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  1. Scope help

    Remington 700 5R stainless. EGW 20 moa rail. Seekins low rings. Vortex Razor HD gen 2, 3-18. Scope was bought used. I got it all put together and with the elevation all the way down to the stop I am still 6" or more high. Is it possible that I really ran out of adjustment because of the 20moa rail?
  2. Scope choices

    The C3 has really good glass and Todd J had a hand in designing the reticle. I had one briefly and I liked it a lot. I only sold it, 'cause well I sell everything...
  3. Muzzle break for TikkaT3x CTR 6.5 Creedmoor

    I like the Thunderbeast ultra 9
  4. Best AR trigger ?

    I also have tried almost all of them I settled on AR Gold. I have a flat ELF in a 11.5" SBR, it is a true single stage with a pretty light pull and a VERY positive reset. However it also wont reliably set off CCI 41 primers. My least favorite was an SD3G but I think it could be an acquired taste.
  5. Thoughts on RPR

    Bought one in 6.5 creed, put an Argos Athlon scope on it and a bi-pod sighted it in and then shot out to 1k easily. It was boring... It is a great value
  6. AR Rifle - Cannot "clear it" manually

    reloads? If they are they need to be more fully resized. .223 Wylde chambers many times are really tight is it a wylde?
  7. Does Anyone Lube their .40 Casings

    Must be serious dirt if you are embedding it into your carbide pistol dies...
  8. Beretta 1301 Comp

    I need to look at mine. This has been the most trouble free firearm I have ever owned. It just flat runs.
  9. Forum Member Jadeslade

    so sad
  10. Making 300 BLK

    what bullets are you using? It costs me a lot for 300 ammo because the bullets are expensive.
  11. Affordable Adjustable Gas Block

    you could probably use a low pro gas block on the faxon barrel and be fine. They do a good job sizing their gas ports for more competition oriented shooters.
  12. Affordable Adjustable Gas Block

    Odin works seems to be the best bang for the buck. It is the only one i have used that has not locked up.
  13. Thank you for the explanation. I can see the need for this policy now that you have explained why it is on place.
  14. Guess I can scratch that one off the list as well
  15. I need to back out of the SMM3G match because of scheduling issues at work and just saw I only get 60% of my $325.00 match fee back... that seems excessively punitive for a sold out match with a wait list... Looks like transferring is out also... copy and paste from their website: As always, registration spots are not transferable and the refund policy will be strictly enforced. Refund requests received prior to: November 15th 80% December 1st 70% January 1st 60% February 1st 50% No refunds will be processed after Feb.1st 2017 In their defense, this was clearly stated at the time of registration but no one thinks they will cancel when they are registering. I really feel like this is bad policy for a sold out match...