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  1. 20 years ago ...

    J, it's called "getting old" My first IPSC match was in 1977.
  2. Which Optic

    7.5 MOA Delta Point Pro hands down, even better than a Docter. And they are cheap now at around $325.
  3. Tool for adjusting TTI rear sight

    Just put more finger on it.
  4. What's this DAA thing supposed to do better?
  5. Been running a SD since 2001, about 15,000 to 20,000 rounds a year, and all the rounds look like this. It only matters what the finished product is, nothing in-between matters. Never an issue, they all case gage. 125 grain Black and Blue TC HiTek coated over 3.4 grains of TiteGroup at 1.100", goes about 1,050 fps out of a G17 with a BarSto, makes Minor floor.
  6. Original 1986 550 bell crank. Don't know when they started using the Teflon button. Kinda like the original 1974 Honda Gold Wing, smooth as glass. But I liked my 1984 Aspencade the best.
  7. All the newer Dillons have the "Harley" shifter linkage and not the older "Gold Wing" linkage. The clunking noise is normal. But it bugged me out so I converted it back to the silent "Gold Wing" linkage. Dillon does not recommend that modification. Just drill out the 2 piece bell crank, saw off the side arm, remove the fail safe rod and stick it back in, or find an old school bell crank on ebay.
  8. Lots of Smoke?

    even Moly coated lead with TG smokes horribly. Any HiTek coated bullet has minimal smoke with TG. I run 124s over 3.4 grains of TG at 1.100" to make Minor, hardly any residue.
  9. Open G17/34 Major PF

    You could, but 9mm Glocks don't live that long running Major. That's why almost everyone runs STIs in 9mm Major. Your'e far better of to run a Glock in 40S&W to make major, also allot softer shooter.
  10. I've loaded 124 MGs, 124 Bayous and 151 gr RN Blues for 357SIG. they all work fine in my Glock 31s. You can load up to 180 grs in the 357 also.
  11. Lead poisoning while hand loading

    That's paracetic acid, with a t, not a d, and when made from household white vinegar at 5% and hydrogen peroxide at 3%, it is not harm full. It's the old Bullseye shooters recipe for the lead cocktail, and has been in use for decades. The concentrations are simply too low to cause problems. The lead is dissolved by the peroxide, and remains in solution in the weak acid, it will not form lead acetate at room temperature. The best way to dispose of the couple of ounces used is to pour the solution onto paper towels and let it dry out. To form lead acetate requires boiling acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide( at much higher concentrations than household strength). Which is what croaked the Romans because they boiled fruit juice in lead pots to produce a concentrated sweetner....
  12. Lead poisoning while hand loading

    Those must be fairly new. Are the reliable? Allot of the non toxic LEO ammo I see used around here doesn't run 100%.
  13. Lead poisoning while hand loading

    Casting lead is not an issue, nor is handling lead. Also dry tumbling presents a small amount of residual lead from the lead styphnate primer, but it's breathing in gun exhaust from cast lead, moly lead or non FMJ bullets that have the ass exposed. It goes directly into your lungs, then to your blood stream. Ingested lead mostly goes right thru you, and it cannot be absorbed thru the skin. I got up to 28 shooting moly lead bullets at matches 4-6 times a month, and ROing alot. When I switched to Bayous, it dropped to 6, about the same as guys shooting the same amount with FMJs. Doctors do not report lead levels, but some county and state agencies may notify you. They are more concerned that you work in a lead recycling and bring home the dust to the kids. I dry tumble but load the walnut with mineral oil, and the corn with nufinish car polish so it is nearly dustless. The only way I can reduce my lead now is to use non lead primers, which are hard to come by, and stop ROing for the squad.
  14. Clean Glock, greater accuracy?

    Yea, I know, but really the crud is just there, not interfering with anything... I don't trust clean Glocks. But then that is based on my experience of running over 430,000 rounds downrange thru various Glocks since 1992, and all reloads.
  15. Clean Glock, greater accuracy?

    Maybe, but it's only worked for over 240,000 rounds so far,,,,