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  1. STI Edge Factory or Tuned??

    odds are you'll be completely happy with a stock edge. but for a couple hundred more you can get brazos hp edge where they do some reliability work and trigger job. i have and love mine. but also have some factory sti's that i love, but have dropped in the brazos trigger groups on each.
  2. at least IMO, if a long gun is on a cart, stroller, whatever and is not being handled, and has a chamber flag in it, it's pretty much a broom, stick or whatever and i'm not worried or broken up or offended. if one is putting it on a cart or taking it off, they definitely should do it without muzzling anyone. that said, if the rules prohibit it then it shouldn't be done or the rules should be changed. i use a jogging stroller and am very careful to ensure that no one gets muzzled when i put it on or take it off.
  3. i will but it will be a week. but nothing real special. uspsa belt has open/limited holster (double alpha race master magnetic) at roughly 2:30 and 3 cr speed versa mag pouches between 9 and 12. 3 gun rig has retention holster (blade tech WRS) at roughly 2:30, 2 blade tech mag pouches between 9 & 10, and 2 invictus shell caddies (each hold 8) in between holster and mag pouches, and an ar-15 mag pouch behind the holster. for 2 gun i remove the shell caddies and add another ar-15 mag pouch in front of the holster (i'm a lefty with long guns).
  4. i just use two different belt rigs (both double layer velcro, eg, cr speed or double alpha). different holster for uspsa (limited/open) than for 3 gun (retention/hood). so the only thing i'm really doubling up on are two mag pouches on my 3 gun belt. and of course an extra two-layer belt.
  5. PCC belt recommendation

    one thing i like about PCC is not needing all the gear, belt, etc. i generally just wear a normal leather belt and a 5.11 double taco mag pouch that holds two (really) big sticks.
  6. Unload and show clear dq

    cuz if you're like me, you will forget and not top it off before the next stage. i put my used mags in a pocket
  7. Unload and show clear dq

    bummer for you. one reason i always tell folks to point it at the berm and not at the ground in front of them. i wouldn't, though, put your mag back in your mag pouch just so you don't accidentally re-use it.
  8. MGM spinner for USPSA stage?

    fun with shotgun (and shot). not fun with pistol or rifle as it's just too long to sit around and hit the same target over and over. stars or propeller/polish plate racks are way funner.
  9. RO talking to shooter after LMR

    after your run, just ask the guy to stick to the basics if he runs you again. if i have a chatty RO or one that skips 'standby' or the like, normally i just live with it but sometimes ask him to do it right.
  10. not sure if i remember it perfectly, but one real simple stage i liked was 3 cones or barrels set up in a triangle, maybe 10' apart. then three targets against the berm, spaced out a little. you had to put two in each of them during each leg of the triangle, on the move. then i think a 2nd string going in the opposite direction.
  11. https://practiscore.com/2017-potomac...rence/registerThe Thurmont IDPA Club announces the 2017 Potomac Grail IDPA Sanctioned Match and Self-Defense Expo, October 7-8, at Thurmont Conservation and Sportsmen's Center, Thurmont, MD. - Featuring self-defense expo with on-site demonstrations by: Krav Maga Maryland, MACE, John Murphy, and more.- Offering BUG, CCP, SSP and SPD-CO (Carry Optics) Divisions. - 12 self-defense related stages- Limited number of prizes drawn at random- $65 Fee before Sept 10, $75 after Sept 10- Shirts, food, beverages and other items for purchase at the match.- This is the FIRST IDPA Sanctioned Match offering a Carry Optic Division.- Cody Claxton, Match Director, Pete Ott, Assistant Match Director. Match Schedule:Friday, October 6: SetupSaturday October 7: Check-In 8AM, Staff Match 9AM-1PM, next relay 1:30PM-5:30PM.Sunday October 8: Check-In 9AM, Match 10AM-3PM.Each relay allows all shooters to shoot all stages in 4 hours. Six, 6-member squads will shoot each 4 hour slot. Total capacity is 198 shooters divided into 4 relays. We will have gun inspections. 150 rounds estimated over 12 stages.
  12. Bad Call??

    it would take some cajones to fight a dq for lighting one off during your draw. by all definitions, other than uspsa perhaps, that is a flagrant offense and i'd dq myself if i did that. great, now i just jinxed myself...
  13. Bad Call??

    with all the emphasis at uspsa on safety, pretty surprised at the unsafe gun handling that can occur without a dq. finger in the trigger guard while clearing a jam as long as pointed near targets, above a.d. while drawing...
  14. College admission/scholarship and shooting sports

    my guess is most if not all will shy away from anyone involved in the shooting sports, but i'd be happy to be wrong.
  15. 2017 NRA World Shooting Championship

    fyi they just sent out an email saying they need 10 more match staff. they cover match fee, and airfare, hotel or mileage as applicable. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS: Contact Sheri Judd at: sjudd@nrahq.org. staff shoots tues & wed and runs shooters thur-sat, sept 14-16. http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07ee784meg92d843d5&llr=ad8fccxab