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  1. Hornady Bullet feeder

    I have searched but cant find if anyone is using Hornady automatic bullet feeder on a 650. I am curious if it works. The cost is about half of a Mr bullet feeder. If anyone is using one what is your thoughts or problems with the hornady setup.
  2. Mag problems

    Sorry STI double stack 140mm
  3. Mag problems

    OK my 38 super mags are about 15 years old and have had thousands of rounds through them. Where the rim hits the mag lips have really become indented and rounds are hard to push out of the mag and some get locked down in the tube, The death rattle. I have tried new springs and followers and tried to tune them and cracked 3 in the process, they have never been tuned. But my question, are they worth tuning or can they be tuned or should I buy new ones and have them tuned. Just not sure if they can be tuned, any thoughts would be appreciated.
  4. I have had 2 back surgeries also and 54 years old. I am taking Tramadol ER, Timed release for all day and it works great for me. If I have severe pain I take some Advil but most of the time I just use the ER. Something you might want to try. I use it every day and the only thing hurting my shooting is my brain that does not work anymore, but drugs is not doing that.
  5. Open Gun Pictures

    Looks similar to Brazos's but way different.
  6. Todd Jarrett gone from PARA?

    My 1st big area match I was standing all alone at the shooters meeting with people every where and Todd walked up and started talking to me and making Jokes. Something I will never forget as a new shooter; 1 of the best in the business walks and talks to me, I was also shooting one stage behind and he helped me out on some of the stages. Great man and I hope all works out great for him.
  7. Wolf Primers for 38 Super?

    OK what about tula primers; are they any good; they are $80 for 5000ct at graf
  8. ranges in Pensacola

    Here is a link to the Mobile Group of Uspsa shooters. Good group of people and shoot 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month usually. This month I think they will be shooting the 31st because of the holidays. http://mpsa.us In pensacola as far as I know nothing close. Used to be a range in cantonment no competition, but have not been over that way in a long time. Styx river shooting center on I-10 between Pensacola and Mobile. Just 100 yard rifle range and 20 yard pistol and a couple of skeet stations. I live about 40 minutes from p-cola so if you have any other questions just let me know.
  9. Piston Driven - Starte ARs

    I have a stag 8, so far it has done OK. The gun had a problem shooting steel cased ammo at first and broke but 1 thing stag will do is stand behind there product. Sent me a shipping label to send it to them and sent it back in a week with complete rebuilt lower end and in a new plastic gun case, did not cost me a dime. It may shoot a little softer than my other rifle but its not that much different and it is very accurate. It still has to be cleaned but not as much as a regular rifle. I like not hearing the twang spring sound as you shoot it but is it worth $300 more for the piston system I am not sure. May be better to put that money to building one more suited for 3 gun.
  10. Start them young

    I coached kids in baseball and soccer for years and had my own kids to judge. 6 years old may be a little young to start not just for attention span but gun control is on the heavy side even though this young man did OK. Now that said starting them at home or the range 1 on 1 is good but the ability to teach and control there actions would be a lot better. My son started shooting at 2 years old but my grandsons are not ready at 3 years old. Each kid is different and most be judge individually to there ability's judgement and mental ability to stay focused. And let me add a little tid bit on kids and guns, something I have always done with my kids was set them down and told them if you want to see the guns come to me we will take the gun make it safe and let them look in a safe and secure environment. If they wanted to shoot If possible I let them shoot. It takes all the curiosity out of weapons and they are less inclined to sneak in and take a peak. Also I was very firm on this they never pulled the guns out with anyone else friends cousin who ever was not going to happen. I have started my grand sons on my air soft but at 3 and 4 the airsoft gun is to heavy for good control but as stated all kids are different and some are just ahead of the curve compared to others of there age. Just my 2 cents which in this economy is absolutely nothing.
  11. Cracked comp

    38 super and I am afraid the other side would crack and tilt the comp then bullet splatter all in my face.
  12. Cracked comp

  13. Cracked comp

    1st chamber so cutting chamber off is out and so far no one local will touch it so I guess its comp swapping time, right before a big match makes me fell really good.
  14. Cracked comp

    Does anyone know if a titanium Compensator can be welded. I just got my gun running good, setup with good loads, loaded 600 rounds for the Gator and today the comp cracked. I would just like to get it welded for now and get another comp later just not sure if I can weld Titanium or if I can find someone local to do it.

    Does anyone have news from world shoot. How are our shooters doing so far.