf. I'd guess 4.0 with 180's would be a good place to start.
  10. Pre-Match Diet

    This is my best advice also. Stay in your rhythm. changing things up before a match is a recipe for disaster. If better habits make sense before a match, they make sense all the time.
  11. RO'ing at local matches . how much does it affect your

    and you should trade off RO-ing more often, so each person only has to do 1/3 of the squad or less.
  12. Production Holster Ilegal (bladetech DOH)

    or you could eat lots of french fries and get fatter thighs.
  13. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    I could not agree more. I almost choked when someone earlier talked about going to stand by a single target and wait there for the scoring RO. I think aside from poor RO planning, the second biggest cause of pre-pasting is people bs-ing with their friends and having no idea what is going on with the scoring. Usually those people are either standing by a single target waiting, or they are not pasting at all. Not sure which is worse.
  14. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    on stages I run, that is generally not true. I'm often giving the make ready command while the previous shooter is approving his score, and the scorekeeper then announces the next 3 shooters while the competitor is making ready.
  15. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    seems to me it's likely to have the *opposite* effect. People are going to shy away from pasting until they are *certain* everything is done, so it probably takes longer. In my experience, pre-pasting is not hard to control if you use (and announce to the squad) a sensible, and efficient and consistent scoring procedure. It still happens once in a while, but I'd rather that than have everyone drag ass because they're scared of a procedural. I don't think I had any pre-pasting at A1 this year. Maybe 1 the previous year.