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  1. with muffs, and sometimes also plugs underneath, easy to talk loudly in part because you don't know you're talking that loud. a stern STFU (j/k, a polite request to tone it down a little) to your squadmates should remedy the issue.
  2. Classifieds Post Editing

    oh wow just found out i cannot edit my classified posts, guess after a couple of days. maybe i missed it, but if "you" could have a page header or reminder show up with new classified posts to 'edit' them every day to be able to edit them later as needed (eg, say 'sold).
  3. I would be interested in 2 of the Bladetech pouches and the standard Bladetech holster for $75 shipped to NC if interested

  4. Promoting Practical Shooting Locally

    do you have any state or local gun or shooting-related websites? at mine there are always site members talking about competitive shooting but not knowing how to get started. good place to give them some info of local places to shoot, what to bring and expect, etc. i've invited plenty of people to find me at a match, squad with me, and the like for me to handhold them a little at their first match. as well i will post match announcements there (in the competition subforum) and again offer to help out any newbies.
  5. STI Omni

    honestly it's so rare i don't remember, but thinking an occasional stovepipe. most likely mag-related, but if something in the system doesn't work, then the system doesn't work.
  6. STI Omni

    i have two Tactical double stacks, both 4", one lite and one regular. they're not 100% but like 99.9. they're both box-stock other than brazos trigger kits i dropped in. maybe one hiccup every handful or two of matches at most. stock mags, and also sti mag bodies with grams springs and followers and dawson basepads. never heard of any sti needing ejection port work. perhaps you're thinking ejectors or extractors? the only sti part i've had to replace in well over ten years of matches is one ejector. i guess mag springs here and there.
  7. shoot what you got and put your pennies away until you have enough. you don't need to go atlas to get a real nice 2011. the box-stock STI's run pretty good (a couple of recent threads on this) and a real nice choice is a brazos hp edge where they take a stock edge, do a nice trigger job and go over it and make sure it runs 100% before they ship it to you - a great in between option between stock and custom. look at the classifieds here, no guarantees of course but i haven't heard of any bad deals, ripoffs or the like. some folks want to move from limited to open, or from limited to a custom limited and are selling what they have to help pay for the upgrade.
  8. www.practiscore.com they have a search function, input your zip code and radius.
  9. STI Omni

    HOLY CRAP!!! Next time my wife yells at me for my 'handful' or so of STI's, I'm just going to point her to you and say I'm not the worst by a long shot!! to the OP, love my handful of STI's, I wouldn't have kept buying them if they weren't awesome.
  10. Stock STI.

    great option as noted above is brazos hp edge, which is what i did. I also got a dawson supertuned eagle (different than CRP, and not offered any more afaik). great guns, you get a trigger job and a pro smith that looks over the gun and makes sure it works before you get it. i also haven't hesitated to buy a handful of box-stock sti's with zero regrets. all i've done to those is drop in the brazos' trigger kits, everything else box-stock.
  11. AD?

    completely disagree. much rather increase the AD rules to include what are clearly accidental or negligent discharges or unsafe practices (one in the ground well in front of target, one in the berm nowhere near targets, finger on trigger during malf while pointed at target/berm). one reason i disagree - i've seen a few reloads where the shooter breaks the 180 (ie righty running right to left) and points it uprange - if the gun is horizontal i have a gun pointed at me.
  12. AD?

    didn't seem as if the shooter was moving, just transitioning to another target from the same position. op can advise if that is correct.
  13. yeah atlanta ain't cheap, but their select (reloads) aren't too bad, $16/box if you buy a case and they're loaded down to just above major. i've gone thru a couple of cases with zero issues.
  14. IDPA Carry Optics division

    esp and cdp allow heavy or cone style barrels of 4.25 or less, and ccp must comply with all esp provisions, so allowed there also.
  15. C More Railway Height?

    i got the cmore tactical to get it just a little higher and am happy with my decision.