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  1. Is the match still on? Yes, the match is still on!!!! (Per email from Mads at 5:49 PM today.) Watch out for the hill as apparently still snow and ice present. Park at top if you can't make it down and call Mads (614-893-5541) of Jason (740-475-8405) and they will come get you on the four wheeler. 130 rounds downrange if shoot clean. Yipee!!! Jake
  2. Columbus, OH - NO!. Only a few indoor ranges. BUT........ Try Pickaway County Sportsman, Inc. (PCSI - for short) east of Circleville on Route 22 about 4 miles from downtown Circleville. They have 13 different Shooting Divisions and if they don't have a match for any of the shooting sports then the shooting sport is not very popular or the shooting sport hasn't been thought of yet. Sorry, I am not allowed to post a link to their web site. Also, about 40 minutes south of Columbus. Good luck. Jake
  3. Covering the Stippling with grip tape

    Here you go: (The Rules) 40.0 THE STOCK GLOCK AND MODIFICATIONS 40.10 Stock GLOCK Philosophy. It is our intention to keep Amateur-Stock and Master-Stock divisions on a “level playing field” by ensuring the use of stock GLOCK firearms in all divisions except for the Unlimited division. We want to avoid an equipment race in our sport and will not allow firearm modifications that provide an artificial and mechanical competitive advantage. The goal is to test individual skill where everyone is using comparable equipment. 40.20 Stock GLOCK Definition. For the Amateur-Civilian, Amateur-Guardian, Amateur or Master-Subcompact, Amateur or Master-Heavy Metal, Amateur or Master- Competition, Amateur or Master-MajorSubcompact and Amateur and Master-Master Stock divisions: GLOCK FIREARMS ARE CONSIDERED TO BE “STOCK” IF ALL FIREARM COMPONENTS ARE OR EVER HAVE BEEN AVAILABLE FROM GLOCK, INC. EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE SPECIFICALLY PROVIDED BELOW. If any component is not or has never been available from GLOCK, Inc. or if the firearm has been physically modified except as otherwise specifically noted below, it is not “stock” and is therefore restricted to use in the Amateur or Master-Unlimited division only. 40.30 Allowable Modifications to “Stock” • “Hogue Grip”-type sleeves, “A-Grip” panels, “skateboard tape” or other grip-enhancing materials that do not materially alter the function of the stock firearm • Slide and barrel stripping and/or refinishing • Pearce Grip, Inc. grip extenders only on G26, G27, G29, G30, G33, G36 and G39 magazines • Aftermarket replacement non-metallic base plates on magazines • Post and notch sights (“patridge” sights) excluding any sight requiring slide modifications. Please note that fiber-optic and “express” sights are approved. You may use any combination of GLOCK-produced firearms parts that do not result in a significant competitive advantage in the Stock divisions and that are, in the sole opinion of the match armorer, safe to utilize But, check out the last item under "illegal": 40.40 Specific Illegal Modifications in the “Stock” Divisions: • Any non-post and notch sight. This includes “Ghost Ring” or laser, electronic and optical sights. Please note that fiber-optic and express sights are permitted. • Wrap-around “grip sleeves” on magazines. • Aftermarket component parts to be used in the Amateur-Civilian, Amateur-Guardian, Amateur or Master Subcompact, Amateur or Master Heavy Metal, Amateur or Master Master-Stock, Amateur or Master Competition, and Amateur or Master Major- Subcompact divisions. • Aftermarket barrels. • Aftermarket recoil spring guide/recoil reducer assemblies. • Aftermarket extended slide stop levers. • Firing pins (modified/aftermarket). • Connectors (modified/aftermarket). • Metallic magazine well “funnels” or “slugs”. • Lights or other barrel weights including GLOCKproduced light/laser units. • Aftermarket metallic replacement frames. • Any modification deemed by the Range Master to create an unfair competitive advantage • Non-factory “stippling”. (Stippling that is burned or cut into the polymer frame) Sorry but in my opinion you would really need to ask the GSSF people for clarification. My first gut reaction would be that NO you would not be legal because of the "stippling" even though you are covering it up by a legal modification. Ask the "right" people and get the "right" answer. Jake
  4. I only shoot at the local club level but in 2013 I participated in the following matches: USPSA = 8 NRA Action Pistol = 6 Steel (Centerfire) = 10 Steel (Rimfire) = 3 Multigun = 1 (had to leave early, DNF) GSSF (Glock) = 1 Rimfire Bowling Pins = 5 IDPA = 1 (what can I say, had to try it once) Cowboy Action Shooting = 2 (used to shoot up to 45 matches/year until someone pointed out they made guns AFTER 1900) Total = 37 for 2013 Not bad for an old guy. Not very good but I enjoy the hell out of it. Jake
  5. Depends on the day and source for weather report. I have seen it forecasted any where from 39 to 47. Have to give it a try. I'm with you Mads!!! Jacob Hawk
  6. Pickaway 2013

    The newsletter is wrong on the dates. Go to their web page and look at their calendar and you will see that the USPSA matches are still on the first Saturday. They only have the calendar filled out through April but you'll get the correct idea. Also, the newsletter had the Steel Plate matches on Sunday which I found strange as they are always on the third Saturday of the month. Again, the newsletter is wrong - the Steel Plates are on the third Saturday as usual, at least through April per the web site's Calendar. Hope this helps. Jake