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  1. Steel closer than 23 feet rule

    heck, in multigun, shotgun steel can be as close as 16', and that goes for birdshot AND buckshot!.
  2. yes, but has to be next day-very expensive. alternatively, if you have a local FFL, they can ship thru the USPS-much much cheaper.
  3. Need help, my AR is feeding two rounds???

    sounds like a mag issue. what type are you using? feed lips are prone to damage when dropped. Pmags are great, but i consider them disposable and get new ones every season.
  4. this thread cracks me up! y'all should really branch out and shoot 3 gun! and yes, i'm an old guy. and yes, i started shooting this sport in 1984 so i've shot a few matches. and yes, i have been MD & RM for levels 1 & 2, shot areas, nationals, etc. just saying. and thanks mike, i don't mind going prone with a pistol at all.
  5. Need "Old Stage Diagrams" for Steel Challenge

    ask and ye shall receive.TT.pdf
  6. .38 Super; N350; Open SV how much powder

    two popple holes-7.8 gr get's me 169 PF.
  7. Mr Bulletfeeder

    I have had that happen only with coated, not jacketed. I assume it's due to tolerances being larger with the coated bullets.
  8. Retracted for bad taste

    funniest part of this is a moderator told it.
  9. JP Ultralight Barrels

    Best barrel you will ever find. Period!
  10. Scope mount for Vortex razor 1-6

    larue-all the time!
  11. Steel Targets

    8' with targets spaced 14" apart
  12. Not a tablet-just a cheap screen used for rear view cameras on RV's.
  13. Loctite 272 lessons

    this needs to be mentioned once again. 242 (blue)-little muscle 272 (red)-need copious amounts of heat 290 (green)-good luck 480 (black)-fuggedaboutit the move is magnified as the thread diameter get's larger-YMMV
  14. sorry it ain't hi def.
  15. being an avid wine collector, i drilled out a cork and shoved the camera into it...fits the center hole of a 650 perfectly, assuming the cork has shrunk enuf while aging