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  1. Tanfo Grips

    Oops I should have known you would have thought of that. I love the way you all look to improve and innovate!!
  2. Tanfo Grips

    Is it thick enough to shave off behind it and have the grip cover part of the magwell?
  3. Tanfo Grips

    Order placed :-). Was I first? It said 95 available when I ordered
  4. Tanfo Grips

    Awesome thanks for the reply. You all are putting out some great products keep it up. And I will keep sending you my paycheck lol.
  5. Tanfo Grips

    When do you expect to start shipping?
  6. I converted a single action only stock 3 back to production legal. Titan hammer, bolo, extreme sear, reduced strength sear spring, 14lbs patriot hammer spring. I took it out to test fire and it would random pop off 3 rounds. In my experience(semi limited) hammer follow normally doesn't pop off primers. So I was trying to trouble shoot. If I dry fired held the trigger and rack the slide and locked it back. Then released trigger and dropped the release. The hammer would randomly drop completely and occasionally to half cock notch. I took the firing pin block out. And the problem went away. Took it back to the range and put 150rds just fine. Apparently the block hitting the sear when the slide slams home is enough to drop the hammer. Do I need to shave the arm? Shave/smooth the block? Stronger sear spring?
  7. Would you take 125 for the frame?




  8. Lim Pro CO

    Looks like the 1.5 degree wedge was perfect. Actually had to adjust it a few turns the other way to get the laser lined up. Will shoot it tomorrow to sight in.
  9. Lim Pro CO

    That was easy lol. I ordered a 1.5 degree shim from Amazon. Hopefully that should take care of it. I also picked up a 9mm boresight cartridge
  10. Lim Pro CO

    I may try the tape. Where did you find the shims?
  11. Lim Pro CO

    So basically it needs to be a 20 moa base not parallel
  12. Lim Pro CO

    I just tried to adjust again got a 1/4 turn then hard stop... Will have to see if its any better. Might have to look into how to shim it
  13. Lim Pro CO

    Have you sighted yours in yet? I tried to sight mine in today with the same mount but burris ff3. Tried to sight in at about 20 ft and had to adjust it all the way to get the rounds up. Maxed it out and still shooting about 2 in low
  14. Refinishing safety and mag release?

    I'm replacing the slide catch with the nitro fin as well
  15. Refinishing safety and mag release?

    I am looking for contrast it is on a Stock 3. I have silver accents just looking at doing silver for all controls.