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  1. Production Nationals in Tulsa, OK

    Cool video, thanks for posting it....
  2. Jessie, the guy who won Limited was Ting Sun, from McKinney, TX...
  3. Eerw

    I'm really glad to hear you're getting some range time, Stu... Welcome back
  4. Budget production division gun

    Philo You should be good to go with that set up.. I've seen several of those used G17's at Dawson's and they are good to go. The Vanek kit would be the only thing you could skip for now to get rolling. You can drop in a connector, change some springs, and do an easy polish job and have a very shootable glock trigger. Also on the G17s you might want to add an extended mag release button but that's about it... The 17 is a great gun.
  5. are you shooting in this match. This is cliff Pennington

  6. Take a look at the new Dawson Precision Charger sight for the Glock. I'm running them now on all of my production and duty Glocks. http://www.dawsonprecision.com/ProductDetail.jsp?LISTID=80000C7F-1276006680
  7. Show me skills/you tube videos

    cool thread... I'll add mine, http://www.youtube.com/user/BW27784
  8. Moving to Austin, TX

    Matt, sent you a PM... I happen to know a few things about Round Rock
  9. What percentage of shooters make A class?

    Hey Steve, good shooting with you on Saturday at the A/M classifier...
  10. My Dad forgetting my birthday

    Happy Birthday Trace...
  11. Larry, are you going to shoot tactical or patrol division? BW
  12. Ben Stoeger

    Tendonitis is no good dude - had it in both arms for almost a full year. That crap is really going to make you a sad panda..lol
  13. Ben Stoeger

    Saw Ben's shooting up close for this match and on the practice range. I've never seen anyone shoot as many A's at speed as him ever. Truly impressive shooting - I learned a bunch. Thanks for coming down Ben, look forward to seeing you shoot again in Vegas!
  14. Ben Stoeger

    congratulations on the move..so the Chief got you down there.. working on it Stu.... I'm not sure he's going to like the heat down here though...lol