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  1. Competition Belt

    Glad somebody posted something on this product; I've been wanting to give one a try. I need another belt for my open gun set-up.

    Business must be good! Still loving my LSI pistol; it has served me well.

    Glenn has been tempting me for several years so I finally gave in when I decided to have a nice 2011 built for multigun. I'm hoping to get mine in time for Fallen Brethren. I'm looking forward to seeing how the resetting thumb safety works. The Glock has been good to me, but I'm ready to run a custom 2011 in multigun. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get it in time.
  4. .40 Major WST and VVN320 Alternatives

    I've used quiet a bit of Ramshot Silhouette to have a backup load in the event there was no N320. The "feel" of my major loads with Silhouette is on par with N320, but this powder doesn't seem to have a complete burn so you will see an accumulation of unburnt powder in your pistol after a couple hundred rounds.
  5. The match was excellent and very well run. The sponsors were great therefore the prize table was better than most any other USPSA match I've attended in the South. Looking forward to next year!
  6. 2013 Southern Regional Sept., 14

    Spread the word! This is too good of a match to not get a good crowd of wheel gunners.
  7. Vinci

    Thanks. Are you sure you are not a doctor??
  8. Vinci

    What's the deal with the speed bolt? What is it supposed to do better than a regular bolt?
  9. .38 super minor load using 160 bayou bullet

    Anybody done any research and development relative to this topic? Different powders perhaps? I shot with a gentleman today using a 160 (not sure if it was a Bayou Bullet but it was coated with something dark); said he was using Clays, but I can't recall the load. Anyway, it got me to digging around on the forum to see what information might turn up.
  10. Bayou Bullets "New Coating"

    I tried to paste my spreadsheet into the previous post; that was a bust.
  11. Bayou Bullets "New Coating"

    200 gr. Bayou Bullet New coating (black vs green) on Bayou Bullets seems to have an adverse affect on velocity, i.e. same load is slower. Will try 4.0 grains to see if that gets us closer to a 170 PF. 3.8 gr. N320 CCI Primer COL 1.195" Bedell 6" Old BB Coating New BB Coating High 842 821 Low 828 814 Spread 14 7 0 Avg 833 817 PF 167 163 0 This isn't very clean, but this is the results I got with the older coating and the newer coating. I have not performed any other comparisons since this initial test; however, I will definitely do some more testing before heading off to a major match. Each set data consisted of five shots. Regardless of speed, the bullets are still just as accurate and still my preferred projectile.
  12. S&W Performance Center 1911s

    Since I'm the buddy, I have a rebuttal to that comment. We all have an opinion and we will agree to disagree on this. I have a Doug Koenig SW1911 and I really like the pistol. I will say I started having issues with the pistol firing and I traced back to the Schwartz safety system. I took mine out and that problem went away. Reliability (jamming, double feed, etc.) has never been a problem with this pistol. That said, I recommend sticking with series 70 1911's not matter what 1911 you go with. Regarding the Performance Center, that is hit or miss. I would not spend the extra money on anything from the PC unless I fingered it first. Regarding the Kimber comment, you won't get much argument from me on that.
  13. Franchi Affinity for 3 gun?

    Are you trying different slug loads or have you just stuck to one load? I take it you are using factory choke tubes and not after-market?
  14. Franchi Affinity for 3 gun?

    It's ironic that this threat popped-up. This week I too had the same question and got the same response from Briley. I didn't want to stall the gentleman I was speaking with as I'm sure he had guns to work on so we didn't go into any detail about why the Affinity wasn't comparable to the M2. One must assume that a business whose bread and butter is customizing shotguns know what they are talking about. I'll be interested to see how Dwight's rig works for him as he runs up the round count.