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  1. Attaching rail sections to carbon fiber handguards?

    be careful if you try and drill into it, i heard CF is not great to inhale or get in your eyes. Could you just epoxy the heck out of it? Seems like that would be the easiest way.
  2. Pondering a dual purpose pistol

    I was thinking a 5" 9mm STI tactical or similar with a rail. I could cut the rail back if needed, but that would allow me to shoot 3 gun, night shoots, USPSA (I like limited minor), keep it for HD, carry it, steel challenge, outlaw DPC matches, and IDPA all depending on which mags and holsters I had. The same thing would work in 40, especially if you wanted to load light for IDPA but then bump up for major. I'm not shooting much 3 gun anymore so I did the same kind of thing and went with a 1911 in 45. Every game has a division where that works, and I only have to focus on one platform.
  3. who makes PC lever guns?

    weird question for here, I'm sure. Anyway I'm thinking about picking up a lever gun in a pistol caliber, and I was wondering who makes them? I'm leaning towards 38/357 but wouldn't be against a 44. Would be for general farm/walking around and plinking in places where semi autos are frowned upon. Dumber question time... does anyone make these in 9mm or 45 acp? that would be badass.
  4. going rate for MTAC?

    ok i did some more looking, and it's a bushnell 1-4. it has it's own throw lever which is cool, but it's heavy as all get out.
  5. going rate for MTAC?

    hey all, a buddy let me borrow his Burris 1-4 illuminated scope. I believe it's an MTAC in a PEPR mount. it has a little lever the pops out and let you switch magnification pretty quickly, which is neat. it's used but in good shape, glass is pretty clear. I have a trijicon 1-4 and 3-9, so this isn't something that I "need". I would use it for back up or a truck rifle I think. He's asked for whatever I feel like paying him for it. so what do ya'll think it's worth?
  6. Mossberg Shockwave

    ok then we need some pics of that...
  7. Mossberg Shockwave

    Ok, fess up, who's buying one? I saw they are starting to ship and have seen a few pictures of them in the wild. I've always been a fan of pistol grip shotguns and recognize their limited uses, but for those things they really excel. I've wanted to do an SbS side by side but haven't been able to get a deal on a donor gun thus far. so this shockwave has a 14" barrel and longer grip, so it's non-NFA. Classified as a firearm, not shotgun, so must be 21 to buy and all that stuff. All of my competition shotguns seem to be like 5 feet long and unwieldy. Not sure if it's legal to conceal or transport loaded in vehicle, many state laws don't mention them it seems. it seems like it would be interesting for a close in stage in 3 gun, but not sure I would give up the control of a real stock to that of a PG, but it also seems fun and I'm all for shooting fun stuff. I'm also hearing with aquilla mini shells you can wedge like 9 in there, making it a 9 round, 12 gauge that's a hair over 26" long. I don't need it. I don't know what I would do with it or what niche it would fill. But I want it. Who's with me?
  8. DW Valor .45 Still Competitive in USPSA SS?

    40 is really popular because if you're already set up to shoot limited, and swimming in brass and bullets, why not get a 40 and play. 45 is a great round to run in 1911, it just feels good to shoot and the big holes are certainly fun. 9mm is also a blast, and if you're just wanting to play and going to shoot factory I would suggest it. But a Les Baer is a working gun, not a pretty gun. they are hard and hand fit, and run. my competition Concept V has probably 40k rounds through it (major 45) and my TRS has pushing 3k rounds and is tight as accurate as all get out. Baers are some of the most accurate I've shot, at a price point that I don't think is crazy. Not worth new prices with their recent jump in prices, but certainly used. great guns. unless you reload or are dead set on major, I vote Range Officer in 9mm. never get tired shooting those.
  9. Armalite 13.5" 3 gun model practice/match ammo?

    ok my opinion is different... use a 22 upper or conversion kit for MOST of your practice. Switch over to whatever you sight in with after using that to clean out the junk and practice with real ammo. My game gun (and SBR) both run with a conversion kit, recoil about the same because of the comps, and I don't have to adjust optics on either inside 50 or so yards. It's close enough for practice. rifle stages are won and lost on transitions, moving well with it, finding in targets close, and being familiar with running a rifle hard. long range is not something you can fake so do the work there. Otherwise, 22s all the way. I paid maybe $150 for a conversion kit, and shot something like 800 rounds through it my first day. that was enough to pay the kit off, and now I practice for like 4 cents a round. I have since built dedicated 22 uppers to save on my barrels, but it's something to consider for sure.
  10. lighten up my IPSC rifle

    different suggestion... lighten the one you have. Rip off that hand guard and put on something in carbon fiber. Your barrel isn't crazy heavy, but you could always have someone with a lathe lighten it up a bit. the other option may be to actually make the ass end of the rifle heavier. I have a big bull barrel 18" JP with comp and not light weight hand guard, but a UBR stock. It makes the rifle balance, which even though it's not light, it moves and points really well.
  11. Single stack or 2011

    Single stack! I carry a 1911, so decided to shoot that more often than not. Good practice, it's fun, and mags are cheaper. SS is for the die hards and old guys, but maybe I want to be a cranky old dude with a 45 on his belt and giant lead SWCs floating down range. Currently i'm 33 but working on it.
  12. single stack open gun in 9mm?

    I think you would be well served with a single stack. I ran a dawson magwell on mine, and it's pretty quick. Maybe a hair slower than a 2011 load, but honestly there's time to be made up transitioning between arrays and getting into shooting stance. My vote would be to get a 9mm or 40, whichever you already load for. Have a comped barrel installed (didn't think you could have threaded barrels in NY?) and a slide ride optic slapped on. It would be good for steel challenge or carry if you leave the state, mags are much cheaper, and you can load up some major ammo if you want. Get the slide all chopped up, have it painted crazy, and go nuts. what works for you doesn't have to work for me.
  13. What Rifle BREAKAGE Have You Had??

    I found one of my trigger pins broken in half of a routine cleaning of my HD rifle. That was nerve racking. I had a mag blow out the bottom plate and send my rounds to the ground. I had another mag issue that caused my rifle to go bolt action. I'm not sure why but it would feed a single round but not on it's own. one of the reasons I like competition is because it shows you what parts work, what breaks, and how to fix stuff in a pinch.
  14. update.... I've since dropped 300 BO and don't plan on picking it back up until I have a can for an SBR. I've come close to selling that LCP and picking up a shield. That would get me out of 380 entirely, but I haven't pulled the trigger so to speak. I'm looking to see if I can make my ROC as light as a shield, and I think I'm getting close. If I can do that, the small 1911 can by my anywhere gun. Going to keep the 38 for now. it's all sorts of scratched up from years in a glove box, so probably not worth selling for the $150 I could get for it. I have decided to upgrade some of the stuff I have now rather than build/buy more. ordered a great used scope for my 22 rifle. will see how it pans out with the SBR for now. I think I may be stuck with a few more things, since some are sentimental and sometimes I want variety, and I have a 1911 I'm not allowed to sell per the wife. If i was getting into the shooting sports now from scratch or lost everything in a fire, I think I could do: Shield or similar to carry 2011 9mm Tactical for HD/range/3 gun/limited minor/etc Les Baer 1911 (because SS and damnit I want one) JP AR with variable optic and 22 conversion kit. semi auto shotgun (benelli?)
  15. Build a 2011? Or Just Give Up Now?

    i'm not sure how handy you are, but this is/would be my experience.... You can build a $1500 gun that only cost you $2300. building your own for the first time will require some tools, some special practice, probably messing up some parts in the process. Buying a decent condition used one will be much cheaper. I tried to build my own 1911, and I'm handy but it was my first attempt. I ended up spending probably $700 in parts for a gun that wasn't so well fit. sold it (with full disclosure) basically for parts for like $400. I'm ok with it, I had a good time learning. There seem to be a lot of 2011s up for sale. probably people were waiting to see who won the election, since they would probably go up in price. Seem to be letting them go now. I would suggest either saving up a bit, selling something to help pay for it, or waiting till after christmas. People seem to upgrade or be surprised with credit card bills and sell stuff in a hurry.