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  1. Best 3 Gun pistol? 9mm or .40?

    you will get faster follow up shots with weaker ammo due to lower recoil/muzzle rise. most if not all steel i have seen is set to fall with factory 9mm ammo. if you reload though, think about getting something in 40 as that gives you more options if you decide to shoot uspsa at some point. the 40 minor i shoot feels softer than the factory 9mm i shoot. with 40 you'll have 2-3 rounds less in mag capacity but most if not all the time that won't hurt you as you can reload while running between arrays. as far as gun/brand, i' see pretty much everything out there. sti 2011 (1911 double stack) in edge or eagle (also dvc limited and 3 gun, marauder, apeiro) is very well represented. lots of glocks and s&w's. i'd start with what you have and ask and see folks at matches and what they're using. most will let you fondle and shoot their guns.
  2. since we're OT now, i must admit it's kinda nice to hit a pistol-only match (ie uspsa). one gun, a couple of mags, 3 boxes of ammo and you're GTG. then 2 gun (AR and pistol) adds some extra logistics and complexity (and fun). and then 3 gun adds exponential complexity and logistics (different chokes, different ammo types, a bunch of real estate taken up on your belt for caddies, preloading at each stage, etc). but it's all fun and good practice. good to know how your gear (and you) work under a little pressure should a HD or SD situation arise.
  3. lots of benelli M2's at my local matches (and i have one that's been perfect all year since i got it in january); browning a5 is a hit also. before you buy, attend a 3 gun match or two or three and ask ???. most will let you fondle their guns and most will also let you shoot them. ditto for shell caddies and the like, look & try before you buy.
  4. 1st large match (area 4)

    hey, to each their own i guess... don't psych yourself out. same basic thing as your home match. just more stages, more and perhaps overall better shooters, and prob more challenging stages. more fluids and snacks due to more shooting (and resetting etc).
  5. yeah if it fell apart when they took it apart (assuming they're telling the truth), not much they can or should do. one reason i very rarely buy used.
  6. eh cmon, we all look at overall scores, right? whether i'm shooting ltd, open, pcc or whatever, i still like to see how i did overall, especially if buddies are shooting different divisions.
  7. yeah for pcc above i meant to say normally facing downrange, but mag in empty chamber
  8. i like them from time to time, adds a little challenge, something different. yeah for pcc, maybe say mag in, empty chamber.
  9. anyone know of any factory ammo that comes close to the JM BDC reticle on this scope, out of an 18" 1-8 twist barrel (eg, jp ctr)? i zero at 200, it's close at 300 but then way off at 4, 5 & 600. and if you roll your own, what bullet and muzzle velocity combo comes close and i'll try to find a similar factory load. thanks!
  10. yeah at some point it's a little ridiculous to have all this shotshell crap hanging off your waist, chest, etc.
  11. Why

    ar-10's can be plenty accurate. i had a box stock dmps lr-308 24" heavy bbl (although with geissele 2 stage added) that was easily sub-moa out to 600 (the furthest i measured).
  12. if you want a 'tween option, look at an edge or eagle at brazos and have them do their HP package (trigger job and reliability/function check). you get a really good base gun and a gunsmith that has gone over and tweaked it.
  13. Price of a build

    yeah i was going to say you have him shoot your gun and you shoot his. good on you for getting him in the game.
  14. .223 recommendations

    def use www.ammoseek.com and www.gunbot.net to compare ammo prices. but you def have to factor in freight as some have low ammo prices but bend you over with shipping costs. if you're not going to shop around, targetsportsusa.com generally has lowest or pretty low prices with free freight on case qty's.
  15. Stop and read what your signing

    yeah i hate to have an incorrect (or missing) score make me look worse than i already am... all of us that help score matches really need to pay attention when doing so and be as concerned for other shooters' scores being accurately entered as we are for our own. a lot of people just get thrown the nook but it is an important function.