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  1. Tap a talk

    Is there anyone else having trouble logging in through tap a talk? I can log on directly but not through Tap a talk
  2. How were the Peak Times established?

    Is that world record Trenton set for Jr? I was at the steel nationals and there must have be 10-15 shooters under that time . I'm not taking anything away from Trenton because he's an awesome shooter.
  3. I need to ask for help at the Cactus Match

    I'm glad it worked out for you .
  4. I need to ask for help at the Cactus Match

    No body can help him out ?
  5. The Home Protector PCC

    That I understand I guess I may have Miss understood . I wouldn't have thought CCI had factory ammo that made over 200pf from a PCC
  6. The Home Protector PCC

    You got over 1650fps from a 9? I understand 1300 from the 17. And 223 AR will be well over 2000fps
  7. The Home Protector PCC

    I'm sure when your department had CCI come in they didn't get over 1650fps either . That's probably faster than you had
  8. The Home Protector PCC

    That seems to be a minimum of 190 PF I'd say that's gonna do some damage
  9. Magpul X-22 Hunter Stock vs. Boyds SS Evolution

    You have a pic of your stock set up? I use a vantage with the open xring but I wish I could find da thumb hole stock set up for the other xring
  10. Humidity

    Never heard of this
  11. Why no JP complete uppers

    A stock GMR-13 took 7th at the nationals I know that. [emoji12]
  12. Is there a match hotel ? Just was wondering
  13. Installing Odin Mag Release on JP

    Do a video
  14. What rimfire do you shoot for Steel Challenge and why?

    We'll bring it on then
  15. My factory JP runs everything. If you want soft 147g is great. I didn't like how the bolt cycled . Wasn't fast enough so I went with a 124g. Little more punch but feels better