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  1. the heavier-for-caliber bullets (68, 69, 75g) generally have higher ballistic coefficients over the lighter 55g so they're less susceptible to wind at the longer ranges.
  2. C-More Thoughts

    i got the 6moa dot, same as my and a lot of open guns. no click on my open gun (what it came with) but i got the click model just because for my pcc, and prefer it just for consistency of settings. plastic bodies on both. i did get the cmore 'tactical' mount for my pcc which has like a 1/8" spacer that gets it up a little higher.
  3. per c-more website: Ballistics are based on a 200 yard zero, for a 55 grain bullet exiting the bore at 3150 fps. have the razor hd with the jm bdc reticle which is pretty close to the c-more. zeroed at 200, i'm pretty good at 300 but then have to hold a bit higher than the 4, 5 & 600 lines on the scope as i'm using heavier (69) slower bullets for the longer range stuff.
  4. Shipping To a FFL

    what doc said
  5. Getting there!!

    yep you have some real nice stuff! the only prob with that is now it's up to you to get it done out there! have fun and be safe!
  6. extracting potential from the Swarovski 1-8

    if possible, after your match, see if they will let you shoot to get dope for your rifle. off the clock, no stress, use a bipod, going prone, and a rear rest, and see where you're actually hitting vs aiming at the various distances.
  7. extracting potential from the Swarovski 1-8

    you measure from the centerline of the scope to the centerline of the bore. barrel length doesn't matter, it's the muzzle velocity out of that barrel that matters. between getting the scope height perfectly correct, finding the BC of your bullet, which i hear some mfg'rs exaggerate, and other potential inaccurate data, that's why you really should shoot the rifle at various distances and see where your bullets are actually hitting. and related, don't use the velocity off the ammo box, depending on twist rate, barrel length and again possible mfgr exaggeration, you need to chrono your ammo to find out what the speed is coming out of YOUR barrel. all that said, a ballistics program combined with chrono results should get you pretty close.
  8. extracting potential from the Swarovski 1-8

    yeah while it's nice to use a ballistic program/app, you also want to shoot from 200 to 600 just to see where you're actually hitting. just like you did inside 50 yards. i just keep a card in my range bag that tells me where to hold (based on actual dope) at the various distances. a lot of folks seem to want the target distance to the nearest yard, but i normally just put them in 100 yard increments as that is usually close enough and way easier to remember than exact distances. so if the target is 525 i'll just remember 500, for example.
  9. Best scope $1,000 or less

    while i told my wife that, on more than one occasion, last year i told myself that, that i had all i needed, and yet somehow i bought another 3 guns in the past year...
  10. New jp15 question

    yep i don't use a bore guide on any of my AR's or bolt guns. i just take care to get the rod straight thru the chamber and clean up the dripped chems. i seem to make more of a mess with the bore guide.
  11. STI Edge modifications...

    hey any chance you're doing the uspsa match sunday at shadow hawk? if so i can loan you some 140's.
  12. STI Edge modifications...

    congrats! you don't want to use 126mm mags, clearance from magwell is iffy at best and may or will hinder mag seating. you want 140's and then possibly some aftermarket basepads. i use and like dawson basepads but there are other choices. dawson's crp guns do not have any trigger work, on my stock STI's i dropped in brazos trigger group kits.
  13. Best scope $1,000 or less

    wow if i didn't already have something, i'd be jumping on this!
  14. Best CO pistol?

    so for glocks, how much lower is the dot if you get the slide milled vs the MOS plates? any downside to milling other than being married to one optic?
  15. 3 Gun Scope

    hit a few matches and just ask everyone to look thru their scopes. doubt anyone will say no. best way to see what will work for you. and fyi, look down below in the multigun section, a lot of scope discussions there.