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  1. promotion rules?

    It works sometimes, I shot 68% at a recent area match and took first C but didnt get promoted. I'll get it next time.
  2. Protecting your firing pin

    peening over to the point where the firing pin would start dragging inside the firing pin tunnel and cause misfires. The peened over section of the firing pin needed to be filed but it worked fine after the filing. This. It happened to me. I have a NFPB SP01 shadow. CGW recommended the 5/16 o-ring and no problem since.
  3. Area Matches

    You can learn a ton from watching other shooters, also video your own match stuff and that of the higher class guys at your local matches and then watch and compare, you will find huge areas to improve on +1
  4. Lugnut's journey

    congrats on your M class
  5. Winning before you show up

    I know that I can win. I will by execution, focus and determination. awesome. wish you all the best.
  6. J Katz's Range Diary

    Jason, you can look Akai customs guns, Automatic accuracy or CZ customs. Akai customs is in FT lauderdale. Hope that help you a little.
  7. mandi's Range Diary

    Well done, Mandi. Wishing you a speedy recovery
  8. Grip Strength and Recoil Control

    Darkpowder, i had the same issue as you. keep taking the antiflammatories and rest it wil lhelp big time. when you can start back training try not to just focus on crush strenght (grippers) work on the other areas of your grip, pinch, support, open hand, wrist. it will help as it strenghten all the different muscles involve on gripping. Ironmind is a good source to learn about grip strenght. apologies for any mispelling or other bad grammar english second language
  9. I saw the sights lift today!

    Dont force yourself to see it,I made that mistake and did not see much progress. A more experience shooter told me to just relax and shoot and it will happen , it sure did
  10. I will be there all day friday. squad 10.
  11. also looks like one day format (fri, sat, sun)
  12. if you go into machtsignup it says 12 stages, 250 rnds, not much more.
  13. Visual training

    apparently some shooters do. I just purchased Mike Seeklander book and he talks about some visual exercises in there
  14. Oakley M Frames

    I used oakleys radar range nice fit and coverage. I use G26 iridium lens for outdoor shooting but that maybe to dark for indoor, you can get clear lens for indoor
  15. CZ 75 SP01 Shadow Gear Help

    I also have a CZ75 Sp01 custom shadow. My set up is CR speed belt, BT DOH and 5 CR speed mag pouches.