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  1. S&W 327--No Rails, where to find them?

    HI, Go to S&W directly they will help you out.
  2. New to revolvers

    HI, Check the rules on the 38 short colt for IDPA out of the 38/357, it may be an issue.
  3. Big butt grips - why?

    I have got to add this, I love Big Butts. There is more to hold on too!!!!! I got one made by Pat after Revo Nationals. Just shot my first match with it. Loved it. It just makes a fast draw easier! Thanks again Pat!
  4. Mag release in Stock 3

    Hey all, Looking to turn mag release around, can you do that without taking the trigger apart?
  5. Live fire as much as you can afford---
  6. I wonder how many staffers there are that shoot the match and if they are included in this count?
  7. 9mm 147gr lead load and OAL

    Hi, I think you should be trying to get to a 130 PF as your rounds will never corno the same at any given match. If you are sub-minor----thats bad! TG is a hot powder and you may get more leading than say E3 or V310, V320. Solo seems to be popular around MN. The shorter OAL the more pressure you'll get. I bet DC has a load he'd share, I don't mean to speak for him though---
  8. 929's moons backing out

    How do I get one in Super? Will it work in the 627?
  9. Instead of Closing ESR, Why not try...

    I'm in for that, SSR and CDP. What a great idea! Saves my gun from being a safe queen.
  10. 929's moons backing out

    My Friend Duke, just told me he solved his sticking issue by using a under sizing die. His load is with TG and Berry bullet at a 138 PF with no problem ejecting.
  11. 929's moons backing out

    I have just heard from a Friend here in MN that he is having a sticking issue and it ceased up. He said he was using titegroup with a 147gr bullet, 135Pf. Any thoughts?
  12. SSR ammo

    OK, It is clear to me that only 38 spl can be used in my S&W 67. I did like the idea of grinding of the SPL though.
  13. SSR ammo

    I was just informed by A0000000003 that you can't use 38 short colt in a 38spl. Can anyone point out the rule for that? Thanks
  14. 929's moons backing out

    On the end cap. I have had a .357 and a 38 super, the cap is just a "crap catcher". But if I cut it off the 38 super, I won't be able to shoot open in ICORE with the thing. Does anyone have a cleaning solution? It's good to hear that my worries about the rounds backing out is unfounded. There is one for sale here, I think it won't be for long. Thanks!