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  1. HELP - Versa Max problem

    UPDATE: The problem occurred with dummy rounds (made with Fiocchi hulls) and even with empty chamber. I took the bolt apart for closer inspection. The cam pin was all chewed up. I replaced it with one for a Benelli M2. It was better, but still had an occasional problem, but only with the dummy rounds. I then switched to dummy rounds made from Federal hulls. Ran 10 magazines full with no more problem. I went to the range & ran 50 rounds of Federal bulk pack ammo with no problem. So, it looks like the problem was both the cam pin and the Fiocchi dummy rounds. While I hav the trigger group out I noticed the hammer looked beat up. I've ordered a M2 hammer and hammer spring. Also I've read that I should replace the extractor. So, I ordered one of those too.
  2. HELP - Versa Max problem

    70+ views and no thoughts / suggestions?
  3. Scope mount for Vortex razor 1-6

    I run an American Defense tall mount and have really come to like it. It allows a more natural head position for me. Took a little getting used to for prone, but otherwise the switch was well worth it for me.
  4. One piece tube for Versa Max

    No, I never thought of that. Off hand, I think it will be bore expensive than the VM Tactical Competition tube. I'll have to check.
  5. Versa Max Forend - Mesa tactical

    if anybody replaced their forend, I'd be interested in buying the original one.
  6. I have a Versa Max tactical, with an extension cap, giving it a capacity of 10 rounds. It has about 6k rounds thru it. I recently installed the extra power recoil spring (Wolff) and the extra power dog spring (XRail). When I reassemble everything I get an occasional situation where the bolt is extremely hard to pull (manually). Usually I have to "mortar" the gun in order to get it to extract. I removed the new springs and put everything back as it was and the problem still happens. I've looked everything over and cannot see what the cause might be. Any thoughts?
  7. One piece tube for Versa Max

    J & L Gunsmithing no longer has the Carbon Arms 8 round tube. They now use RCI X-rail. So it looks like I'll have to contact Remington to see about the Tactical Competition magazine tube availability.
  8. One piece tube for Versa Max

    I sentbthem a message to see if they had thin in stock. Another thoughtbiscto get the magazine parent from a VM Tactical Competition. Does anyone know if that is a single 8 round tube with Steve and extension?
  9. I am looking to upgrade the magazine tube on my Versa Max Tactical. I thought Carbon Arms had a one piece 8 round tube that used a carbon fiber sleeve held by a nitric coupling nut. That nut could hold a cap for 8 rounds or add a Nordic extension for more capacity. The advantage is I would not need a clamp. I looked at the Carbon Arms site, but can't seem to find it. Does anybody know of the item is still available, and what it is called?
  10. 60 Degree Safety

    No, I overlooked the 24c requirement. I have it with a Giessele SD3G and a Giessele 2 stage trigger.
  11. 60 Degree Safety

    You might consider the Elfman push button safety. I have 2 of them and love the positioning and ease of engage / dis-engage. https://www.rainierarms.com/elftmann-tactical-push-button-ambi-speed-safety-pre-order-ship-nov-10-13/
  12. Versamax sling QD sling cup

    That's what I put on the stock. Did you make to modify the forend? The listing says maximum thickness is .25"and the VM seems a bit over that limit.
  13. Liking for options to put a QD sling cup in the forarm of a Versamax Tactical. Much like the Versamax Comoetition Tactical has. The limiting factor is the tight space of the forend. That won't allow for the Nordic mount's nut. I did run run across a discussion of this but lost track of it. In that discussion it was recommended to just buy a Competition Tactical forend. That may. E stat, but I'm looking atnother options.
  14. Grip tape ideas (need some)

    I use skateboard tape that I cut to a pattern I have. Clean the grip with alcohol, warm the grip a bit with hair dryer, apply the cutouts. Then I wrap tightly with paracord for the full length of the grip. Let it sit overnight. The wrapping with paracord is like clamping parts while gluing. Using this method, I've never had one come off until I take it off.