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  1. Suggestions for a new SSP Pistol based on some criteria I have

    No, the P10C IS the compact. Makes us wonder if they have a longer gun in the works. Or a subcompact.
  2. Suggestions for a new SSP Pistol based on some criteria I have

    1. Geez, everybody and his brother are selling the type. 2. I was surprised to find that CZ P10C, Walther PPQ, and HK VP9 were native 15 shooters. There may be others, I just got tired of looking. 3. OK 4. The P10 C IS the compact version, although I doubt it makes IDPA BUG. You would have to go to the PPS to get a smaller Walther, there is the VP9SK. 5. All are SSP, you can look to see if they have made it to the Production list.
  3. Sig P320 X5 Magazine & Basepad Question

    Grip weight is allowable, B'ville has decreed that it is not readily removable/replaceable.
  4. Slug Tested My 1911 9mm Barrel

    I think that is an European approach. The American plan is that bullets should fill the grooves, jacketed at groove diameter, cast a bit over to "obturate." The European plan is that there should be someplace to go for the bullet metal displaced by the lands, so their groove diameter can be larger and be considered suitable. I know that SIG made a dedicated lead bullet barrel for the P210. It has a slower twist, I wonder if the I.D. is different.
  5. First attempt at 147 Grain minor load, insight appreciated

    Well, I learned with lead bullets and Bullseye, so I don't see why you shouldn't load coated bullets and Titegroup. If you load single stage, get 50 cases in a loading block and go down each row under a strong light to be sure each contains one and only one powder charge. When you move up to - or start with - a progressive, a light on or behind the press will let you eyeball for proper powder as you place the bullet to be seated. There are mechanical powder checks if you have enough stations, D650 or so.
  6. Getting shot is not the only risk at the range. This one could have happened on a golf course... but there would not have been the immediate assistance. Before every match, the MD asks for a show of hands on CPR and assigns guides to keep the road open. June 10 IDPA started out well, but I nearly passed out on my fifth stage. The BG emergency team swung into action and I was getting care in short order. The gates were manned and an ambulance (Fire engine with EMTs, too.) came right in and whisked me away to Brookwood Medical Ctr. I was diagnosed as "orthostatic hypotension." Seems like when I stood up to go shoot, I outran the blood supply to my brain likely due to hot weather and low blood volume/blood pressure. A guy I know only as Mike and another medic at the range and Dr Hudson and his minions at Brookwood took good care of me and I am feeling lots better today. Thanks also to Randy, Suzeann, and Bill who gave up the rest of their day to support me and get me home.
  7. 1050 wont seat bullets straight

    I use them on my Dillons. I added the micrometer head so I could get back to the right seating depth when I change bullets. Less expensive than the Redding and works well for me.
  8. Bull barrels

    Is the P320 X-5 bull barrel larger in diameter than a base model P320's? If so, your argument fails and IDPA is showing favoritism.
  9. Bull barrels

    That is what I took away from that release. You are not allowed a Witness Stock I because it is cataloged with a "cone barrel." So may you shoot a STI with cataloged "bull barrel"? Probably not. IDPA tortured logic will take the STI back to its distant 1911 ancestor and require a bushing barrel of .58" diameter, full stop.
  10. Bull barrels

    Let me put in a little emphasis here. Sig says it is a bull barrel. Diameter not stated by SIG or IDPA, they say it is a bull barrel, bull barrels are ok. So where are they going to cut me off if I have a barrel that meets YOUR definition? Doesn't matter if it is molded on or screwed on, if it comes that way, it looks "stock" to me.
  11. Bull barrels

    That's Specialty Division 2017.
  12. 1911 FTF

    Wow, a three post burst. Any road, I am leaning the same way. MOST of my .45s will feed semiwadcutters well, but not all. I have two that positively will not and another that is finicky as to the exact load and OAL. Roundnose is the easy way out. Missouri Bullets 200 gr Oddball did ok in limited trials but 230s are always with us.
  13. Bull barrels

    IDPA HQ position paper on P320 X-five came out today, and I quote. While IDPA does not normally comment on the legality of specific gun models, preferring to let the listed rule criteria do its job, there have been a few extra questions on the X-Five. First, the P320 X-Five delivers with four 21 round magazines. While nice, these magazines when inserted make the gun too large to fit the IDPA box. You will have to purchase 10 or 17 round magazines to be legal for IDPA. The X-Five is advertised as having a bull barrel. There is no rule against a bull barrel, only heavy or coned barrels. The X-Five comes from the factory with an added magazine funnel. This funnel does fit the IDPA box and would be legal in ESP. However, this funnel would have to be removed to shoot the gun in SSP. It is a single Allen screw and can easily be accomplished by the end user. The last issue revolves around the advertised "removable grip weight." IDPA has reviewed the gun and come to the conclusion that this weight is an integral part of the grip from the factory and legal. The weight is not easily removed and reinserted by the end user without the possibility of voiding the manufactures warranty. It is not an "add on weight" as defined under rule.8.1.8. So the gun is legal as it comes with the factory weight. That being said, removing the weight and replacing it with a heavier weight would be illegal. So, you are OK with the ballast weight. Apparently, all a maker has to do to get in any diameter barrel he wants is to be sure it is described as a "bull" barrel and the words "heavy" or "cone" do not appear anywhere in his advertising. The funnel is kind of weird, with tortured logic. You may not add a funnel to a SSP, so you have to take off a factory part. Riiight. Wonder where you would be if the funnel had been molded in as part of the "modular" butt section? Question to users: Will a 10 round Klinton Klip or standard 17 round magazine seat into the funnel? Somebody said you have to grind on the floorplate.
  14. CCP legal 4" barrel 9mm 1911s?

    I don't think the Commander fits the CCP Box unless maybe an early one with GI sights.
  15. Okay WTH is this now?

    One installer is Doug Jones. $250 on that 2011. http://www.acc-u-rail.com/ Other shops list them but I don't know if they do the work or send them out.