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  1. P320 Voluntary Upgrade, Will you do it?

    I registered both of mine. Though I have to be honest, I will probably sell them both once I get them back from SIG. I couldn't sell them now with a clean conscious with that defect. For me dumping them is principle. SIG had to have know about this for some time, otherwise why did the govt pistols and the new X5 already have the new FCU. Good thing I shoot CZ in USPSA and 3 gun competitions. I am pretty sure I'll never buy a SIG again. I do wonder how the trigger pull will be effected with the upgrade. That's why I purchased them in the first place. It will also be be interesting to see how Bruce Gray handles this, I have two of his triggers that now have questionable value. One is still in the bag. Apex is doing good by consumers and offering a refund or at least a credit toward another product. I had one of their flat triggers in my parts bin. Time will tell, and from what I hear about SIG it could be awhile. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket, 3 pistols recalled in on year. I have a Ruger MK IV, though its back from them already. Had a very positive experience on that repair. Ruger probably only had it 10 days.
  2. Thick grips for SP01

    You could always get the thin safetys as well
  3. Matt I found the link. Here it is for others who might have been looking https://practiscore.com/legion-9-11-memorial-5k-run-n-gun/register
  4. Matt, what name is it going to be under on practiscorebregistration? Thanks
  5. Matt looking forward to it. Thanks for putting another one together
  6. Linda any chance you could post it Friday end of shooting? At least then the option would be there to check out of the hotel of Saturday am vs Sunday. Saving a day of hotel expense. Thanks.
  7. Just wanted to offer a suggestion to the Rockcastle folks. For the AM match would you consider posting the order of walking the prize table at checkin? That would help determine if I stick around or leave following the match. I have about a 4 hour drive so that could save me an additional night in the hotel. I'm sure others are in similar situations. Thanks
  8. P10C or sp-01 tactical for carry optics?

    The cz custom shop did my optic cut. I had the multi cut. It will handle most optics. I put a FF3 on it and no plate was required.
  9. Trigger weight?

    +1 for the comment above. Buzzer goes off all is forgotten
  10. P10C or sp-01 tactical for carry optics?

    I prefer my SP-01 to any polymer gun at least for competition shooting. I had a SP-01 slide milled for CO and will be using it later this fall. I really enjoy production.
  11. Replacement sights on 226 Legion

    I have Dawson's on a 320 and really like them
  12. Mounting Scope rings...which torque wrench to buy?

    FAT Wrench for me as well
  13. Legality of new Apex Curved Trigger

    And think about the poor RO at level 2 matches trying to keep track of what parts are legal.
  14. Shadow 2 grips

    + 1 on loc palm swell. They are awesome. I have them on my Accu Shadow and need to order another set for my back up so-01
  15. Speed vs Accuracy For a C Class Shooter

    Crash right now its 2-3 matches a month. I was dryfiring 2x a week using Steve Anderson drills till it warmed up. I know I need to dryfire more, it's just finding the time. My Area 5 results were as follows: Points shot 88.5% Points Shot w/penalty 81.42 finish 78/107 48% of the match % I had some really good stages for me (Hign 30s and low 40s finish place), but then I blew up on some stages as well. And Jack I can look and sound great as well