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  1. I bought a RO in 9mm and in 45acp, sent them both to Matt McLearn and he did his magic, both pistols are now 100% reliable, accurate and fun.
  2. Disable grip safety or not.

    I prefer a grip with no functioning "safety". Some prefer no grip safety at all. I have never heard of it making a 1911 more dangerous than it otherwise is---with no finger on the trigger. Sheriff Jim Wilson wrote a little about this several years ago. Nice little article: http://sheriffjimwilson.com/2011/09/30/one-to-rely-on/
  3. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Recently bought .338Lapua brass "on sale" for $259 per hundred...maybe that is why pistol brass of all calibers seems so reasonable to me:)
  4. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Some folks also are not yet set up (or don't have the time) to reload the .38SC, or 9mm major. Atlanta Arms and Ammo sells both (and .38 Super): 9mm 147 grain JHP Major: $440.00 per 1,000. .38 Super 125 grain JHP: $410.00 per 1,000. .38 SC 125 grain JHP: $410.00 per 1,000. https://atlantaarms.com/products/38-super-comp-125gr-jhp-major.html
  5. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    I guess everything is relative, but in the larger view of hobbies and costs of hobbies, we are very lucky to be talking about the difference in the initial cost of common pistol brass (that can be fired many, many times)...as opposed to hobbies like drag racing, motocross, 3 day eventing, rodeo, bass fishing on a regional or national competitive circuit, national level travel fast-pitch softball, etc. Having some experience in (paying) for a couple of those, the cost of this hobby by comparison makes me almost feel like I am getting paid to play with these pistols:) Life is short. Shoot whatever you like, and try to take a friend or family member along for the fun!
  6. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Good for you! Enjoy.
  7. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    For those who want to buy loaded ammo, Atlanta Arms and Ammo sells multiple loads in 9mm ranging between $27.99 and $30.99 (steel challenge load is around $23) per 50; .38 SC major is $27.99 per 50. Both calibers are right around $400 per 1,000. I don't know anyone who walks away from good brass they can find during practice...some matches of course are lost brass. If a person buys 10k or 20k or new brass, as shown about, the cost difference is minimal. As that brass is reloaded the cost per piece of brass drops to zero in any caliber---as it was already purchased. If, as brass is lost and replaced, used brass is purchased to fill the need, then 9mm is going to be cheaper than .38SC. There is no debate that if your shooting choice is dictated by which used brass is cheaper, then 9mm is the way to go. Used brass price is not what dictates my shooting choice. I shoot .38SC because I prefer it.
  8. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Every person I know who shoots 9mm open does so because of brass cost (availability of fired brass)...or because they got a good deal on a used open pistol chambered in 9mm. I have shot 9mm open pistols and enjoyed them. I own an open pistol in .38 Super Comp., because I like it better than the 9mm pistols I have shot. Purely subjective...and because the .38SC that Matt McLearn built me is 100% reliable, accurate, and fits like I sent my hands to him and he built the pistol in them. New Brass costs: Starline .38SC = $149.00 per 1,000 Starline 9mm+P=$134.50 per 1.000 Starline 9mm = $130.50 per 1,000 If you start out with 10,000 pieces of new starline brass, initial additional cost of .38SC will be $150.00+/-. Good luck with whatever you choose---remember to have fun:)
  9. 1911 Maintenance?

    Go to local auto parts store and buy a quart of Mobil 1, or similar good sythetic motor oil. Pour some into a small bottle with an end on it that you can drip the oil out where you want it on the pistol. You know have enough "gun oil" for you and all your 1911 shooting friends...for years:) Enjoy the 1911---it is my favorite pistol.
  10. Matt McLearn Payson, Arizona. I bought my daughter a McLearn Custom Guns open pistol in 38SC. She is small framed, light, and it was the first open pistol she ever fired. 1 mag into it and she was completely hooked. Recoil is nonexistent. It truly is a remarkable pistol. 100% reliable.
  11. Trying .40 in your pistol first is excellent advice. Here is my advice if the .40 doesn't work like you want: Make peace with the fact that you love shooting a pistol that shoots a cartridge that is a little more costly than some others---then go rock that 10mm!!! Look at matches as great practice for your carry gun, and forget the brass cost (because it really is NOT that high). Fact is, if you pay $162 per thousand and you walk away from 150 pieces of brass at every match (very unlikely) then after 20 matches you spent a little under $500 on brass. Walking away from the same amount of brass purchased at 1/2 the price---you spent a little under $250 on lost brass. Net effect? Shooting 20 matches with your favorite pistol chambered in God's caliber cost you about $250. Go have fun and ignore the negative nellie's that complain about *your* brass costs.
  12. 2011 Gunsmiths

    Matt McLearn McLearn Custom Guns 928-468-8984
  13. STI 2011 for Duty Use (police)

    Yes I did. Mine went to CZ Custom for the work, but Cajun Gun Works is top shelf. My P07 and P09 have run flawlessly. I have heard great things about the new CZ-P10, but have not seen one in person yet.
  14. STI 2011 for Duty Use (police)

    You obviously know how to maintain and keep a 1911 running fine, so I say go for it. The idea that a high cap STI, SVI, or custom build can't be made to be as reliable as a polymer striker fired pistol has not been my experience. I own CZ 07/09 and they are great; own Glock 19, 17, 20 and 29 and enjoy them too...but the MCG 2011 style pistols I own are what I carry...and they are 100%. The only advantage I believe a Glock has over them is cheaper mags and lower purchase price (which is why so many departments started and continue to carry Glock).
  15. SVI the Rolls Royce of 1911's?

    Nils Jonasson won the Limited Nationals (again) shooting a McLearn Custom; 2nd place Vogel shot a Glock 35; 3rd place Sevigny shot FN-FNS, as I recall. Nils Jonasson won single stack nationals shooting a McLearn Custom. Chris Tilley won the Open Nationals (again) shooting SVI.