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  1. What about the match hotels? any news on them?
  2. SV trigger on a PT evo?

    Thanks. I really want to get the grip hard chromed but don't want to spend the $$$$
  3. SV trigger on a PT evo?

    It's fit. Haven't shot it yet but hope to this weekend.
  4. SV trigger on a PT evo?

    It's not dropping right in mine and needs a good bit of fitting. I was wondering if I got the wrong trigger. They list two on the SVI website and I'm not sure which one speed shooters sells. Is why I'm asking
  5. SV trigger on a PT evo?

  6. SV trigger on a PT evo?

    Is this the right SV trigger bow for the Pheonix Trinity evo grip? https://www.speedshooter.com/product_detail.cfm?id=SVITT&n=SVI-Trigger-Base--Stainless-Steel-Bow-2011
  7. Real job?? You need to quit that and get to work on this.
  8. Usually early in the year.
  9. Maybe Logans or where ever we went. I think Waynebob has his phone still locked
  10. 4 minutes???? dang that was fast
  11. Hahaha. Bet you a dollar you don't go.