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  1. De-priming upside down primers

    It's acceptable losses....
  2. IDPA is a GAME!

    But you can shoot USPSA using completely IDPA rules... Why? because there is no rule against it, but no advantage to it either. AND you can shoot your actual carry gun, with full house ammo, from concealment in USPSA, with an IWB appendix holster in Open, Limited or L10 because holster position is not restricted. I sometimes shoot my Shield or Kahr CW9 . HF factors area lower than running my G17, but it's time on a carry gun.
  3. IDPA is a GAME!

    jh, yes it is. And invented by one of greatest ever IPSC shooters, Bill Wilson. Almost everything in IDPA is different or opposite to USPSA rules, well of course, otherwise it would not be a new game. Don't try to understand the rules, or rationalize them, just embrace them and play the game.
  4. De-priming upside down primers

    yes, but why bother? The time it takes to recycle them you can make 10 new rounds, just toss em.
  5. POI changes ?

    It's offset. Use a laser sighter to dial it in quickly.
  6. 2018 powder scale recommendations ?

    Viking, Dillon powder hoppers will vary the throw weight by +/-. 1. grains to +/- .3 grains, depending on if you are using a sugar powder or corn flake powder. I also have a 35 year old Ohaus but only because the $20 jewelers scales didn't exist back then. For calibration I use a 3 and a 10 grain weight that was measured on a $22,000 digital in the lab....
  7. Compensted Glocks...

    Keep in mind that making Major requires hand loads to get it fast enough to work the comp. They mostly won't work on wally world white box.
  8. Everything in any 9mm I have feels like a marsh mellow compared to my G31 357SIG Major loads... Yes, while it's true that any dot on any gun is target focused, but you still have more control over a full sized gun.
  9. OP, and how long have you been shooting USPSA? The most common mistake for newbies is trying to make sense out of the rules, or rationalize for their own specific platform. USPSA is not going to change any rule based on one single shooter...... Or even thousands of single shooters.
  10. My G19 will throw a 124 Bayou at around 1,100 fps with 3.6 grs of TG at 1.125" But why wouldn't you want to run a full size gun for Carry Optics?
  11. Resizing Issues

    Something else is going on. I've run Glocks between 1.060" and 1.175" depending on the bullet shape. What diameter are the bullets measuring at? And also how much bell are you putting on the case? And how much de-bell? It's not a crimp. And what head stamp brass is giving you issues? Dillon Square Deal dies do not fully resize brass, but I've loaded mixed range brass on mine since 2001 and never had an issue. Again look at the amount of bell, too much causes all kinds of issues. Only enough to get the bullet on the case.
  12. I've been using the Peltor Tac 6's neck band since they first came out. You can reverse the ear position. Don't have any problem with the rifle or shotgun in 3 gun, and no issue at all for PCC Division. Also have the Walker electrics for the summer out here. The new ones come with 3 plug sizes. They work, sort of, but are nowhere near as fast or responsive as electric muffs.
  13. What FLETC teaches for carbine, move the hand on fire control to the hand guard or front of the magwell first, then switch shoulders and then switch hands. That way when the weapon is being moved from one shoulder to the next no hand is on fire control.
  14. I have used the TF+10's without touching them at all. Runs 100%. I carry a TF+6 on the belt. Clean Glock mags? Mine have dirt drain holes.... and Dremel dots for identification.