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  1. Shadow II with removable Optics Plate?

    but first one must drop a good sum of money on the extra slide and milling! (that's what's keeping me on the sidelines of CO at the moment)...I do envy the MOS guys for that feature but wouldn't give up my 75 Target it
  2. Hey all, I've been running Practiscore happily since my local club became USPSA affiliated a few years ago but we always did day-of registration. Now I'm helping out with a local indoor series that has limited space. I've figured out how to setup the online registration and squadding but I'm stuck at how to allow one number of shooters for the match overall while reserving staff spots. I need to setup the match to be 38 total shooters, 2 squads, with 10 reserved spots. Put another way I need to set the match up to allow 28 random people to sign up and squad while allowing for 10 others to do the same without counting toward the first batch of 28. i figure I could set the match to 28 total and have staff manually entered by me or the MD after the 28 spots are filled but it seems like there should be a better way. Thanks, Peter
  3. Practiscore Competitor App- Apple

    Bought the android version but only have a crusty old tablet with no battery life to use it with...I'll purchase again on the iOS since all my devices are that these days.
  4. Practiscore vs new Weekly USPSA Update

    Ping USPSA tech when you have upload issues, Rob likes to know these things and doesn't consider it a bother.
  5. DAA Mini mr Bullet feeder

    My mini feed assembly has been sitting in the box for a long time, I find it easier to just drop a bullet into the top of the die than load up the entire assembly. The die holds a few extra in case I don't get one in there for some reason. For me it's quicker than placing the bullet on the case and making sure it's not crooked. On the Hornady die - unless they've changed the design or spec in the past 3yrs you'll need to modify it if you're using coated bullets. It worked great for me when I was using jacketed but I needed to switch to the DA when I started using coated bullets.
  6. Dawson Mag tuning kit shortcoming

    It worked with mine? Why didn't it work with yours? sorry, missed this question earlier. the anvil section that is bolted to the square stock is too wide to pass the deep indents that STI uses to make the mags 10rnd only.
  7. PractiScore - Cool New Feature

    I used this feature (the squad times) plus the Match Progress-->Detail Report in the iOS version to look at why our local match took so long yesterday. It confirmed that the squad of experienced shooters ran smoothly and more quickly than the squads laden with new shooters. It also showed us which stage designs were slower overall, most were "duh" type results but one was interesting in that it took longer than expected per shooter. The expectation that it would be a quicker stage because it was heavy in steel (a couple plate racks and some poppers) and thus easier to reset was outweighed by the fact that a lot of the shooters took forever to hit the plates. As a database nerd and metrics geek these features are awesome
  8. Dawson Mag tuning kit shortcoming

    The kit also will not work with STI 10rnd tubes. This will affect almost no one but just throwing it out there.
  9. Atlas Gun Build Off Challenge

    Why does it have to be new ideas, what's wrong with just building kick-ass reliable blasters? what am I missing here?
  10. I was using the match series function of Practiscore to do an unofficial series standings for my clubs local USPSA matches but the feature appears to have an issue. When I choose Name as the key, have Division checked, and generate an HTML output "By Divisions Combined" all I get is the same output with all shooters over and over with different division headings. Previously I'd get the expected output of each division just having the people that shot in that division for one of the matches. Has anyone else noticed this? Peter
  11. Mark 7 Drive for Dillon 1050

    They have a website up now with an online store at http://www.markvii-loading.com/. I was shooting a steel challenge match with the owner of the company yesterday and he showed me a video of (one of) his running at 1800 rounds per hour churning out 38SC major pf ammo. Even at that speed there wasn't a drop of powder spilled. It's a sweet setup, I could get a years worth of loading done in a day, but I don't load enough to make the investment worth it.
  12. BarSto barrel in STI frame question

    Thanks OG! I'll let my wife know what your advice is on the buy vs re-use the frame topic if that time ever comes ;-)
  13. BarSto barrel in STI frame question

    Furniture making is just another hobby for me, when you work with computers all day it's a nice change of pace to do something that produces a physical result after all the work...something that you can actually hold and use and will last. I approached that hobby the same way, read and watch all I can and then take my time trying for myself. It's a lot easier with woodworking though, as I said the tolerances don't need to be quite as tight . The mechanics of how a drawer slides into casework is also just a little less complex than how a 1911 operates | | Another question, if the frame is chamfered more to allow for that radius on the barrel would that result in a poor fit for a barrel that doesn't use the large radius that Bar-Sto does? Why all the questions about different barrels when I have a bar-sto in hand? Primarily it's just for my own knowledge, how does having less VIS and barrel bed surface area due to the larger chamfer affect fit and operation. it's also a practical question; what if I decide to re-use the frame for an open build down the line...would I need to get another bar-sto because the frame was modified to fit this barrel or is that small amount of material removed not of any consequence?
  14. BarSto barrel in STI frame question

    Thanks guys. First off great videos OG, thanks for the link. Yes the frame is cut from the factory for the Wilson ramp, I may not be able to smith anything worth a damn but one thing I CAN do is buy things correctly :-) Thanks Mike, sounds like you have worked with this combo before. I was hoping to be able to fit if myself as a learning project, hence the semi-fit, and I'm assessing the chances of that. After talking to some people, reading a bunch, and watching a few videos this exact issue never came up which is why I'm here asking. I know, another home hack thinking fitting a barrel is easy... To the contrary I know that it is a very complex task which is why it interests me. I learned to build furniture for the same reason but in the world of woodworking you are ok with the odd 32nd difference, the need for 5 digits of precision is daunting after that With this info I'll probably look around for some experienced help....I don't mind buggering up a free barrel but a $500 frame is another story
  15. Greetings all, I have a question about fitting a BarSto W/N ramped semi-fit bull barrel in an STI 2011 frame. I'm not a smith and I realize this is the most complicated part of doing a build but I'm trying to learn how everything goes together regardless of who ends up doing the cutting. I have the barrel listed above thanks to the very generous BarSto company donating prizes to our Area match and I plan on having it fit into an STI frame. When I just fit the two parts together to see how things look the barrel is not able to slide back far enough for the ramp to lineup with the back of the barrel bed because it's hitting the vertical part of the frame. The apex of the "knee" of the lugs can also be seen through the slide stop pin hole. Comparing the barrel to one in a friends (running) 2011 it looks like the barsto has a lot more meat on the vertical face of the lugs; his is cut clean through where the link is and mine is not. Is this common for this barrel/frame combination? where will the smith take the material off, from the vertical surface of the frame or from the corresponding part on the barrel lugs? If the frame is milled back further will that make it impossible to switch to a different brand barrel? Hope I got the terminology right and these questions aren't too dumb to be asking... thanks!