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  1. M2 Odd Issue

    there you go Kurt......that's what you wanted right? Another replay from Kurt where you try and make the OP look stupid but don't actually give any useful information. Kind of your MO these days. But yes you're right, I'm a benelli expert, that's why I got on a public forum and asked for people's opinion and advice. Enjoy being up on that pedestal. But you're right, the issue is probably a non issue, being that I'm "assuming" under recoil, the shells in the tube float for just a split second, giving the shell catch a little head start. Plus with the rearward movement of the gun, the bouncing effect is softened. But that's just a guess. Just odd that different shells act so differently. And that my two stock benellis with stiffer springs don't do it at all.
  2. M2 Odd Issue

    Reading, it's tough for you old guys I know. Have you tried cheaters, heard they help. "just worried it may be a precursor to a future problem" I'd rather figure out it's a non issue or get ahead of a possible issue before it shows it's head, not after. I will say through tinkering, in case others have this problem, I added a smaller interior spring to my shell catch (kind of like the versamax). Solved problem. Thinking maybe my new shell catch spring is a little soft (hopefully just got a bad one). It's a fine line though, too much spring pressure pinches shell against frame too much and causes a different problem.
  3. M2 Odd Issue

    Thanks. I was more referring to the shell bouncing forward so far. Under recoil the gun runs fine, just worried it may be a precursor to a future problem. Or it's completely normal. Just odd that some shells do it and some don't.
  4. M2 Odd Issue

    I guess you know it's a good one when two days and no opinions.
  5. M2 Odd Issue

    When the shells released from the tube, it's going back, bouncing off the plastic that's part of the trigger assembly. It's then bouncing forward tell it hits the part of the shell catch that actually catches the shell (pretty much the front on the shell is almost touching the follower). Odd part, Remington sts and high brass don't do it, Win AA don't do it too bad, Federals do it the worst as described above. Obviously this is just in manually shell releasing/cycling. But with the shell being so far forward and the added leverage, it will lock the bolt back tell you give the follower a little push vs the STS (that's always all the way back, shell touching plastic stop on the trigger assembly) you can ride the bolt home (trying to get it to lock back and you can't do it, works everytime). Gun has brand new shell catch spring and tube spring.
  6. M2 problem

    The longer spring is actually a lighter spring. Just for an fyi.
  7. Odd Benelli Jam

    Thank you! Makes sense.
  8. Odd Benelli Jam

    Had it happen twice last year and once today. The issue is the shell is getting released from the tube a little late (I'm assuming) and the lifter is already coming up. So the shell and lifter have now pinned each other in placed. Guns completely locked up. Only way to fix malfunction, is to reach in through ejection port and push down on lifter. Picture is a recreation.
  9. Benelli barrel brazing corriding?

    Thanks guys
  10. Older gun, never seen/done this before. What is it? Causes it? Should I worry? Fyi, cleaned it off and joint looks great. Gaps look tight and normal.
  11. Stock 2 vs Stock 3

    I know this has been beaten into the ground, but my question is more specific. Which one runs flatter? Logic would say the extra weight of the 3 would, regardless of bull barrel. But the only two relevant posts I've every read, the shooters felt the 2 was a tiny bit flatter.
  12. Optimized Firing PIn

    If the guns 100% functional with stock FP, and adding this FP may require the need to fit FPB, wouldn't that make it not "completely drop in"?
  13. Optimized Firing PIn

    Are these for the most part drop in?
  14. Is the warne mount still avail  txt to 9548992819

  15. CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    What kind of trigger pull weights are the factory guns getting?